The Pain Sucks Podcast
The Pain Sucks Podcast
Dr. Matt Milonas
The Pain Sucks Podcast was created to provide practical conversations to encourage healing, pain management strategies, and provide weekly expert interviews in the field of pain management.
Pain Sucks Episode 032 – Shockwave therapy for healing of joint pain
We’ve been talking joint pain  But in this episode we will introduce you to shockwave therapy  This therapy combines the amazingness of therapeutic ultrasound with electric stimulation (e stim) to send waves deep  This breaks up scar tissue and promotes mitochondrial healing and blood flow Amazing for ligament healing and joints  So listen. Then like and comment and subscribe  If you would like to give it a try give us a call at 6304157701 to schedule.
Mar 4, 2023
9 min
Pain Sucks Episode 031 – That Darn Rotator Cup (Cuff) And Shoulder Pain
Shoulder issues can be a handful of things.  But one of the main issues can be damage to the rotator cuff.  The rotator cuff is a set of 4 small muscles designed to stabilize a very unstable joint called the shoulder.  They really can wreak havoc over time.  But can they be helped and can they heal?  We discuss this in detail and offer options  Be sure to like and subscribe and share.
Feb 16, 2023
12 min
Pain Sucks Podcast 030 – Why Does My Knee Hurt?
What’s up with the knee?  It’s a simple joint. Couple of bones, a few ligaments, some muscles and and some cartilage.  So what’s the problem?  Well. It could be a bunch of things  We break down the knee from the smallest to largest injury and how it should be managed  Take a listen.  But also we reference a couple other recent podcasts about inflammation and regenerative medicine so take a listen to those as well  And remember to like and subscribe and share.
Feb 9, 2023
21 min
Pain Sucks Episode 029 – Ice or Heat?  Or Both?
Age old question when it comes to pain. Dr. Justin and I break it down to the most simplistic form for you to know which and when. Ice better on acute (just happened) injuries and best for joints Heat better on muscles (moist heat is better so add a moist towel if you have a dry heating pad) Heat before activity and ice after. Sometimes going back and forth is the answer. And sometimes nothing is best But it’s not one size fits all and everyone is different However, the answers are in this episode. So, like and subscribe and comment away as we love to hear from you.
Feb 2, 2023
11 min
Pain Sucks Episode 028- Regenerative Medicine and Human Derived Umbilical Cord Tissue Therapy for Pain
Today we dive deep in to “Regen Med”.  And while it could take weeks to explain it all we try to give the best overview we can What is Regen Med What Regen Med Is Not The History of Regen Med How it works The various stages. For pain it’s just amazing.  But we realize Patience is a Virtue with this approach so be patient Talk to your doc and see if it’s right for you
Jan 26, 2023
33 min
Pain Sucks Episode 027 – Acute vs Chronic Inflammation
We talk about the need for inflammation in healing and why so many people get in the body’s natural way of healing Acute = Good Chronic = Bad Acute happens immediately and lasts but a a few days             Need to support this process with things that promote what the body is doing Chronic is when inflammation becomes bad and produces disease and decay             Need to combat this Supplements everyone needs to be on to combat inflammation and heal Vitamin D.  70 to 110 mmol on your blood work is what is necessary 5,000iu per day as a minimum. High dose to get to 70plus Omega 2 to 4 grams as a minimum Curcumin with black pepper REGENERATIVE MEDICINE TEASER for next weeks episode.             How to actually repair and regrow your body!
Jan 21, 2023
14 min
Pain Sucks Episode 026 – We are Back
Dr. Justin Ard is now joining the podcast full time. Today we layout our plan to introduce you to even more pain management treatments and therapies that we will cover in upcoming weeks But first we have to go back to the beginning and talk about pain! What is it? What do you do about it? How do you handle it? And more So like and subscribe
Jan 14, 2023
11 min
Pain Sucks Episode 025 – My interview about “Pain Sucks” with Dr. Wayne Phimister on his podcast 21st Century Pain Solutions
Dr. Wayne Phimister M.D. is a fantastic pain management doctor in Canada. In this episode we discuss the foundations I believe are missed by many people in Chronic Pain including Inflammation, Mindset, Micromotion, and the discussion of chronic pain with others. His Podcast 21st Century Pain Solutions can be found on Apple Itunes and other podcast hosting sites. You can learn  more about The Pain Sucks Movement at the following areas: Instagram @fixyourdiscpain Want to accelerate your healing?  But the ebook here Want to find out more?
Feb 19, 2021
42 min
Pain Sucks Episode 024 - 1 Tablespoon of SCT Oil is my secret to handling inflammation from a herniated disc
Oh my goodness This is a lifesaver for inflammation and disc herniation pain and other pains. You have been asking me for some super simple practical things to do. Here is one of my favorites Inflammation is the enemy. Not the disc. I’ll keep preaching that over and over until you get that. Lol Handling inflammation can happen in a variety of ways. One of the ways is getting your body to use fat for energy. Known as ketosis (a video on another day) the body is in a place to make massive amounts of energy by using the fat molecules of food and creating ketones that help heal inflammation. It’s really that cool and simple but it requires healthy fats. And it requires lots of them. Which is hard for people to do. In reality most don’t actually do ketosis diets but are in fact calorie restricting (another video) However, SCT Oil which stands for short chain triglycerides is an amazing technology and with just a small amount can force the body to create and use the ketones and battle inflammation Watch and learn more. If you want to be healthier and handle inflammation click on the website and get yourself some and try it out. Not only is it amazing but it tastes amazing and can take the place of butter and coconut oil and really any oil you would use. Dr Jessy gives a few examples in the video. Here is the website to order. And for the holidays you can get 10% off using the code HOLIDAY10 And thanks for being a loyal watcher.
Jan 25, 2021
7 min
Pain Sucks Episode 023 – Herniated Disc Pain Gets Crushed in Infrared Sauna
Infrared Sauna uses light frequency to heat up the insides of the body initiating an immune response that triggers killer immune cells to scavenge and get rid of dead and dying and diseased cells like cells of pain and cells of inflammation Unlike regulate heat or saunas infrared saunas can penetrate several inches into the body using special heaters in the walls and floors This is great for chronic pain and back and neck pain. Be prepared to sweat although the first several times people may not sweat the way they think they should. Infrared saunas are also great for liver detox, metabolism, weight loss, pain in general, heart issues, and much much more. My only caution is you choose a sauna and company that can prove to you that their sauna emits the frequency the right way penetrating the body to the right depth and can sustain that through the 40 minute treatment. I use Sunlighten. You can learn more about them in the link below Remember to mention Dr Matt Milonas or even better message me and I’ll set you up with my salesperson. And to learn more about infrared saunas and just get more healthy tips on handling pain get the e-book I wrote and start taking advantage of healing immediately. Use NOPAIN at checkout for a 50% discount And please remember to subscribe and click the bell and share so we can help more people get healthier    
Jan 18, 2021
8 min
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