The Outerverse Podcast
The Outerverse Podcast
Kendall Knight & Corey Sinclair
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In depth!
I love how in depth each episode dives! It’s hard not to love the chemistry of the hosts and their great sense of humor. Keep up the great work!
These guys have great energy
They bounce off of each other very well and I guarantee you’ll enjoy what ever they choose to talk about for the week!
Out in the Open
The Outerverse is a fairly fresh podcast at the time of me listening and reviewing. However, they've already established themselves as a great companion show for nerds or even just casual pop culture consumers. Give them a listen and subscribe to hear some fun conversation and maybe find your new favorite piece of media to play, watch, etc.
Just Like Hanging With Friends
Listening to The Outerverse Podcast feels just like hanging out with friends, which is really nice during a quarantine. Kendall and Corey do a great job covering all things pop culture, and the banter between the two is hilarious. If you need any insight on all things gaming, comics, movies, tv shows, and more this is the podcast for you!
Genuinely funny!
This podcast is genuinely funny, whether you’re from the outerverse, innerverse, or underverse. The hosts clearly have a great time covering their subject matter and make it so easy to laugh along regardless of the topic at hand. Keep up the good work gents! A fan from a verse somewhere, Dillon @ FtM
I love the hosts’ vibe together! I am a huge pop culture nerd and this podcast has me extremely hooked. Keep up the awesome work! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
So much fun
If you're interested in a tour de force of pop culture, movies, tv shows, gaming and more, The Outerverse is the podcast for you. Corey and Kendall have a great chemistry as they banter back and forth covering a variety of topics each episode. I highly recommend giving it a listen - it's a hilarious ride.
Ye Olde Crime Podcast
Keep me laughing!!
This show covers tons - movies, games...if you’re a sucker for anything pop culture, give these guys a listen! They’re funny and play off each other so well! I’m an instant fan and can’t wait for more episodes!
Games, Movies, & More
Outerverse is great for anyone who loves pop culture, as the hosts discuss movies, tv shows, and video games throughout the episodes. As someone who prefers conversational style podcasts to scripted, I appreciate how Corey and Kendall have organized the show into segments but still maintain the more relaxed tone of a normal conversation between friends.
Awesome work!
I listened to the first two episodes so far and will be listening to the third and future episodes! You both make me laugh, I love your rapport with one another and reviews on movies and video games! It's funny because I also couldn't tell Bill and Ted apart and you got me psyched for the new Batman movie coming out - I had no idea about the rest of the cast involved so thanks for that! I would love if you all talked about Game of Thrones, whether its the video game, book or TV show. Keep up the awesome work :)
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Always Interrupted Podcast
Great listen!!
This has easily become one of my favorite podcasts in only a few episodes. Great authentic humor and connection between the two hosts. Informative on all things that are exciting. Lots of good pop culture and video game and movie based. Will definitely be coming back for more listens.
Five Starts Right Out Of The Gate
Kendall and Corey killed it from the first episode. The have amazing chemistry,conversations, and sound quality. This show will only get better! Glad I found it!!!
Great start
Just listened to their pilot episode and from the start with their intro music all way to the end, we were hooked. Corey and Kendall have a really great vibe and make you want to pull a chair right up and have a drink with them up. Their audio is AWESOME!! Can’t wait to hear where they go with this!!