The Option Alpha Podcast
The Option Alpha Podcast
Kirk Du Plessis
At Option Alpha we are devoted to empowering traders with simple, powerful tools supported by world-class research and education. For far too long the options industry has been fragmented, lagging, and unnecessarily complex. By developing industry-first automation technology, enhancing data and information accessibility, and nurturing our thriving community at every level, Option Alpha is changing the way people trade options forever. We’re more than just a software company; we’re leading a movement of traders at every level who are unlocking more freedom through improved and expanded options.
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Highly recommend if you want to make consistent income trading options
I am new to options trading. I encountered OptionAlpha by watching some YouTube videos online about making high probability option trades. I eventually got hooked into OptionAlpha including their podcasts because they offer so much free content online about options. I have not found this much free content on any other site. They are incredibly generous to be doing this. I feel like Kirk and the OptionAlpha team genuinely want to help new traders like me. Kirk seems to always teach concepts in a way that makes it seem so simple and easy to follow even for a new trader like me. I eventually purchased their lifetime elite membership and I don’t regret it one bit. I now have access to even more information that you just won’t find anywhere else. I’m already making enough money with option trades to cover part of the cost and will probably cover it all within the next month! OptionAlpha taught me the importance of always keeping position sizes small no matter what. They taught me the importance of being consistent and mechanical in your trading. They taught me the importance of beta weighting your portfolio. And so much more. You will make steady and consistent income using their philosophy.
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Great info for option strategies!
Always finding something new to learn from your podcasts and optionalpha site. Great info and ideas. Thank you for all the hard work to the Optin Alpha Team!
Great options and investing advice
Tons of valuable advice. Thanks Options Alpha!
Good info but...
Condescending and loquacious.
RaFa my dogs name
Smart podcast
I found this podcast smart and clear for new investors and seasoned investors as well. I would like to see more interviews in the podcasts though. Thanks again for all the information provided to us. Keep it up!
The Best
Everything I know about options I learned from Kirk. Simply the best teacher out there, I highly recommend this podcast if you're serious about options trading.
Most insightful, grounded options podcast out there
Kirk, just want to thank you for your guidance and insight over the years. Been learning for nearly two years now, bouncing around between and John Carter’s means methodologies while trying to formulate a trade plan of my own. Your episode on biases, I think it was 190, was incredible. Feel like you took some notes from Thinking Fast and Slow there, and your content was so applicable. Can’t wait for your auto trading platform. Keep it up brother.
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Frank Bellizzi
Very informative and clear!
Learning a lot from Kirk , this is a great podcast. Pl continue the good work and guidance.
Learned a lot.
Really have learned a lot. Had my senior economics class listen to “the zillion ways you can save money to invest” podcast. Don’t buy stupid stuff seemed to strike a cord with them. Thanks man.
Trash he doesn’t make money
This guy talks about his tactics but he doesn’t make money that’s a guarantee he only make money from his trash website and he tried to lure you in with his features but they don’t actually help you at trading. Save your time and money. Go watch theta gang podcast by joonie. He also buys his reviews by the way!
Excellent educator
Very clear, understandable explanations. Excellent podcast for anyone trying to understand options. A+.
Russ DeMott
This podcast has raised my consciousness
Listening to episode 182 has been helpful for trading as well as parenting. Some wisdom has a far-reaching sphere of influence. Thank you Kirk.
Thank you
Great information. Thank you !
Just Getting Started
This is an excellent podcast to educate yourself on the mystical world of options trading. I’m still learning. I strongly recommend this podcast to help you get started.
Hands down the best option trading podcast!
Kirk's podcast and the training videos are by far the best option trading training out there. It is without exaggeration that I can say that I owe my successful option trading efforts to him. His free training courses cover everything you need to know about options and the podcast keeps you up to date and informed.
Being trading for a month and surprised how much you can learn from Kirk; he has the skills to show how the stock market works in a way that anybody can understand and most of all can apply. Thank you man, keep the good work.
Gatorland P
Best Options Trading Podcast, Ever!
Been trading options for 10 years, and I’m still learning NEW things from this podcast. All of this for FREE? Absolutely AMAZING!
Dining Chino
Well reasoned approach to option investing
I've watched a lot of hype videos on YouTube regarding the "amazing" amount of money that can be made in options. Many are a lot of hot air. However, Kirk and his team have put together a well reasoned platform of tools and education that don't hype option trading but rather have a relentless focus on helping me learn how to do it. Facts, actual live trades, insights, life ideas, commitment to members, and being genuine are all factors that make this approach to learning successful.
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Great content, admirable work, research and platform. Listen to this podcast has improved many different aspects of my life. Im just 25 and this might help me in a big way for years to come. Thanks
One of the best
I found Kirk’s show when looking for options podcasts and thought I’d give it a try. Wow! One of the best shows out there. Geared toward options education with research to back it up, it’s focused on teaching you how to be a better trader. Every show I’ve listened to so far has provided valuable, thought-provoking information that I can apply to my options trading. And not just for beginners either. Kirk takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and doesn’t worry about how long his podcast runs. If you’re serious about your options education, this is definitely a show for you!
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Boiler head 81
Beginner or Pro-Good mix of basics and strategies
Been listening to him podcast for 6mth. Kurts podcast offers insightful mix of basics and strategies for beginners or the seasoned pro. Love how he explains the “why” and rationales of particular strategy.
The Best Teacher Ever!
Kirk is the best teacher that I ever had. He’s caring, patient, and most importantly he wants to make sure that you learn how to trade options correctly and don’t lose your cspital for FREE! Who else does that? 🙏🙏🙏
Great Podcast
Kirk is one if the most knowledgeable people when it comes to Options. Listen, learn, and become a member of Option Alpha!
Helps clear the fog that comes with trading
Kirk and his team do a great job of simplifying trading without down playing the risks associated with trading. They cover so many topics there’s literally something for everyone to learn on this platform. Thanks to Kirk and his team. Keep up the great work. Chris L. (The Woodlands, TX)
If Thanos was a person, it would the option alpha team. Destroying the options game with there research and studies, beautiful stuff.
louai dah
Ivy League Options Education!
Best education series I have ever experienced. Kirk is an outstanding teacher and his 'humanity' makes his education a personal experience - I feel like I know him. Recommend listening to these casts from the start and follow along on the Option Alpha site show notes.
BLown away
If you have been looking for real option education. Option alpha is where its at. No more long days of reading through the options as a strategic investment textbook which explains how each strategy works very simplistically but fails to bring any reality to the trades. No more getting lost listening to other option shows which are way to far ahead with the greeks to make any sense. Kirk does an amazing job holding your hand taking you through the basics with a strong foundation and then quickly getting you up to speed. This podcast ties everything together by combining real life day to day trades and talking shop on virtually every option topic. It is the most encompassing best options site on the market by far. And the best part is that the majority of it is all for free. Most of all options alpha continues to be successful because they are trying to help people number one and they are very humble number two. Love the site love the podcast love the video content love the strategy and method. They are not trying to sell you a quick get rich method, but a data driven time tested method to slowly grow your capital over the years which can be a continuous stream of income well into your latter years.
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Incredible contains
Hey Kirk, Amazing job. Thank you thank you !!! 📈📈📈📈
A Must For Any Investor
Kirk really knows options! Makes it easy to understand and there is tons of information from beginner to advanced strategies. Even if you only trade or invest in stocks I still recommend this podcast as it provides strategies to protect your investments and increase return over time.
Covered calls are my jaaamm!!
yeah buddy throwaway
One of the best investing podcasts I’ve ever listened to
You will learn so much listening to Kirk. I really appreciate his transparency and the amount of research Kirk and his team do. This podcast totally revolutionized my trading.
Kirk’s podcast have helped me gain so much knowledge on becoming a more successful option seller. Putting his learnings into practice can drastically change your trading career. I wish he made more podcast though, but I understand we are all human and life happens ! I will keep re-listening until then!
So far so good
thank you so much for explaining concepts in a no nonsense way, keep my position small and it’s exciting when your account is actually going up. You’re changing my world.
A good podcast with solid info, without constantly trying to bait and switch or try to sell you something. The How to Start with a Portfolio of $3K is essential for newbies. Some of this is not glamorous - favors long term neutral trades/iron condors, which is counter intuitive in a crazy Bull market. Deals a lot with emotions, reacting to the market, riding out rather than doubling down.
Scott Miller, PMP
Technical and Thoughtful
Kirk does an excellent job of explaining a very technical process in a simple way.  He also finds ways to incorporate some of the outlying concepts that don't always get coverage in the mainstream.  I also greatly appreciate his discection of the pyshcology of trading and how we have to tune our minds and emotions just as much as we learn and tune our trading strategies. 
Very helpful
I thought options trading was a quick way to make money, then I tried buying options fell on my face. Selling options seemed scary, with limitless loss, but I knew buying was a losing battle. Then I found this Option Alpha podcast, which lead me to their free training on the website. Everything is so thorough, great examples of good thinking, proper perspective and the encouragement of statistically sound ways to grow your finances. I’m making my way through the web training online, and the podcasts as I drive around. Keep it up Kirk and team, thanks for your help.
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Indiana Scott Family
I am smarter
While I’m a novice in trading, I have gained confidence and understanding with every episode. Awesome show.
Scores to enter
Simply best in class!
Kirk and team is best in what they do, teaching us options trading.
BEST teacher of Options EVER!
So amazing! Best teacher of Stock Options I have heard online ever. Kirk covers all the concepts, simple to complex. I have listened to all the podcasts and all the course modules. INVALUABLE! What a great teacher! He has a true gift for explaining things in a way to make them easy to understand!
Meat and potatoes
The instructional videos get you pretty far but Kirk rounded out my education with the podcasts. Everything I wanted to know including his thought process on trading is here. If you want to make steady money in options this is what you should be listening to.
Great Stuff!
Great podcast with a large spectrum of great info on taking control of your investments!
Solid, Sincere - absent self promotion and fluff. Thanks
Short listed for sainthood
I am getting lifetime partnership this week! Kirk, you are the Jack Bogle of Options. So much of the highest quality content for even free tier, unbelievable. You made a hard barrier of entry very approachable. Love your different channels of contents - video tracks, course modules, answer vault ... super helpful! Really appreciate your genuineness. You should be on the short list for sainthood !
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Education is powerful
This is a concise, well developed educational podcast. Well spoken and easy to understand concepts. Sometimes a bit wordy, but on topic and to the point for the most part. Ending the episode with a trade idea is a nice treat and for those new to options a great chance to paper trade and follow along. Something that I think would be new and a nice touch would be to have a member ,once a month, come on to the show to talk about their portfolio and what trades they are in and how they manage a trade. Getting real people on and not “professionals” I believe is a better way to reach the listeners.
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Best tool for newbie and pro
It was the best day of my life when I discovered Kirk and Option Alpha. I had gone to many seminars and spent thousand of dollars on a program guaranteeing to teach me trading options. It wasn’t until I discovered Kirk’s teachings and podcasts that it finally made sense. He teaches in such a manner that a newbie like me understood what he was teaching, and as I get better his material keeps me coming back. I recommend his podcast to people almost daily and I have a heart full of gratitude for him and his staff (who by the way are so friendly and helpful!)
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I have been trading options for years. Kirks lessons are amazing. Better than most books. If you trade or want to trade options, listen.
Dobraine of Woodford Castle
VY option traders
This is one of the best resources available out there for new as well as experienced traders. Kirk stresses on trading small, trading often and most importantly trusting the process. This podcast has examples of various different strategies, how to enter, exit and adjust trades. I listen to some old episodes every now and then to remind myself of the basics. Most important thing I’ve learned is that, option trading is a game of mathematical probabilities and I should keep my emotions out of it. Thank you Kirk and team!
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solid trader podcast
I find the podcast informative. Kirk brings good insights and different ways to think about trading. I think implementing his tips will help you become a more successful trader I know it's helped me.
Best free options trading education
Kirk is obviously very passionate about options trading. What is really cool is that he is equally passionate about teaching us all how to successfully trade options. He has the gift of being able to break down and explain complex concepts in easy to understand chunks. The free education at Option Alpha is better than anything you could pay for elsewhere.
Clear actionable lessons
I discovered this podcast by accident, but soooo glad I did. Kirts lessons are clear, concise, and actionable. I’m now a life time member of his website, why not, it’s free!
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