The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
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Ultimate Series
Daryl Wor Is Amazingly "WONDERFUL", the fact that she does all the voices alone is "WONDERFUL" The Series Is "AMAZING"! The ability to combine such wonderful, "ICONIC" shows and do "HONOR" to them And the "TALENTS" that portrayed them is beyond description or "PRAISE" All I Can Say Is "RUN"! To get the series On your Computer or "IPAD"!!!!
W. W. C. Freeman
So original!
Very creative and original! Wonderful production value. Rant shows are funny, but I prefer the radio dramas best.
Greatness in the making!
Dark Shadows fans, you have found your favorite podcast!!!
Very Cool Podcast
Get ready to sit back and enjoy this dark shadowy ride. Great job Daryl! Love the gothic topics you cover on episodes. Very well produced too. Looking forward to more of these great shows down the road.
Laugh while you work… in darkness - #pweeps - doc and jock
Great idea for a show. love the creativity and production!
Fun, original DS audio dramas!
So glad I found this podcast. Well produced, solid content. It's a great listen if you're a Dark Shadows fan. If you're not a Dark Shadows fan, you can't be trusted...