The Outerverse Podcast
The Outerverse Podcast
Kendall Knight & Corey Sinclair
4. Evil Dead 4, American Horror Story Spin-off, Fake Moon Landing?!
1 hour 25 minutes Posted Jul 3, 2020 at 1:00 pm.
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Show notes

This episode of The Outerverse Podcast was a wild one. We talked about everything from Evil Dead 4 to whether the moon landing was filmed in a studio and faked! This was a blast on this holiday weekend of July 4th. We recorded this episode early this week to make sure you had some mouth watering content to consume over this holiday weekend. Evil Dead 4 is sure to light up the retro horror genre when audiences hear about Bruce Campbell’s return to the classic franchise. We talked about whether the moon landing was filmed in a studio or if it actually happened. American Horror Story shocked the world with the announcement of their upcoming spin off series. We discuss whether or not it will be any good. We also hit on how ridiculous the new Fast and Furious film looks and how they can’t possibly take it to a higher level. This was a fun one y’all! So grab your alcoholic drink of choice and sit back on this holiday weekend and take a stroll with us. Here.....On....The Outerverse Podcast!

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