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At Option Alpha we are devoted to empowering traders with simple, powerful tools supported by world-class research and education. For far too long the options industry has been fragmented, lagging, and unnecessarily complex. By developing industry-first automation technology, enhancing data and information accessibility, and nurturing our thriving community at every level, Option Alpha is changing the way people trade options forever. We’re more than just a software company; we’re leading a movement of traders at every level who are unlocking more freedom through improved and expanded options.
194: Interview w/ Cameron Skinner
Show notes: week I'm thrilled to welcome back on a very popular guest, Cameron Skinner, to the Option Alpha podcast. Way back on Show 61, Cameron and I talked at length about his consistent and religious process for...
Oct 13
46 min
193: An Automated Way To Start VIX Hedging
Show notes: of the beautiful things about shifting to fully automated trading on the new Option Alpha platform is the ability to finally be able to clone and replicate entire trading strategies using bot templates. Bot...
Oct 9
45 min
192: Deep Dive Into Options Assignment & Exercising
Show notes: on Show 187 we tackled the top 15 questions we consistently get around options expiration. Today, we're taking a slightly different approach and addressing head-on the 18 biggest questions and concerns...
Oct 6
50 min
191: The 13 Investor Biases That Ruin Your Performance
Show notes:'re all subject to investment biases, often multiple biases working together at the same time trying subconsciously to derail us. And whether we offload the actual order execution and management to an...
Sep 29
59 min
190: A Zillion Ways You Can Save Money To Invest
Show notes: of the most impactful things you can do for your portfolio is add money or capital to it. A consistent and persistent schedule of funding your account, even with small amounts, gives you the added boost that...
Sep 15
40 min
189: We're Launching The 1st Automated Trading Platform for Options
NEW Beta Site is Live: https://beta.optionalpha.comToday’s show is a massive announcement – we are officially announcing that we have our launch dates set for our new auto-trading platform. Today on the show, we’re going to answer some common questions...
Sep 6
1 hr 5 min
188: Options Trading Taxes For All Traders
Show notes:, taxes, a dreaded but necessary part of investing and trading. And although you might be inclined to skip this week's show, I'd encourage you to dive in because, even for me personally, this discussion helped...
Aug 10
1 hr 17 min
187: 15 Options Expiration Questions Answered
Show notes: get a lot of questions around options expiration - hundreds and hundreds each week. Yet, the same vital few seem to float to the top consistently so we're pulling these 15 questions into this week's podcast...
Aug 2
34 min
186: Vacation Checklist for Option Traders
Show notes: vacations are in full swing and as everyone rushes to their favorite social distancing hot spot, traders are often left wondering what to do with their positions and trades while away. And since we cannot...
Jul 27
29 min
185: How To Execute And Fill Options Trades
Show notes: option trades can often feel like pulling teeth. While some trades and orders get through easily and without issue, others are incredibly stubborn and hard to get filled. To add to your frustration, the...
Jul 19
50 min
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