The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
Daryl Wor
Episode 7: The Blair Warlock... Projected
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Jan 28, 2014 at 9:12 pm.
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Show notes
In the Pit of Ultimate Darkness, Sir Simon once hosted at an Italian Eatery... So here he hosts at another eating establishment...
Maggie is still having flashes of supernatural curiousity, eventually meeting up with Barnabas elsewhere. Meanwhile her father and Capt. Gregg hash out a few details.
David comes across Wadsworth in the woods and they try and devise a plan to find Sarah *without* her usual "London Bridges" tune.
Peter & Victoria finally arrive at their new destination, and although spooky and altogether 'ooky, has far pleasanter elements then their last two stops. ^_^
Elizabeth blushingly interrupts Tony & Carolyn in the drawing room having a bit of a smooch. With this dubious concern already hanging over Mrs. Stoddard's consciousness she isn't in the best mood upon answering the door to a certain brother-in-law of Roger's.
Bob the Bartender gets some lines at The Blue Whale with a sense of ease in a more or less empty saloon tonight.
Willie Loomis' troubles still require attention, as Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes drive to Wyndcliff Sanitarium, discussing the possibilities in this new development in his treatment there.