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The People Radio
Mathew Timmons & Ben White
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Loved talking to these guys
We were featured on episode 80, had a great time sharing our practices. I can’t believe I haven’t been listening to this show for years! The guests they’ve had make up a pretty wide segment of the LA art scene, and the format of the show allows for a pretty deep dive. Will definitely listen to some of the old episodes and keep up from now on. ❤️❤️
Finally a way in to the art world
Great podcast! Matt & Ben get interesting and varied creative folks from the Los Angeles art world to talk about the things that make them tick. The format allows for very intuitive, story based conversations to happen, and insights to be revealed on air. It is definitely a smart & fun listen! Looking for something to listen to on your commute, in your studio, etc, this is it!
Lauren at L Star Murals
My People
Matt and Ben are among the greatest unsung heroes of the L.A. art world, doing the Lord’s work of getting the voices of L.A. artists/writers out there for the rest of the universe. Not only a broken record played backwards, The People is a well-oiled machine, 7 years in the making—with the perfect machinations in place to propel reliably riveting conversations: inviting one artist to be on the ‘cast who in turn invites another artist to be their co-guest. The result is an eclectic lineup that’s avoids being a mere nepotistic platform for their friends (unlike so many artist-run-whatevers these days). The People is aptly named since it’s truly a democratic cross-section of contemporary L.A. art that includes some big name people you know as well as the people you’ve never heard of but in the end will be glad you did.
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Fan 'o The Peeeeeple
Great humas and great ideas
In Perpetuity
An essential archive for the world of Los Angeles art now. And easy listening too! Ben and Mat are amazing hosts with an excellent line-up of guests.
What we need
This is how I want to hear about art, through a conversation lead by the guests not a monologue from selfserving host looking for gossip and a leg up...Gets better with every episode. Thank you, Mathew, Ben, and all your guests.
We love the People Radio!
Thanks so much for having us on! We really enjoyed it! Megan (& Jade)
always sharp
consistently solid interviews, always insightful
Groovy and intenllectualy stimulating
A survey of contemporary art in LA in the most dynamic way
Crunchy over smooth
Top art pod
Full disclosure: I have been listening to The People for a long time and finally had the honor to participate as a guest. As before, I continue to value Matt and Ben's thoughtful, artist-focused conversation. It's a great cross-section view of the current LA cultural fabric. They choose a wide range of people and incubate deep conversation without taking it too too seriously.
The People for the People
The People is an amazing resource for the Arts community both in LA and beyond. Listen to artists talk about what, how and why they do what they do. It is intimate and wise, inspiring and whip smart. There are plenty of imitators but this is the original and most authentic access to LA art you will find.
Love! ❤
This podcast is refreshing and a much needed insight into Los Angeles culture.
Hen Frigate
Sooo goood you must listen!!
Such a great podcast of Los Angeles artists talking about work and life and work and art and issues important to them. Waht a great resource of People worth listening to !!
doggy down under
Listen up!
What an amazing resource to learn about how Los Angeles artists think and live. Check out the archive of so many great artists!
Awesome and Inspiring Conversations!
I love this podcast! I learn so much with every episode. Such a great way to get introduced to some brilliant LA artists or learn more about your favorite ones. Highly recommended!
Great Guests!
There are some excellent independent podcasts out there. And this is one of them. Talk about an art podcast that changed my life. For you Angelenos out there, there are a lot of artists and writers from Los Angeles on the show and people from further afield as well. Just listen to one episode and you will be entranced. Most of us don’t have the time to sit down idly listening to our favorite artists discuss their work. Podcasts are perfect and an often overlooked, but extremely rich resource for our continued art inspiration and education. This podcast series brings you closer to the voices and sounds of your favorite or soon to be favorite artists, writers, curators, and musicians.
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review title
when i go to find actual information about ideas circulating in the highest echelons of libidinal society, i come to the people radio
The Clues You Need
I especially like episode 36 with Strong and Morley touching on the stuff of noise life.
Darnoc Fournrussel
Support The People Radio Podcast
A quality broadcast/podcast of enlightening conversation, commentary, and cultural promulgation.
What podcasts were invented for!
Essential listening. A unique and engaging portal that connects your ears to exciting goings on in LA and beyond; the multitudinous things made, written, and performed that you either know about but want to know more about, or didn't even know wanted to know about. Locally engaged but far flung in spirit, The People is hosted by two true enthusiasts who set the scene for conversations that are smart, funny and consistently compelling. Get to know the people who people The People and the two people who populate The People with those people. You'll quickly become a People person too!
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Avid Ear IV
Smart podcast for & about artists & writers
Just had the pleasure of being a guest on The People, along with David Earle, and I must sing the praises of Matt and Ben for putting together such a thoughtful podcast experience. From the prep to the recording to the editing and final show, these guys are fun to work with, and super-smart and dedicated. As a listener, I've gotten so much from diving into this backlog. From every episode of The People, you will learn something cool or expand your own thinking. It's f*cking great!
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Margaret of Tarth
Great podcast on art, culture, and Los Angeles
In full disclosure, I was a guest on The People Radio and my experience with Mathew and Ben was so positive that I’m sending this five-star, hands down, and 100% awesome review of their podcast. Los Angeles and listeners near and far will all benefit from their level of engaged discussions! Highly recommended!
People, listen to The People!
Sure, I am biased being both a listener and a recent guest on the podcast…..but from both sides of the desk, this is a highly recommended listen! Matthew and Ben are hilarious, thoughtful, and continue to build an archive of close dialogue with a great cross section of characters that make up our fine city. Super valuable, awesome job guys!
Awesome LA-based writers/artists podcast!
This podcast consistently informs me not only about artists and writers in the LA-area but allows some really remarkable conversations to happen we wouldn’t normally hear. Keep up with this one!
this podcast lives on the corner of McAwesome St and Electric Ave. interesting and dynamic guests, smart interlocutors, etc — people who engage, adapt and create culture in ways useful to know about.
People Centered Art Conversation by People in Los Angeles
Great way to learn about projects, spaces, and artists working in Los Angeles now. Love The People!
Ok well 2014
High quality thinking, questioning and audio art!
It's OK.
I think we could make it better.
Turn On The People!
This is a good one. Great Guests, Good Conversation, Nice Format. Very listenable. Here comes The People. Turn it On, Turn it Up!
Turn it up ... man!
I laugh quite a bit while listening to this podcast. Entertaining!
A bounty of good.
The hosts have their clever fingers on the hottest pulse points of culture, art, and music in Los Angeles and beyond. Their guests are innovative thinkers, makers, and figures of note. I highly recommend.
LA for the homesick
Having moved away from LA about a year ago, I continue to turn to The People as a way of staying on top of what's happening out there. Super smart! Super fun!
people power!
This is a killer podcast. There are always awesome writers and artists on it. It's also entertaining, unlike some boring podcasts that are about smart things. power to the people!
Listen Up LA!
This one's good. Tune in. Subscribe. Recommend. Absolutely.
One to follow!
Promising new podcast featuring interesting voices from the Los Angeles art scene. Nice variety of guests so far. I recommend keeping tabs on this one.
recommended. It's superb
This is by far one of the most neato and hot radio shows on the cultural countenance here in Los Angeles. It's quite clear if you are not listening to the people you are not of the people. As a person, I recommend it.
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