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Mark Price Perry
Episode 055: Recommendations for Informal Projects Part I - The Simple WBS
12 minutes Posted Dec 6, 2006 at 3:00 pm.
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Show notes
This week The PMO Podcast™ Featured Story presents, "Recommendations for Informal Projects Part I - The Simple WBS", presented by Mark Perry (about Mark), host of The PMO Podcast™. Today’s episode is the first in a five part series aimed at recommendations for informal projects. Informal projects can mean different things to different people. Some people view informal projects as all of those projects in which no real methodology is being adhered to. Others view informal projects to be all of those ubiquitous projects that exist all throughout the business that will seldom be managed by a certified project management professional and are not part of the formal project portfolio of the PMO or IT department. For informal projects, often times the requirements, scope, and schedule of the project exists in the form of a task list resulting in untold kinds of potential problems and issues. Rather than using and relying upon such a task list, a key recommendation for these information projects is the use of a simple work breakdown structure, the simple WBS.

The PMO Podcast™ Points Memo discusses, “Recognizing Job Burnout." In today’s stressful PMOs, job burnout is an increasingly common phenomenon. While some job stress is good and a normal occurrence at least some of the time, how can you tell when one of your project managers has lost the ability to manage the sources of that stress? And how do your tell when they are burning out? A few things to look for are discussed.

The PMO Podcast™ Mailbag answers a listener question about project size types.

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