The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
Episode 9: The Wisdom of Mayhem
53 minutes Posted Mar 21, 2014 at 12:27 pm.
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Show notes
Our hosts do a brief switch-a-roo in rank while informing us of the latest occurrences in Collinsport.
Elizabeth Stoddard visits an old friend in town to discuss both her daughter and her potential other daughter.
Tony & Carolyn awaken from their evening together in further fun and some alarm, noticing a certain familiar family member out the window.
Maggie & Barnabas also awaken at The Old House with much more awkwardness and some startling discoveries lain in their midst. Wadsworth assists them, as always.
Nicholas Blair steps out of the Collinwood Inn suite and Angelique encounters a previous victim of her own.
Elizabeth helps her nephew David learn a new song, as well as making a
telephone call to a certain cousin Lily she's been remiss in contacting for
many years.
Captain Gregg and Sam Evans devote some time to squaring away certain necessity. The Captain gives evidence that more help can be brought to the helm by another Witch named Sam.;)
Tony & Carolyn arrive to reveal what they experienced on their date at Drive-In The Woods.