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The PMO Podcast™
Mark Price Perry
Episode 198: PPM is Not Easy, Part 2
7 minutes Posted Apr 12, 2010 at 4:45 am.
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Show notes
This week The PMO Podcast™ Featured Story presents, "PPM is Not Easy, Part 2," presented by Mark Perry (about Mark), host of The PMO Podcast™. There are many that claim that the concept of project portfolio management is an easy concept to grasp and they compare management of a project portfolio to the management of a financial portfolio. Really! This is the second of a three part series that suggests PPM is not that easy afterall.

The PMO Podcast™ Points Memo presents, “How to handle inappropriate humor on the project team." Light-hearted banter and joking on the project team can be helpful for keeping stress low and spirits high. Unfortunately, crude humor can sneak up and morph into inappropriate and offensive joke-telling over time. So, how do you respond to offensive behavior without alienating yourself, the offending person, or the project team?

The PMO Podcast™ Mailbag answers a listener question about which project management tool would be a good one to learn for someone just starting out in project management.

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