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The PodGOATs
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The history of everything. A funny and informative walk through some of the most interesting topics in history. These guys are hysterical.
Cash: The Man in Black
The Man in Black was one of the first crossover acts in country music. His style was innovative. His lifestyle was controversial. Phil and Campbell Valentine take a look at the life of Johnny Cash.
Apr 18
25 min
Technology Part 02: From the Wheel to Facebook
Technology makes our lives easier. At least it's supposed to. Some technology advances humanity. Other technology just advances laziness. But some so-called modern tech is much older than you think. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about it.
Apr 14
26 min
Amazon: Last Unexplored on Earth
If the Amazon basin were a country, it would be one of the largest on earth. Most of it has yet to be explored. And with good reason. All sorts of scary creatures live there, and Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about it all.
Apr 11
16 min
Mars: Is it Mankind's Future?
It's called the Red Planet. Why? Can it sustain life? Is it feasible to colonize it, and if we do, do we actually create a new species of humans? Phil and Campbell Valentine explore Mars.
Apr 7
16 min
Shakespeare: Much Ado About Something
He's called the greatest writer of all time, but did he really actually exist. Phil and Campbell Valentine explore the evidence, and trace the history of the man who's credited with giving the world of literature so much. Shakespeare.
Apr 4
21 min
Superpowers: Real People with Real Powers
It's not just superheroes who have superpowers. Mere mortals do as well. Some are even more amazing than the comic books. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about ordinary people with extraordinary powers, and Phil gives them their special superhero names.
Mar 31
22 min
Oceans Part 02: What Lurks Beneath the Surface
We've not even begun to explore most of the oceans on our planet. Some very strange things lurk beneath the waves, things stranger than any planet we could explore. Phil and Campbell Valentine dive back into Oceans in Part 2.
Mar 28
19 min
Wild West: Separating Fact from Fiction
How wild was the Wild West? Pretty wild. The novels, movies, and TV shows have exaggerated it beyond what it really was, but the old West was pretty wild. Phil and Campbell Valentine separate fact from fiction in the Wild West.
Mar 24
27 min
Basketball: History of March Madness
People go nuts over the NCAA tournament. It's one of the most watched sporting events in the country. How did it get its name, and how did it get to be so big? Phil and Campbell Valentine reveal the madness behind March Madness.
Mar 21
20 min
Unexplained: Inexplicable Events in History
There are a lot of weird things that happen that we just can't explain. Like why we had no word for the color blue until relatively modern times. How Polynesians traveled 2,000 miles and found Hawaii. Phil and Campbell Valentine talk about the Unexplained.
Mar 17
16 min
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