The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
Episode 19: Happy Hour In Hell
46 minutes Posted Aug 28, 2019 at 4:34 am.
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Show notes
Milligan and Hecubus come to introduce the show with their usual flair but a much different song.
As Carolyn Stoddard enters The Great House, her uncle, Roger Collins, presents her with the letter Mrs. Muir has sent which requests Miss Stoddard to visit her in Schooner Bay, while Roger evokes a bizarre dream he once had.
After Maggie ascertains what Captain Gregg managed with Endora, via her father’s description, she asks about what happened to Mr. Wells at the Inn. Sam is happy to relay that Mr. Wells did not perish and perhaps Chris Jennings is in as much trouble as the both of them suspect. This leaves them wondering what the Witches of Morning Glory Circle are considering for our nemesis, Angelique.
Endora “pops in” joining with Samantha to investigate and discuss what should be done about Angelique. They gear up for a most un-pretty sight. As the time of their investigation moves along they feel the need to list the wide variety of bad deeds Angelique provided to the Collins family over many decades. Next they wonder where Angelique happens to be in the present.
Through an incantation (that I still can’t believe made it past the 1960’s censors) Angelique invokes herself to Diablos’ Dominion. He’s quite pleased to see her. It is Happy Hour In Hell, after all. As they discuss the details between her, a bio-exorcist, and Nicholas Blair over their favourite beverages, they come to an understanding.
Diablos shows very little patience with the likes of Nicholas Blair and his incompetence. His punishment is forthcoming. Sir Simon Milligan and Manservant Hecubus are *quite* happy with the results!
The deranged antics of The Underworld take their toll on Samantha and Endora. Then they manage to devise a plan for Angelique anyway…
As Carolyn Stoddard approaches Gull Cottage, Captain Gregg manages a little tease and she is welcomed warmly by the housekeeper, Martha.
Mrs. Carolyn Muir descends the stairs and gives her friend, Carolyn Stoddard, a play-by-play in the parlour of Elizabeth Stoddard’s visit to her and the implications for all involved, which includes the bestowing of further expectations to Collinwood’s current upkeep.
Next is a wee respite of Lily giving Liz the “indication” to meet with Bill Malloy’s ghost on deck.
Elizabeth meets with Bill to find they both were more fond of one each other than any might suppose, including one another, even as Bill expresses how much he now knows of Elizabeth’s past and Victoria’s place in that.
As Carolyn Stoddard returns to Collinwood, she approaches a distraction in the woods. After this terrifying experience, Carolyn discovers a little girl, Amy Jennings, and invites her to come along to The Great House.