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Vegan Author, Business 'Misfit' & Founder of Tofurky. Interview w/ Seth Tibbott | Episode 42
1 hour 3 minutes Posted May 30, 2020 at 2:30 am.
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Show notes
From humble beginnings living in a treehouse to founding one of the biggest vegan meat brands in the world - Tofurky's Seth Tibbott is the latest to feature on the Plant Based News Podcast.
Sitting down with PBN's Co-Founder Robbie Lockie, the pair discuss how Tibbott discovered the vegan lifestyle, why vegans enjoy eating plant-based meat, his debut book, and much more!
This podcast covers subjects including:
2.55: Seth's vegan story
10.44: Animal welfare during Seth's youth
21.05: Creating Tofurky
32.36: The 'breakthrough' moment
38.58: Being yourself in the business world
43.23: Keeping the business within the family
45.30: Seth's book: In Search Of The Wild Tofurky
48.03: Vegan cheese
50.07: Why do vegans eat vegan meat?
52.18: What does the next decade look like for Tofurky?
55.07: Tofurky's eco-factory
56.42: Tips for motivating employees
59.40: Seth's legacy
1.01.20: Stranded on a Desert Island
Seth's book:
Presented by Robbie Lockie | Edited by Phil Marriott
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