The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
Episode 88: The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows: 10th Anniversary Special
1 hour Posted Feb 14, 2022 at 5:15 am.
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Show notes
Delegating the dates and times of when textual episodes and when audio episodes are shared..Then when further fandoms are included: The Kids In The Hall, Clue, The Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, The Golden Girls, The Ghost And Mrs. Muir, The Addams Family, The Munsters, Beetlejuice, MASH, and so forth… Hawkeye, Beetlejuice, and we continue onward… Saving Mr. Wells, and adding “Bewitched”, of course, for the resolution ideas…Why I created “Constructive Praise” when I didn’t realize what “Narrative Discussion” was and what we had been doing, which was that, in the 20th Century…If most people are being “rewarded” for “Trash Talk”: BYE! Don’t want to know you, don’t want to look at you: No, thank you! Later-Days! BYE!thepitofultimatedarkshadows.wordpress.comIf you can come up with Narrative Discussion on your own? GREAT!An Intermission to the future in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows: Season Sixteen of Doctor Who! Boo-Yah! Then we get to “What if?’ with Romana regenerating into another Time Lord from on Romana to the Next: Oh well!The next understanding Josette DuPres… if you understand Spock? Josette DuPres should be a piece of cake.But we shall go through the general idea of Josette DuPres: 1790s, 1890s, Astral Projection, 1960s, and so on… The chronology of what we understand about Josette DuPres is as follows… And then there are little bits, and little bits, and little bits in the DS series on TV with Maggie being the Reincarnation of Josette DuPres, while the Ghost of Josette Collins is Maggie’s Astral Projection…Happy Birthday, Pit! And Happy Valentine’s Day!Wrapping up this podcast with hopeful affiliations and my email address. Take care, Everyone… And get in touch when you can!