The Pillars
The Pillars
25th Air Force
The Pillars 77 - Healthy Relationships Part 3: Caring
1 seconds Posted Sep 4, 2019 at 5:57 pm.
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Show notes
Chaplain (Capt.) David, IMA to the wing chaplain, and Tech. Sgt. Johanna, Mental Health Technician, 363rd Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing, 25th Air Force, continue the podcast, "The Pillars," with the third part in their five part series on healthy relationships- caring. Previous podcast topics include: Personal Growth, Goals, Exercise, Toxic Work Environments, Morning Routines and Meditation. All of the available podcasts can be found on DVIDS, iTunes and YouTube.
On each episode, the 363d ISR Wing Airmen Resilience Team finds a brief resilience topic so you can practically fix any potential roadblocks you encounter and finish a better wingman, airman and leader!