The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
Episode 15: A Blundering Succubus
1 hour 3 minutes Posted Jun 1, 2016 at 4:37 am.
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Show notes
After Sir Simon Milligan & Manservant Hecubus meander through their standard rigmarole of lusting after Angelique (and the usual drooling about Hecubus…) They explain what we are about to explore, as they usually do. *Guest Star: The Collinsport Fly…*
Now that we’ve made it obvious our hosts are rooting for Angelique, we are allowed to see her kickin’ bootie in a game of gin-rummy with the sticky Nicholas Blair. (Do yourself a favour: drink no beverage and have an empty bladder while you listen to this scene. Thanks. You’re welcome.)
Roger and Lily are faced with Vampire Angelique… and… well? Enjoy!
As Victoria Winters, Morticia and Grandmama Addams come to an understanding, strange truths are revealed.
Wistful moments of compassion are explored between Barnabas and Maggie in Josette’s room. Later on we find Willie and Sarah developing their own friendship. As all events come into place there is a question to Maggie about who Kitty Soames is. As she explains this, Wadsworth announces a special gathering taking place according to Elizabeth Stoddard’s request.
During the gathering at The Great House, Barnabas is guided toward his self-introduction to Cousin Lily. After various surprises about her, Lily describes how to deal with “Uncle Caleb”.
Wadsworth and Willie discuss arrangements in The Old House kitchen, as well as delving into Willie’s interactions with calligraphy and why it became so important. Of course, new troubles abound and Wadsworth must make inquiries Willie may not be able to handle.
As Barnabas comes into contact with the ghost of Caleb Collins, he begins to realize the crux of his existence, his love-life and what he needs to do next. (Yep! This is where Caleb names who Maggie is in our side-project, “Margaret Josette Dupres”.)
Sadly, as Hecubus expresses, we find Tom Jennings stumbling upon a beautiful, but very thirsty, young vampire along the wharf.
[This episode is dedicated to the memory of Heather O'Rourke.]