The Over-Compensators
The Over-Compensators
Sufyan S.
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The best podcast better then Logan Paul showing a dead body so I’m happy with this
So entertaining!!!
This is definitely one of my new favorite podcasts. Relatable content, and pretty funny too. I especially like that Bella girl. You should have her and Liv on your show more often, they work great with y’all!!
Always talking about something fresh and new; keeping me on my toes. I just never know what they’re gonna talk about next. Excited to keep listening and tuning in!
Great job guys with podcast guys. I can’t decide who to pick for the podcast. So I am going to list a pro and cons listTias pros: no pros. Cons: her step ups need work. James pros: awesome cool kid cons: don’t think he has any. So since I can’t decide flip a coin. Tails is tia and heads is James.
Yaboy 1318
Cool dudes
Nicky is the best, really funny dude
literally the best Podcast that i’ve listened to in a long time. Perfect transitions and done at the correct time. possible next topic- aliens connection to pyramids and if the Earth is flat?