The Podcast Bound In Pale Leather
The Podcast Bound In Pale Leather
Kathrin & Gabriel
PBiPL: Seeker's Mask - Part 4, Sections 7-8 & Interim 4
1 hour 41 minutes Posted Sep 14, 2021 at 6:45 pm.
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Show notes

Surprise again! We're still not dead! 2021 has gone, shall we say, poorly, but things have finally steadied out enough to get an episode done! We're too scared of jinxing ourselves to say anything about that state of affairs continuing, but hope springs eternal.

This time around, join us for the conclusion of everyone's No Good Very Bad Night at Restormir, a moment that may be a contender for Jame's worst, and Tori taking the Grimly Holt for a fairly literal ride.