The Painting Experience Podcast
The Painting Experience Podcast
Stewart Cubley
Nourish Podcast: An Interview with Kasia Krzoska
51 minutes Posted Dec 14, 2022 at 6:37 pm.
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Show notes

Kasia Krzoska, the founder of Nourish Podcast, interviews Stewart and explores the rich territory of process painting.

  • Defining & cultivating creativity
  • How what we “resist” may be the door to spiritual awakening
  • What “painting for process” vs. the product looks like
  • The process of navigating “unknowns” and creation - the parallels between painting and life
  • Tapping into and flowing with “energy” as your guide
  • Process painting as a tool for personal self discovery
  • Breaking patterns of perfectionism
  • Reframing “blocks” (writers blocks, creative blocks, etc.)
  • How the process of creativity can be beneficial to honing our nervous system and getting in touch with your inner child, your authentic self
  • How to balance the flow of intuition with the practicalities of building a business
  • Tapping into essentialism; how less might really be more