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The pATCHES Podcast
004. This Can Be Anything, Still (Zack Sekoff)
14 minutes Posted Sep 18, 2017 at 7:01 pm.
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When Vince Staples' Big Fish Theory dropped earlier this year, it was all Pierce Engineer & I could listen to. Learning that one of the producers on that album - Zack Sekoff - was a huge Ableton Live user, we of course wanted to reach out to him to learn about his process & how hear how he puts his beats together. What we got was a lot more than we bargained for as Zack not only explained the technical side of his production but also went deep into philosophical discussions on Live, developing & executing musical concepts, & the importance of staying open minded about where inspiration can come from & where a track can go. This episode serves as a collection of those ideas & is worth any producer's time to learn from.

Zack Sekoff:
Big Fish Theory:

This episode features original music by Pierce Engineer & Smoov.