The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor

Episode 88: EPISODE 22: "The Endless Night At Collinwood"

47 minutes Posted Oct 30, 2021 at 12:04 pm.
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Show notes
Milligan and Hecubus appear to discourse their usual updates and introduction.Returning to the West Wing, Amy wonders about Quentin as David wanders in. David convinces Amy to leave and return to her room and have a séance in which they could bring Quentin to them. As they do, the new governess, Maggie Evans, approaches to both send David to bed and tuck Amy in, with memories about Amy’s brothers to share with her.Even as strange things are afoot in The Great House, the ghost of Sarah Collins finds Barnabas in bed at The Old House to warn him of what she senses going on between David and his new friend. Yet again Amy Jennings is awoken from slumber, hearing strange voices at her window, then leaps toward Maggie’s room for comfort.Venturing to the fountain in the back garden, Maggie, as Josette, discusses a few upcoming details with The Widows. Mention of Captain Gregg occurs here.) And here we finally are with a reincarnation talking to old friends still in spirit, but very akin to the one-sided listening of a telephone discussion a person might hear. (As our hosts might express: “To boldly go where EVEN Bella Heathcote’s Josette has never gone before!”)As Maggie returns to her room she meets with Carolyn Stoddard walking through the upstairs hall. A bit more catch-up between the supernatural and the mundane ensues.At last Maggie returns to her bedroom to both explain and not explain to Amy Jennings what occurred. The harpsichord is heard at The Addams Family residence as Peter, Victoria and Morticia are engaged in a game of Parcheesi. Meanwhile our patriarchal Gomez is on the telephone elevating his determination to have a problem solved: that of Peter Bradford’s “legal” identity.Maggie Evans reaches The Old House, encountering Wadsworth, Willie and Barnabas, in order to explain the previous night’s events, as well as the advice she received of what to do next via The Widows. Further clues in discussion come up as well as Barnabas revealing Sarah’s warnings. Later, Maggie meets with Professor Stokes and Doctor Hoffman at The Great House of Collinwood, with plans to perform a séance to approach Quentin Collins and discover why the children are interacting with his ghost. Roger Collins enters, as acerbic as ever, and accepts the invitation to join the séance. As they conjure up whatever spirits might be present, it is Doctor Hoffman that “gives up the ghost” and creates wonder in all our other participants. Rakosi and non Rakosi make themselves known. Professor Stokes agrees to whatever his sweetheart will reveal, as Maggie Evans leaves one glass of water as a way of testing her own astral manifestations before our lovers may continue forward in their journey together. *Special Guest Star: MAGDA RAKOSI!*