The Players’ Tribune: R2C2
The Players’ Tribune: R2C2
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Two ‘R’s. Two ‘C’s. Two friends with a Star Wars obsession and four days of down time between starts. Thus, a podcast is born.Join Yankees’ pitcher CC Sabathia and media personality Ryan Ruocco as they bring fans inside the mind of one of MLB’s most successful and durable performers.Recorded in-season and exclusively between CC's days on the mound, you never know who will enter the bullpen as the duo discuss sports, music, culture and more.
Opening Day Mailbag
Opening Day is upon us, and that has Ryan and CC very excited for the latest installment of R2C2. The guys are joined for their final show in Tampa by some of their friends, who all tell a few behind-the-scenes stories that you may not have heard. Ryan and CC also discuss some final spring training news, and CC talks about feeling good going into his 18th MLB season. He and Ryan then talk about why having a personal chef is the best part of being wealthy, as well as how CC likes Harry Potter more than his kids. The two then debate the positives and the negatives of snow in New York City, and Ryan tries to explain how acid reflux affects him more than the average person. Just the sort of stuff to get you ready for the 2018 season. Celebrate Opening Day by taking a listen to R2C2! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Mar 28, 2018
51 min
On Base with Brett Gardner
In this week’s edition of R2C2, Ryan and CC welcome the longest tenured Yankee and clubhouse prankster, Brett Gardner. Gardy reminisces on his journey from walking-on at College of Charleston to grinding through the minors to becoming a leader on the Yankees. He delves into his close relationship with Aaron Judge, including when Judge lived with him at the start of last year. Gardner also relives his greatest pranks, shares his love of fishing and gives CC a hard time about ruining the best chance he’s had at hitting for the cycle. Brett Gardner is the heart of a team that has its sights set on winning it all, which makes him a can’t-miss listen for any Yankees fan. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Mar 14, 2018
42 min
In the Chambers with DJ Aaron Judge
R2C2 continues its Spring Training episodes with a BIG guest as Ryan and CC are joined by American League Rookie of the Year, Aaron Judge. They discuss what Aaron’s first year in the big leagues was like, how he’s adjusted to having people recognize him on the streets and how cool it is to be the face of the Yankees for a new generation of fans. Aaron also talks about his role as clubhouse DJ, what it’s like to have Giancarlo Stanton in pinstripes and his thoughts on doing the home-run derby again this year. Aaron also has no problem giving Ryan a hard time about watching “comfort food” movies and explains his fandom of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. The humble Yankees’ star gets more personal than usual and is sure to get any Yankee fan pumped for the 2018 season. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Mar 7, 2018
42 min
Trying on the Pinstripes with Russell Wilson
This week R2C2 is giving the people exactly what they want as CC’s newest teammate and Super Bowl winning quarterback, Russell Wilson, joins to the show to discuss what he’s up to at Yankee camp this week. They also discuss Russell’s early baseball years, how the sport helps him in football, and if he got nervous taking batting practice with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. Wilson also talks about his proposal to Ciara while traveling and how happy he is to have his newly born daughter down at Spring Training with him. There are few things better than a Super Bowl winner who puts on the pinstripes. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Feb 28, 2018
19 min
Bonus Episode: The Players' Tribune Presents My Generation with Paul Pierce
This week R2C2 takes a break to present a special bonus episode highlighting a new short-run Players’ Tribune short-run audio series, My Generation. In the spirit of no-nonsense sports talk from the player’s perspective, Ryan and CC hand off the mic to Paul Pierce, who, after 19 years in the NBA, knows a thing or two about the game of basketball — and is not afraid to openly share his thoughts on the experience. During his tenure, Pierce has observed both advancements and regressions in the sport — from larger salaries and endorsement deals to the end of rivalries and the rise of the Internet superstar. In this episode, Pierce chats with Shaquille O’Neal, who is vocal about a league he thinks has become soft and lacks an abundance of nicknames. He also sounds off on why the big man position in the NBA has changed so much. Listen to more episodes of My Generation on See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Feb 21, 2018
20 min
CC is Tampa-Bound
On Tuesday, pitchers and catchers officially reported to their teams, which means that it’s time for R2C2’s 2018 Spring Training Preview. In this episode, Ryan and CC touch on a number of baseball-related topics, including a normal day for a player at spring training, and how pumped CC is to play for Aaron Boone. CC also discusses things he does in addition to playing baseball, like going fishing, visiting amusement parks and eating plenty of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. R2C2 is getting ready for Opening Day. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Feb 14, 2018
40 min
In the Legends Suite with Desus & Mero
In this edition of R2C2, Ryan and CC head back to VICELAND to record on the set of Desus and Mero with the two late-night show hosts, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. These brash Bronx natives discuss how they came together and how their podcast, Bodega Boys, became a popular TV show, including stories of going on The Tonight Show and the time P Diddy sent them cases of Ciroc. They also speak about their rapid rise, being New York City kids, and what it’s like to go from sitting in the nosebleeds to the Legends Suite at Yankee Stadium. These diehard Yankees and Knicks fans provide plenty of laughs as they encourage CC to bring home the 28th ring. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Feb 7, 2018
47 min
Inside Baseball with Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian
R2C2 took a trip to MLB Network this week so that Ryan and CC could talk to former MLB player and current analyst Harold Reynolds, as well as the new voice of Sunday Night Baseball, Matt Vasgersian. The four discuss the lack of free-agent signings this winter, their predictions for the upcoming season and their opinions on the art of stealing signs. Matt talks about his new job as the voice of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, and his excitement about working with Alex Rodriguez. The group also proposes that MLB, and the Yankees in particular, should let fans watch batting practice, and talks about why showcasing pregame warmups is important for the sport. Harold also shares his best Rickey Henderson stories. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Feb 5, 2018
57 min
In it for the long run with Carlos Beltran
This week Ryan and CC are joined by 2017 World Series champ and former Yankee Carlos Beltran. Carlos retells stories of guiding Aaron Judge, helping Didi Gregorius hit against lefties, and what it was like to play as a visitor at Yankee Stadium this past postseason. CC and Carlos share stories about when they were teammates, including why Carlos is the reason CC wears a knee brace and what that did to further CC’s career. Carlos also touches on interviewing for the Yankees managerial position and how he plans on being involved with baseball in the future. With 21 years of big league experience, Beltran is a can’t miss guest for baseball insight and clubhouse stories. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Jan 31, 2018
56 min
For Siths and Giggles: A Last Jedi Review
*SPOILER ALERT*. R2C2’s The Last Jedi recap is finally here! Ryan and CC are joined by ESPN personality and Star Wars guru Amin Elhassan, who flew in from Los Angeles just to tape this recap. From reacting to discovering Rey’s parents, to Kylo Ren’s villain role, to predicting what is coming next, they touch it all. Whether you’re a Star Wars fanatic or just a common fan, be sure to check out this episode to learn everything you need to know about The Last Jedi. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
Jan 24, 2018
54 min
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