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The Police Podcast
Tim Burrows is joined by guests; Trooper Ben Gardner, Brian Fanzo, Commissi
Episode 6: Deputy Sheriff Tony Moore
48 minutes Posted Feb 2, 2015 at 7:36 pm.
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Show notes

Today I am joined on The Police Podcast by Deputy Sheriff Tony Moore of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

Tony is a member of the trailblazing E-Comm Unit of the LASD where he is a public information officer specializing in cyber safety and crypto currency.

Deputy Moore takes the time to walk us through exactly what crypto currency and BitCoin are along with some of the most important safety precautions you can take with your Facebook account.

Tony was great with his time for The Police Podcast audience and we just kept talking because everything he was saying was so relevant to our audience and so important.

At one point Tony was discussing Coinbase Exchange and related some information from their website that he learned wasn’t completely accurate and he immediately wanted our audience to know…he is just that great of a guy and dedicated to the details. 

Coinbase is NOT legal in all 50 states…learn more here…

 You can read some of Deputy Moore’s thoughts here on his website: 



Tony has also been published in and LawEnforcement.Social

 Here is a quick recap of Tony’s Recommendations for Facebook settings:

Turn off you friends list on your profile page this reduces the chance of someone spoofing your account if they don’t know who your friends are"

Security Turn on: Login Alerts Login Approvals Code generation (2-Factor Authentication) Login Locations Privacy Settings and Tools: Turn On: Review all post and things you’re tagged in Strict filtering for “inbox” items Timeline & Tagging Turn On: Who can post on Timeline: NO One Review posts friends tag you in Blocking:

No one.  However we follow the Complaint process. Follower Settings: Turn On:  This setting will remove the need to “friend” those that friend you.  By not friending back, their friend request will automatically turn to a “follower”.  They also have the option to just follow you as well. Apps: Turn Off: Apps, Websites & Plugins - Personal choice Instant Personalization Apps Others Use