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The Peripheral
Justin from Generation Why
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Where are you?!! Come back! Pls!
This is one of my favorite podcasts now! I have non stop binged the entire thing and I NEED you to come back and give us more!!!! Please!!! While I enjoy Generation Why, if I had to choose between them, this one would be it, hands down! Please please read this review among the many other positive ones and know that we want to hear more! Those trolls you refer to have their own issues with themselves to work out and we are with you! Love this and congrats on your success with both podcasts.
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Jessicas wife
Hard to hear what is being said
There is music playing that makes it hard to hear what is being said.
One of the best podcasts
This is an amazing podcast. I have found much healing in some of the stories. This podcast is therapeutic. Thanks for putting it together.
Angella Dez
So so good
Such great content- Compelling, Compassionate. So glad I recently found this!
co[me back Justin
Love your compassion
Awesome. Seriously.
If you rate this anything other than 5 stars you are crazy. This show covers great topics in an honest but comfortable way. The host is amazing too. One of my favorites.
Ladybug Mere
listened from the birth of this show. sounds dramatic, but as an empath the stories told on here have changed my life.
Entertaining, yes. Super important, also yes. There’s multiple sides to every situation and this podcast lets you hear all of them. It’s so mind opening and human. So so great
Thank you!
I know it’s rough out there. So many keyboard warriors want to drag down content creators for no reason but the satisfaction of being a jerk. So I want to let all the podcasts I listen to know that I love and appreciate everything you create for me (for free!) and please keep up the good work! I don’t know what my life would be like without having interesting facts, reports, and stories to listen to on my commute and at my boring desk job. Thank you!
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Great Story Teller!
After listening to Justin on Gen Why for the past year, how did I miss this podcast? Smh Once I found this, I fell into the rabbit hole with Alice and discovered the Letters From Karen and Ellen Podcast. I’m loving Justin more by the minute. What talent!
Just discovered my new favorite pod
As a long time listener of Generation Why, I’m not sure how I wasn’t aware the Peripheral existed until I was doing research on postpartum anxiety ahead of pregnancy and infant loss month in October. I found Justin’s powerful interviews on PPD and miscarriage and I was so totally blown away for his real, raw, candid episodes on women’s health which were as good if not better than so many eps I had listened to on female hosted shows. I was very touched by his compassion for his guests, especially the PPD sufferer who broke down at the end of her courageous, heartrending interview. Having suffered two miscarriages that were eerily similar to the guest on that episode I was literally gripping my pillow with my nails for the majority of the episode. My husband was with me when they happened and I still remember those as the most traumatic moments in my entire life. Even with two healthy happy kids who came after my losses, I’m still haunted by the memories. Interestingly I found myself exhaling near the end of the episode because the guest had provided the very real and yes, graphic, but so common details that no one else talks about. I remember the fear of what she described near the end of the experience, and sobbing and screaming myself. It eased some of my suffering nine years later to have those words spoken out loud. Justin. I am so angry to hear you were forced to cancel your Patreon due to terrible people who need to take a seat. What you are doing with this show is critically important. Many of us with traumatic experiences absolutely need to know we aren’t alone to find the courage to go on. Your show has helped me to be a better listener, including for a dear friend whose child passed away this year; a burden of unimaginable magnitude. I am very grateful for your show. Don’t give up. Best, B in Chicago
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Non monogamy
Love this episode. My partner and I have a consensual non-monogamous relationship. I think this topic is so important It makes our lives so much richer.
Kourtneyy 1000
No thanks
Not a fan of this nonsense.
Miss Ginger 58
Biased af. Represents one view of an entire topic and spreads ignorance.
It’s allright.
Amazing Podcast
Justtin discusses issues that NEED to be brought into the light. His compassion and care for those he interviews is evident in every episode. He is thoughtful and deals with the content in a compassionate and kind manner. Keep telling the truth Justin and telling stories that need to be told.
Love the show
As much as I really love the show and you’re my greatest companion when I’m grocery shopping.....I was 14 and I lost it to a man who was 29. However....why do we keep on feeling sorry for ourselves? Life is so short. It happened and that’s that. We didn’t get beaten or killed unlike other ppl so we willingly did it even though we were minors and in that case we were lucky. There are so many women who get severely abused so we should consider ourselves lucky. So come on.....I’m sorry this happened to her but I lived it too and you need to give it up. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but this story seriously makes me angry.
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One of the best
The content is so real. The episodes always hit hard, in a good way. Wonderful podcast!!
CC Addict Mama
Made with Care
Wow, I appreciate the empathy you have for your interviewees...
Snake 138
Will this podcast be continued??
Absolutely one of the best podcasts out there. I’m hoping the amazing host will continue with it.
Hit really close to home for me. This was also my life for 4 years. It’s both sad and good to hear that I’m not the only one.
Ep. 58...miscarry
To the guest: Thank you for sharing your story. I have spent years trying to bury an early miscarriage thinking it was too early for me to have anything to grieve about. I really needed the affirmation that it’s ok for me to finally mourn. This is a great podcast! So glad I found it! Also, I fully agree that this podcast is better than Gen Why!
Give us more!!
I would be happy if you quit gen why and only did this j.s.
I needed this this type of podcast.
Thank you
Real life
Excellent podcast with real people having the talks that most people just can’t talk about. This podcast has something that everyone can relate to. Keep up the excellent work Justin!!!!
Justin is amazing!!
I love this podcasts so much! If your look for that that is truly different, this is it! I’ve learn so much from listening and love hearing everyone stories. It really is something special!
One of my favorite podcasts
I love the interview format, and letting people just talk things out instead of making it edited or “cleaned up”. Hearing the gritty stuff is super important! The mental illness ep with Tiffany was one of the motivators for me to finally find a therapist.
Brittaine W
IQ Missing
Not sure of the education or specialization of “Josh” but guessing not real high. What is the deal with the hosts? Do your research- get an education!
Justin at his best
Justin from Gen Why truly shines in this podcast in his ability to listen instead of speak. We see the full range of his empathy and gentleness in the treatment of his guests and the wide range of their experiences, issues, and perspectives. Advocates for the underdog, the downtrodden, and the underrepresented and those who are interested in the too often untold stories of the human experience will find this podcast arresting and significant.
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Lidia M.
Love it
This is one of my favorite shows. I love that Justin gives his fans a platform to share their powerful stories.
This pod delivers fascinating stories from people you don’t normally hear from. Justin doesn’t shy away from trying to shed light on subjects many don’t want to talk about. Wonderful show!
Interviews done right, compelling stories; host is a natural at putting his guests at ease, asking smart questions & guiding the conversation without taking over. He keeps it real & doesn't shy away from uncomfortable topics.
Justin is awesome.
I feel you have found your niche. Keep it up
All Time Favorite
Justin is so empathetic, genuine, & all around amazing. I love him so much on Gen Why, when I found The Peripheral I was over joyed. Thanks for all of your hard work & dedication. It means the world to have your content in my ears every day!
The program with Captain Fantastico may have saved my life.
Justin, thank you for being genuine and talking about such personal and challenging things in a kind way. Go on with your bad morbid self! I hella appreciate this podcast.
Very good!
I started listening to podcasts about a year ago because of my love for true crime. True Crime Garage was the first and they recommended GenWhy which lead me here. This may be weird but if I enjoy the sound of someone’s voice then I will always listen again and I really like Justin’s voice so I gave his podcast a try. What I like the most about The Peripheral is the odd topics and how everyone has some strange story in their life. It’s neat to get to hear about how circumstances shape our lives in different ways. Thanks Justin!
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HG (tv)
Paranormal episodes
Love the podcast! I recently listened to your ghost story episode from a while back and would really love to hear more ghost/paranormal episodes. Keep up the amazing work, thanks for all that you do!
My new favorite!
I love this podcast. I heard about it from the This Is Really Happening podcast which is also great. I’ve only listened to a few episodes so far but they’re all really thought-provoking. Yesterday I listened to ep 48, Homicidal Tendencies, about the girl who had frequent thoughts of hurting other kids in her school and was constantly battling these violent thoughts and didn’t understand why. It’s a very powerful episode and offers insight into horrific events like school shootings, and highlights just how instrumental support and interventions(emotional and medical) really is. Things could’ve turned out so much differently for her.
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Love Generation Why and this podcast
I came over from listening to Generation Why. Its one of my favorites and this one is just as engaging and insightful. I applaud Justin for tackling the tough issues head on. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his perspective and he is very gracious in listening to his guest. Keep up the great work!
Have listened to Generation why from start to finish and started at least 3 years ago. I have emailed you and Aaron in the past and was shocked at the wholesome, quick, and caring response I received after fan girling and not expecting to ever get anything back! I admire you both for your cantor and the thought you both put into your work. I’ve really enjoyed following and listening in on both you and Aaron’s separate interest (podcasts). It’s like listening to my brothers. Thanks for the amazing content and effort you put into delivering this Justin. I despise the thoughtless 1-3 star reviews, please don’t ever give up on your podcast dreams 💘💘💘
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So Excellent and...
Real life people talking about real life problems with a sensitive, understanding, knowledgeable host. Sometimes just hearing someone’s story that is so similar to yours is extremely helpful in making it through your struggles. Justin, thanks for providing a platform for people all over the world to talk and for others to listen!! Keep up the great work! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you
Thank you for focusing on people’s stories with empathy & with heart. I want to hear them. You give them space so I can, too. I deeply appreciate your work. I’m a new subscriber, but not for long! Again, thank you.
Great show
Great show and I love hearing about others real life experiences!
Love it
So thankful for the topics and how real it is!
Ep 50
This episode is absolutely, hands down my fave! I’ve learned a lot about myself. I can finally say out loud... I am not a fan of most female podcasters. I respect the craft and I appreciate the representation, as I am a woman as well. I just cannot get through and take seriously a whole broadcast. With the exception of Sarah Koenig I try to limit my listening to male podcasters, so that I am not left wanting to rip my ears off my head. Vocal Fry is very real and very annoying and is a trend that I wish would go away. I love you! I love both of your shows! Keep bringing that content sir, we appreciate you. #crimecon #soothing #tinnitus
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One of the best and most enlightening podcasts
.... I have ever heard. Justin does a great job navigating all different types of subjects that are hard to talk about and handles them with grace. I have gained perspective on many things that never even crossed my mind as well as related to a few of the stories. I want to thank every guest for sharing their personal stories and to Justin for giving them a safe platform for them to tell their stories.
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Thoughtful and passionate!
Justin is passionate about bringing light to dark matters such as sexism, corruption, victim blaming and other issues in our society. He manages to discuss difficult topics in a sensitive and empathetic way. I really enjoy hearing his perspective on the world and his humility is refreshing. Give this podcast a listen, you won’t be disappointed!
I’m not really sure what this podcast is about. I like it even though it’s hard to describe. I learned about it on Generation Why. I really like the way the host lets the guests tell their stories without judgement.
Great show! Original topics!
Beautifully presented podcast with such original and timely topics. I appreciate the willingness of guests to honestly explore challenging and sometimes painful topics. Never boring or predictable!
camping crafter
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