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[REWIND] The Road Less Traveled ft. Tutu Komolafe
56 minutes Posted Jan 4, 2021 at 1:00 am.
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We often have this exciting feeling whenever we welcome the New Year. It usually signifies a fresh start where we are eager to set new goals and reach new milestones for the rest of the year.

We often set goals about…
• A flourishing career
• Healthy lifestyle and habits
• A new car, house or tech
• Traveling the world
• Practicing self-care
• Etc.

These goals are all great and are worth pursuing especially if it will give you satisfaction and fulfillment. There is nothing wrong with these goals, but what if we achieve them in an unconventional way this 2021?

Join me and my awesome friend and creator of the Formation podcast, Tutu Komolafe as we sit down and talk about life. In this episode we discuss our previous expectations, results thus far, pivots we are making and what it means to live life the “unconventional way” and be satisfied.

Tutu (@adetutuk) is a podcaster, event/trip planner, and Pharmacist by trade. She is able to reach many women helping them navigate through the joys and hardships of life through her podcast. Her passion for seeing other people happy also propelled her into creating The Everything Planner, an event/trip planning business that helps people plan.

She shares her thoughts on developing joy as you make life changes. Click the link in bio to listen to The Plannter Podcast’s latest episode.

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