The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories
The Other Stories | Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, WTF Stories
Hawk & Cleaver | A Digital Story Studio bringing you the best new stories to watch, read, sniff, and absorb.
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The Old Mill Lane was a rockin good time!
Laura Lantern's voice reminded me of long time radio host Elvira. Loved It! Well done TOS!
Great Podcast !
I love this podcast and almost all the stories! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I can not stand Erika Ventura’s narration. It sounds like her mouth is dry and that she needs to take a drink!
Hands down my favorite podcast. The writing, narration and production are all done phenomenally well. If you haven’t given it a listen you’re missing out!
Nice show
The intro (and maybe outro) provides a good set-up, they're well told and unique. I'm constantly on the lookout for good fiction, preferably serials of at least 4 or 5 episodes but excellent short stories? Oh yeah! Night Vale is nothing compared to this. ** These other stories show true imagination at work. * because my non-fiction list is tremendous ** or anything since it's just kind of … dumb but some people will seek to compare. Beyond the Wires, now that's had good seasons, especially the first.
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Love it mostly
I really love the meat of the show , not all the readers are my favorite and there is one that I can’t stand his cadence , but other waste they are awesome stories read well. BUT the “house keeping is essentially half, or a third the episode it feels like. I’d say either make the episodes longer or find a way for less house keeping done in the podcast . It’s quite frustrating in that it breaks the middle and feel between the stories
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Love the show. Refreshing and great storytelling!
Good creepy
Happy tot
These stories have me double and triple checking the locks on my doors and question every sound I hear... I love it!
Great storytelling
Makes me think you should interview the other 2 great podcast storytellers paul and Sasha from comedic, fictional, serial podcast Community News” would love to hear you all together.
Always enjoyable
Consistently great storytelling. I’m always glad to see a new episode dropped because I know it’ll be a good show.
Laurel 26
Good Show, but
Real quality show, good editing. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get past the lisp from the host.
Very good
I like this podcast. It’s very well done and the stories are good. There’s only one small thing keeping me from giving this all 5 stars. I like to listen to these stories while I fall asleep, but at the end of the story the music comes in loud and wakes me back up. If it was softer, I’d enjoy it more. Otherwise, great job. Thank you.
No Cash
I don’t have the money to support financially, but I love this show and it’s stories. Highly recommended for short interesting stories.
Three minute ad promotions to start.. mind numbing. Actual stories are great and have a Ray Bradbury vibe to it. But the ads....
All around you guys are great
Thanks so much for sharing your production. It’s always a great listen. I thoroughly enjoy it every time. Well done. :-) MM
4 and 3 and 2 and 1
My new favorite
I found this a few weeks ago, and I have quickly devoured every episode up to date. The format is unique and so fun! Production quality is always great! Keep up the amazing work!!
My mother’s stories
These are exactly the stories my mother would love to tell. Love this podcast I fall asleep listening to them. Great job.
Wendy Jean J
Not perfect, but good
This podcast is far from perfect. Some of the authors use the same descriptive words all too often, and there are a few voice actors that I don’t love... but over all this podcast is incredible. It is like a new twilight zone meets American horror story, in small little stories. Keep up the nice work!
Yeeeesh... gotta be PC
You folks think you’re “woke” enough yet? 🤦‍♂️
My favorite
I love the themes, the stories themselves, the length, but most of all - the voice actors and sound production. Thank y’all for the delicious nightmares.
Direct and to the point scares
These are bite-sized horror stories, perfect to fill shorter trips with the eerie, creepy stuff we love. Production, narration, hosting, and writing is very professional, personable, and consistent. Highly recommended.
Love this Show
I really don’t know what to say other than I Love this show. I am a huge fan of the British accent and I like horror so this is the Great for me. I’m trying to find them on Patreon so that I can become a Patron. Please let me know how to find you. I looked for Hawk&Cleaver and it didn’t show up. KAREN
If I came upon the good fortune to be granted any wish, ‘twould be that JRRT could experience this podcast. Falling for this💞. Sheila in Pocatello, Idaho USA. Note:I lived in Fakenham UK a while in the early 1980’s and missing the tea shop where I learned to breathe.
Love it!
I love the premise of writing to a theme each month. The stories are new and different every time! They’re they perfect length! And I greatly enjoy the readers as well. Perfectly rounded out podcast for those who love horror, sci-fi or fantasy. Love it!
Mould vs mold
Great podcast. Check out spelling.
Glenn K1
Amazing work
Just found this podcast a few day ago as I’m binge listening. The authors and narrators are doing amazing work and I’m loving the stories, keep up the good work everyone.
Crasher 28
If I had the $ I would donate...hopefully things will turn around soon so I can. Thanks for the stories!
Listener #1285
Amazing Stories
These stories get your brain going. They’re so well written and thought out. I love the twists, horror, suspense, and the way they make you think about the future. I love their narrators voices. They drawl me in with their smooth well spoken slick voices. This podcast is a gem. Seriously, never disappoints. Thank you!!!!
One of the best in the genre!!! Check it out!!!
Consistently solid, well produced stories! Definitely a tier above the typical creepy pasta fare. The bite sized tales are perfect for podcast snacking and binging alike. This will have a spot in your rotation long after many others have come and gone. Great job, keep up the good work!!!
Outstanding podcast featuring short story horror
The episodes of this podcast are a joy to listen to. They feature fresh, creative horror short stories with brilliant narration and professional-level audio production. The host brings hilarious, irreverent remarks to the opening and closing of each episode, and to the occasional one that provides only a brief update about the podcast’s goings on. If you enjoy a frequent dose of short story horror and irreverent humor, definitely try this podcast.
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Vid Axel
Great pod!
High production value and a professional execution . Stories themselves are a bit of a hit or miss but still great overall.
Thank you for the amazing podcast
I started listening to this podcast on a whim, simply looking for some fictional stories to listen to while working on a computer for 6 hours everyday. TOS was one of the top results so I thought, “what the hell?” I started with some of the latest episodes, and now I’m hooked. Enthralled, I’ve been working from the very first episode, forward and I have yet to be disappointed. Every episode is marvelous, with amazing writing, narrating, and sound effects! That being said I’d like to thank all of the amazing writers, producers, narrators, soundtrackers(?), and everyone else who helps to put together this podcast. I’m glad I still have a lot of episodes to listen to, but it will be a sad day when I’m all caught up. Thank you all so much again. Y’all are amazing! Wish I could give 6 out of 5 stars :( Mike B.
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Every episode a masterpiece.
I subscribe to probably an inordinate number of horror podcasts and this one is by far the best. Others invariably seem to be made up of stories that sound to be written by elementary schoolers with an occasional well written gem popping in (probably all taken from Reddit.) This production is all gems! Whether you enjoy the plot or not, every story is very well written and produced.
I really like the narrators in this podcast. I also really like how the theme switches every month basically, its really cool to get a variety, but also cool to get a few stories in a row all revolving around the same basic idea. Love listening to it at work.
Top Secret25
Perfect for me
It takes me about 15-20 minutes to walk to work, making these short stories perfect for my walk. I love your narrators, I just wish you had more of them.
Short but entertaining
These stories are well produced and short enough to fit into a break at work but numerous enough to binge for days!—Matt from Monster Porn Podcast.
Escaped too fast
Exactly What I Want
Before this, I had not even listened to any podcasts. I just had a hunger for short-format horror/sci-fi storytelling and happened on this. Beginner’s luck to the enth. Like finding a life mate on a first date, or completely slaying a dragon with a single spear throw. I found podcast love at first ‘sight.’ If you are a fan of Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt/Darkside. This is for you. Very smart, clever and dark writing going on here. The production is tops and the narration is just right. I personally love the silvery, melodious British dialects (Josh, Luke, I’m looking at you). I have been binging for about 6 months and am STILL not caught up. It has become a commute/ bedtime ritual for me now. If you feel the same way I do, look into supporting them. There are hardly any ads and I would lobe to keep it that way. Good work, gentlemen.
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lion rock heart
Tangled Earbuds 58
Great storytelling and gets me where I want to go in regards to spine tingling. Always love the spooky intro with the sinister laugh. Love you Brits.
Mary Burrell
Don’t Miss Out on The Other Stories
Yes, it’s a horror short story podcast, but it distinguishes itself by involving the listeners in the topic selection process. The stories are unique in that they all rely on different themes and elements (The Other Stories doesn’t have a type, LOL.) The hosts are cheeky and entertaining and the podcast is high value production. If you haven’t listened yet start anywhere and you won’t be sorry.
Unique Horror
I love this podcast. The stories are all unique and though some follow the same tried and true horror formulas, most stories are unique and entertaining. The British accents of the narrators adds to the production value. I also like the monthly story theme that listeners have a hand in choosing.
Spreading the Word
This is me spreading the word, the love and the joy. =)
Great podcast!
Creative stories, excellent production. I’ve enjoyed this podcast.
Great stuff.
To the idiot (Mommabear5) that was whining about abuse.. it’s horror stories you fool! If you get ‘damaged’ by scary stories, then why on God’s green earth would you listen? Then you have the audacity to give them a negative review due to your fragile mind. Jump off that PC train, and/or high horse, and grow up. It’s literature.
Kyle Kindle
Really great horror podcast
This is a great short story podcast
This used to be one of my favorite podcasts!
I used to love this podcast...Until they had a story about a man abusing a woman! I don’t mind a little blood, a little gore, even a little abuse, but I heard a story on here that was so terrible about a man abusing a woman, I’ll never listen to the Other Stories again. My mind is not a garbage dump, and I don’t want images or visuals in my mind of terrible abuse two women, that has no real purpose! Sorry guys, but because you didn’t edit yourselves, I’m not willing to risk ever having to listen to this crap again! Yeah, as far as I’m concerned, you blew it! Let me be clear, this was not a clever, suspenseful story, this was a litany of abusive things being done to a woman. There was no build up, there was no horror, it was pointless, and it damaged me. Maybe they are desperate for an audience, and it makes me sad if this is what it takes… Pointless abuse to a woman is not acceptable in these days!
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Love this podcast
Each story has its own flavor- each as delicious as the last. Some are creepy, some psychological, some just plain weird. I love this podcast!
Fine storytelling and gratifying weirdness
This is one of those podcasts that when you see there’s a new episode you say YES! and your drive to work is half as long.
Amazing story writing!!
These guys know what they are doing. The way they pick a theme then write a story around it is brilliant. !!
Pickles nickels
I love the varied story themes!
Feels like episodes of black mirror or Twilight zone
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