The Omega Particle
The Omega Particle
Jonathan Wiegand
Your sensors are correct...Do not adjust your've discovered the Omega Particle! Broadcasting to the entire Alpha Quadrant and beyond, your host Jonathan covers the most recent news in Star Trek and explores all aspects of Trek canon. Join us on this excursion into Podcast excellence!
Discovery Review 3.1 - Book it!
Join us today as we review Star Trek Discovery's Season 3.1! Overall the episode was a success in starting off the new season and could be considered a "soft reboot". We see Burnham land and discover new people & species within the 31st century. Will Discovery finally be able to establish their own identity? Will they try to get back home or will something else keep them in the future? We will discuss all this & more as we embark on another episode of podcasting excellence!
Oct 27
26 min
News & Reviews: Lower Decks Episode 8-10
Join us as we conclude our season one review of Lower Decks! Each episode continues to get better and they finally climax with the final three episodes! Covering the events from Veritas, Crisis Point, & No Small Parts! Plus we go over the the news of the week which include a major change to the Star Trek convention circuit!
Oct 19
29 min
Klingons Part 2 - Sex, Bloodwine, & Opera
Join us as we continue our Klingon series and deep dive into everyday life of the baddest warrior race in the Alpha Quadrant! We cover the political & household structures of Q'onos, as well as the rituals and honor code that every Klingon must live by! Of course we couldn't leave out the mating rituals and don't worry there's plenty of face biting to go around!
Oct 16
33 min
Thursday Night Live: News & Reviews
Tonight we are coming at you Live through Instagram! Can't wait to go over the latest Star Trek news this week and cannot believe the bombshell that was dropped about ST: Prodigy! In addition to the news, your anchorman of the federation goes in depth review of Lower Deck Episodes 5-7! Join us as we embark on another excursion into podcasting excellence!
Oct 10
41 min
Trek Roundtable: TNG's Conspiracy
Today on the podcast we welcome Alan & Jason as we discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1/Episode 24 "Conspiracy" We flesh out all angles and even answer questions such as "Do the bugs ever come back?" & "Why can't data connect to Wifi?" One of my bucket list items for OPP, I know you'll enjoy this excursion into podcasting excellence.  Also check out Jason's movie blog below:
Sep 18
52 min
News & Reviews: Can Lower Decks Redeem itself?
We return to News & Reviews to cover the most interesting stories in Star Trek news this week, as well as go into the depths of our Lower Decks reviews. Can the show finally decide what it wants to be? A Rick & Morty or Saturday Morning Cartoon? Or will we ever get decent writing and development?! Plus Star Trek Day and the fate of Picard Series is in our hands! All these questions/stories and more on this week's excursion into podcasting excellence!
Sep 11
30 min
Klingons Part #1 - Today is a good day to Podcast
Today we continue with our heavy hitter series and dive deep into the Klingons! In the part one episode we will be reviewing some of the great history of the Klingon people such as Kotos, Kahless, and exploring the tension between Q'onos and the Federation! As well as explaining why some Klingons don't have any ridges during the 23rd Century! Join us as we embark on another journey into podcasting excellence!
Aug 13
31 min
News & Reviews: Lower Decks Episode 1
In this week's News & Reviews, we go over Lower Decks episode "Second Contact"! We go into all the debate surrounding the show and dive deep into some hidden easter eggs in this episode. Plus covering all the weekly Trek news like "When's the next movie coming out?" Thank you for joining us on another excursion into Podcasting Excellence!
Aug 8
22 min
Poli-treks: Looking at the politics of Kirk & Picard!
Join us this week as we deep dive into the political commentary and allegorical nature of Star Trek. Our host, Jonathan decides to approach this topic through the actions of Captain Kirk & Picard. How do they're actions speak to the political atmosphere when the episodes were released? Did Gene Roddenberry's personal beliefs show through the two captains? All these questions will be answered and more on this week's excursion into podcasting excellence!
Jul 16
33 min
Relaxed Fit: Exploring the Lower Decks
On this week's relaxed fit episode we go over the announcement that Lower Decks will be premiering in August! As well as deep diving into some problematic TNG episodes, thanks to Gates McFadden & Jonathan Frakes for speaking out! Plus an announcement on upcoming projects! Join us on another excursion into Podcasting Excellence!
Jul 12
15 min
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