The Politics of Fish
The Politics of Fish
American Sportfishing Association
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Novel Halibut Quota
Mike does a great job of asking the right questions to get the information needed by the listener to understand the issue being discussed. Very useful.
Rip Cunningham
Politics of Fish
Great show. Wide range of guests covering interesting topics. Can’t wait to hear what next!!
PNW Sportfisherman
The Politics of Fish
Very helpful in explaining the politics behind how fish are managed in the U.S. Who knew?!
The Politics of Fish Builds Community
This new podcast launched by the American Sportfishing Association is not only informative but also goes a long way towards building the sportfishing community. It is a great way to learn and gain a deeper understanding about why fishing is important to the economy, why anglers are so passionate about fishing and why the industry has grown to 55 million anglers today.
Great podcast
This is a great podcast with insights from some of the most notable individuals in the industry.
NN Waterman
Follow this podcast! - you’ll thank me later
So happy I found this podcast! If you’re into fish politics or just conservation generally - this podcast is for you! Mike Leonard is known as a top leader in all things fish policy and politics. He brings a wealth of knowledge and impressive guests onto his podcast. Without getting into the wonkiness of fisheries policy too much, Mike provides enough detail to stay informed, while keeping me thoroughly entertained.
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The politics of fish
Mike Leonard, VP of Government Affairs has a knack for communicating and sharing what’s important in fishing. Whether it’s fishery policy or just good conservation Mike talks to the leaders of our sport and makes you feel like you are a part of the sportfishing community.