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Dr Zara Boland – a clinical veterinarian, media consultant and a self-confessed all round animal lover – is joined by veterinary friends and colleagues across the pet health industry to offer you handy tips and expert advice to help keep your beloved family pet happy and healthy.  Support this show
Teaching puppies and kittens good manners and why it matters
Zara chats to eminent veterinary psychiatrist, Dr Kersti Seksel, who pioneered Puppy Preschool and Kitten Kindy classes to help owners and their pets understand each other better so that they can live together in harmony. They discuss when is the best time to socialise your pets, the methods you should use to train them, what we mean by 'good behaviour' and why it's so important to recognise cues in their natural behaviour. 
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Jul 9
35 min
Foods poisonous to cats
Zara the Vet explains why some of our everyday store cupboard food items can be harmful, and sometimes even lethal, if eaten by our feline friends. Get the lowdown on why the traditional 'saucer of milk' is actually bad for our cats and whether or not you should offer tinned fish as part of your cat's diet. 
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Jun 30
27 min
A Guide to Pet Rabbits
Zara the Vet is joined by Dr. Daniella Dos Santos, President of the British Veterinary Association, to discuss the third most popular companion pet in the UK - rabbits. They'll explain what you should consider before getting a pet rabbit, including their housing, dietary and social requirements and some of health conditions that can affect them. 
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Jun 12
32 min
Pet Health - Coronavirus Update from the BVA and DEFRA
Zara is joined by the UK's Chief Vet, Prof Christine Middlemiss, and the President of the British Veterinary Association, Dr Daniella Dos Santos, to discuss the very latest advice regarding animal welfare during the continued coronavirus pandemic. Their conversation includes news on virus transmission, seeking treatment from your vet and how the profession has been adapting. Plus, what to consider if you're thinking about getting a new pet during this time and information on animal wellbeing. For further information on the topics discussed and for the most up-to-date advice for pet owners and veterinary professionals, you can visit these websites: British Veterinary Association GOV.UK Blue Cross 
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May 26
26 min
Bonus Episode - Body Language of Cats and Dogs
Zara the Vet chats to animal behaviour expert, Karin Pienaar, about why cats blink at their owners and how to spot anxiety in dogs. 
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May 11
9 min
Animal Behaviour in Cats and Dogs
Zara the Vet chats to animal behaviour expert, Karin Pienaar, about the worrying long term consequences that the coronavirus lockdown might have on the wellbeing of our pets, including depression in cats and separation distress in dogs. Karin explains the science behind each of these conditions and offers practical advice on ways to help. 
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May 11
25 min
Episode 2 - First Aid for Pets
Zara the Vet is joined by senior veterinary nurse, Leasa Neame, to look at some common household pet injuries and illnesses and share advice on how owners can administer first aid to help calm their pets and keep them comfortable as they seek advice from their vet. 
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Apr 20
24 min
Episode 1 - Coronavirus and your pets
In this first episode, Dr Zara Boland is joined by fellow clinical veterinarian, Dr Pete Wedderburn to discuss the current coronavirus pandemic and how it's affecting our interaction with our pets. Zara and Pete set the record straight on a few myths about the ability of dogs and cats to spread Covid-19 and they also offer expert advice on what to do if your pet needs veterinary treatment during this time. Plus they look at the benefits of pet ownership and share tips on how to keep our furry friends happy whilst staying home. Links to reputable organisations offering advice for pet owners: OIE: The World Organisation for Animal Health  DEFRA (Department for Environmental, Food & Rural Affairs), UK AVMA: The American Veterinary Medical Association  RCVS: The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK   UK Government:   BVA: British Veterinary Association  DVM360: American Veterinary Journal,-but-there-is-no-cause-for-panic  Medical Detection Dogs, UK   Dogs Trust, UK  
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Apr 7
30 min
Vet Voice - The Pet Pod
Dr Zara Boland - aka Zara the Vet - introduces her new podcast for pet lovers everywhere. If you're looking for advice on keeping your pets happy and healthy, then Vet Voice - The Pet Pod is for you. Zara and her guests will cover a variety of topics to help you better understand your pet and help them stay safe and well. 
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Apr 1
1 min