The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
Episode 17: A Bio-Exorcist Comes To Collinwood
55 minutes Posted Jun 29, 2018 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes
Milligan and Hecubus do a quick introduction as it is well known the audience is awaiting the big show down between Beetlejuice and V’Angelique.
Quick maneuvering on BJ’s part whisks V’Angelique into the Collinwood drawing room and all Hell proceeds to slowly unfold in a variety of ways, while Barnabas and Maggie consult with each other, observing the alarming results from the other side of the door; young David Collins’ horror, and Roger Collins’ mere annoyance as he strolls passed them with certain responsibilities on his mind. (Probably not a good scene to listen to on a full-stomach.)
After the finishing touches are dealt with to this bargain of handling V’Angelique between Barnabas and our Ghost With The Most, Lily and Elizabeth arrive to pick up their cruise tickets and say their farewells, as well as a few oddities in conversation over nearby noises in the woods.
Mrs. Johnson enters for a cameo as Carolyn Stoddard assesses the reason her mother is going on this trip to England.
Later on Maggie and Sam, asserting their previous lives in the du Pres family, discuss their concerns and what has taken place in The Great House of Collinwood, as well as wanting to come into further contact with The Ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg.
As Willie Loomis and Wadsworth become further reacquainted, we see what they have to catch up on and their welcoming to the beloved presence in the visiting ghost of Sarah Collins.
Meanwhile we can enjoy another drive with Carolyn Stoddard and Tony Peterson. As usual their date is interrupted by some small town turbulence. But this time, it leads them into a quiet lay-by to pursue more romantic entanglements. 
Doctor Hoffman sees this from afar, and settles back into her chair to enjoy a dinner date with Professor T. Eliot Stokes. Much casual discussion in the supernatural is enjoyed, leading from vampires to werewolves, enlivened by their blooming romance.
On the RMS Queen Elizabeth, after a length introduction of it by our hosts Milligan and Hecubus, we see how our cousins Elizabeth and Lily enjoy their time on board ship. As they engage in the fun of a ballroom the ghost of Bill Malloy enters the picture.