The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast
The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast
Alexandra Kuykendall & Krista Gilbert
Ep.25: Hey Sister! Creating a Family Mission Statement
22 minutes Posted Nov 10, 2016 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes

Every group, big or small, has a culture.  If you've visited another country, you've seen the way people act and how they feel about being a part of that nation.  There are certain norms, behaviors, and rituals that shape the people in that environment.

Companies also have cultures.  Think of Nike.  It is the innovator of athletic wear, and its brand communicates what they value:  sports, comfort, trends, pro sports, female athletes, and working out...hard.

Every company has a mission statement that drives their company culture.  Likewise, we as families also have a culture.  If we create a family mission statement, it helps drive that culture that we are creating in our homes.

Listen to this episode to help you create a family mission statement for your family.

Go to to download a template for your mission statement.