The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
Episode 18: Braving The Waters
52 minutes Posted Dec 11, 2018 at 11:41 pm.
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Show notes
Milligan and Hecubus reprise their introductory insanity with a little supplement from “Mad Max”.
Sam Evans introduces the Ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg to his daughter, Maggie Evans, who is also now known as Josette duPres. However much Maggie and Gregg have in common, the purpose of their meeting proves to help convince the sea-faring ghost of making up for other past discrepancies.
We later find Elizabeth Stoddard in the solitude of a piano on the deck of the RMS Queen Elizabeth cruise liner. As she plays the Chopin Nocturne she once did upon Bill Malloy’s death, the ghost of Bill Malloy enters the equation, and her cousin, Lily, isn’t shy either.
As Sam Evans positions his automobile outside the Stephens home he manages to instill the hopes for his old comrade, Captain Daniel Gregg, to help him in this endeavour. The Captain isn’t so forthcoming before a few whimsies of the masculine persuasion will convince Sam’s friend of stepping forward.
The door opens to the expectantly welcoming Witch, Samantha Stephens, who bears no embarrassment of inquiries toward her new wayfaring men-of-quest. Sam Evans is happy to explain their plight.
The question of knowing Angelique Bouchard finally falls into the equation of everyone meeting in Samantha Stephens home. After social amenities are ascertained, Endora pops into the room, with plenty to consider on her knowledge of Angelique, but more for acquiring better results from Captain Gregg.
Professor Stokes and Doctor Hoffman encounter a new gentleman in Hoffman’s office, one that sharply resembles Tom Jennings. No surprise there as Chris Jennings is Tom’s surviving twin brother.
Hoffman leads Chris to a private room at Wyndcliff to meet with his sister Amy. Much drama ensues.
Finally, a bit of a reprieve with Victoria Winters and Peter Bradford in The Addams Family household. New revelations come to light for Victoria, but probably not as revealing as our audience would like!
By this time Chris Jennings will attempt to alter his accommodations at The Collinsport Inn since he has something to hide. The discussion with our Inkeeper, Mr. Wells, takes some odd turns. (Two lines of dialogue are lifted in this endeavour from DS Annotations: “Barnabas Wants The Old House”, thank you, Saramonster!)
Sam Evans enters The Collinsport Inn with a song, helping Mr. Wells to recoil from his untimely death. As things continue onward, our hosts are perturbed by another character from The Kids In The Hall, Mr. Tizick, meanwhile Sam Evans and Mr. Wells enjoy a cup of coffee over town gossip, which includes updates about Mildred Mayhem.