The Podcaster Lab: Learn How to Start a Podcast & Grow Your Podcasting Community
The Podcaster Lab: Learn How to Start a Podcast & Grow Your Podcasting Community
Yann ilunga: Podcasting & Podcast Marketing Consultant
The Podcaster Lab is a show that provides you with podcasting advice and strategies for both new and seasoned podcasters. Join Podcast Success Academy founder Yann ilunga as he runs a series of experiments on podcasting-related topics like community-building, audience and email list growth and podcast marketing. Every episode discusses a different aspect of podcasting that's going to help you master the art of podcasting. Yann also interviews top podcasters and podcasting experts such as 'School of Podcasting' host Dave Jackson, Entrepreneur on Fire's Kate Erickson, Natalie Sisson, Jessica Rhodes and Joe Pulizzi from 'This Old Marketing'. The Podcaster Lab focuses on topics like podcast planning and launching, podcast growth, marketing, lead-generation, podcast sponsorship and other forms of podcast monetization. Yann ilunga has brought you has brought you the world's BIGGEST virtual summit for podcasters (the Podcast Success Summit), the 360 Entrepreneur and the Jazz Spotlight...and now he brings you a brand new way to discuss and learn podcasting.
#80 Monetizing Skills You've Acquired Through Podcasting
There's quite the array of skills you may have acquired during your podcasting journey. This episode discusses how to identify them and making money by actually offering them as services. Resources & show notes:
Jun 1, 2018
13 min
#79 Leveraging Affiliate Marketing as a Podcaster
What's affiliate marketing all about and why should podcasters look into leveraging this indirect podcast monetization strategy? That's what this episode is all about! Resources & show notes:
May 31, 2018
25 min
#78 Crowdfunding: Monetizing Your Podcast Through Community Support (w/ Sarah Rhea Werner, The Real Brian and Gina Ryan)
What's crowdfunding all about? And how can podcasters monetize their show through this form of community support? Forbes podcasting columnist Sarah Rhea Werner, The Real Brian and Gina Ryan share their insights and discuss Patreon. Resources & show notes:
May 30, 2018
23 min
#77 Indirect Podcast Monetization 💸
Why should podcasters keep indirect podcast monetization in mind? Today's episode kicks off a series of sessions that revolve around that topic and provides you with an overview of different strategies you can use to monetize your show indirectly.
May 29, 2018
11 min
#76 Selling Your Products and Services (w/ Ronsley Vaz, Krystal Wascher and DJ Shri)
How can you incorporate the products and services you sell into your podcast and have your audience purchasing from you? We Are Podcast's Ronsley Vaz, Krystal Wascher and DJ Shri share their insights. Resources & show notes:
May 28, 2018
20 min
#75 Selling Premium Content
Selling premium content is yet another strategy to monetize your podcast. In this session, we take a closer look at it and discuss a couple of examples and tools you can use to utilize this approach. Resources & show notes:
May 25, 2018
17 min
#74 Podcast Advertising: 3 Podcast Sponsorship Models Explained (w/ Glenn Rubenstein, The Real Brian, Shannon Martin and Dan Walton)
This session explores 3 different podcast advertising models you can look into if you'd like to start monetizing your show by pairing with podcast sponsorships. Featuring insights by Glenn Rubenstein, The Real Brian, Podbean's Shannon Martin & Dan Walton. Resources & show notes:
May 24, 2018
42 min
#73 Direct Podcast Monetization Strategies 💰
This episode explores 4 strategies you can focus on to implement direct podcast monetization into your podcast flow and start making money with your podcast. Resources and show notes:
May 23, 2018
18 min
#72 Podcast Monetization 101 (w/ Glenn Rubenstein, Shannon Martin and Baird Hall)
What should you think about and do to get started with podcast monetization? And what are its 2 layers you should consider? Glenn Rubenstein, Podbean's Shannon Martin and Baird Hall share their insights. Resources & show notes:
May 22, 2018
20 min
#71 Video-Based Lead-Generation and A/B Testing
Since video is the closest we get to a face-to-face interaction, using the medium for lead-generation purposes is a no-brainer. Learn about a couple of video-based strategies you can use and how to make A/B Testing part of your list-building strategy. Resources & show notes:
May 21, 2018
17 min
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