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The Pod
295 -We Take 10 Days in the Stone Age
1 hour 15 minutes Posted Jan 23, 2024 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

We Are BACK with a FULL barn as PAPA Zeet (Zito) is back in it’s a surprise announcement! Tony starts off the episode with a rather huge bone to pick and with the candid start from the boys, they wrap up with some movie talk and soon move onto the Pod FOD. The Pod FOD, which is a folder of all things compiled from the internet. Today's FOD includes some extreme best friend tattoos, how many of the boys could survive in the Stone Age, home made airplanes, and much much more. Make sure to subscribe to to watch full episodes and don't forget to send your submissions for the Pod FOD to @ThePodPMI on twitter and instagram. We appreciate you rocking with us and we'll see you Wednesday, Cheers.