The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter
The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter
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Keeps Getting Better and Better
The drafts are must-listen. I like when you have non-player guests on too, I get a little tired of straight player talk sometimes.
In depth look
Love this podcast. I don’t really listen to podcasts but I go out of my way to listen to this one. Very refreshing to get a peek into a NBA players life, realizing that they are just normal people with a job.
Great content!
Great behind the scenes content.
Amazing Podcast!!!!
Great listen
Look forward to listening every week!
wawa jawn
Mayonnaise Taqueria???
Great show guys but I need help searching for this taco spot in Bushwick. Am I spelling this correctly? Need to try this Birria yall are drooling about.
Get over it
Dude, pelicans did the best they could to move you. If you were having a good season they would have been able to get you to the nets. 26.5 million and complaining where you got traded.
Lost all respect for this man
NBA millionaire complaining that the team that massively over paid him didnt supplicate itself to his demands and pay him to go chase rings with other teams. How could he survive the hardship of getting traded to a playoff team? My thoughts and prayers go out to you jj
This podcast works better than Ambien.
JJ Redick is a funny host. His co-host doesn’t add a lot and their inside jokes misfire when they try to explain it to their guests. But fine anyways
Kanye West's iPhone
Hate Duke, Love JJ
Yeah yeah, I’s nothing new that “everyone hates Duke” but I truly do, lol. It ALMOST stopped me from listening to JJ & Tommy but I’m so glad I did. They are AWESOME and truly some of the best podcasters ever. They are professional, well organized, funny, honest, REAL and just enjoyable to listen to. Lots of basketball, life & just fun stuff. Thanks JJ & Tommy for a great podcast...keep it up!
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Bryan Stevenson Interview
Once again, a great interview of a tremendous guest. Insightful questions with thoughtful responses. You asked Bryan to elaborate on his comment that eliminating racism/white supremacy would be liberating. He shared a great reply which may or may not have included James Baldwin. I would commend to you Eddie Glaude’s “Begin Again” pages 48 and 49 (hardback) for more about the notion of liberation mentioned...from James Baldwin. @PhillySkipT5
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Pretty good
Good but some politics here and there
questions to consider...
In addition to your excellent conversations about being on the court, I’m curious what it’s like for these young guys to come into instant wealth as an NBA player? What were their first big purchases? How has it changed their off-season? What opportunities do they want their children to have that they might not have had growing up?
Jj should have done this while you were a sizer. Any chance you wanting to come back here I thought you done great here they need someone like you and to be blunt they Phila. Needs a white guy. You got you moved up every year since year one in college.It is not taken lightly in the city or suburbs you have to know this hopefully it can get done what do you feel.Good luck with this project. It’s done professionally ,I have been a fan since the Wilt and Hal Greer years come back let’s get a parade JJ
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pike sg
Amazing Work
Love this podcast! The guests, questions, natural flow of conversation - it’s all so incredible! The banter is always great between JJ and Tommy and provides so many laugh out loud moments (especially when Taylor joins - the three of them together = terrific). Really appreciate the honesty and insight from JJ about NBA life and being a professional athlete. Thank you to everyone involved to make this podcast what it is - just gets better and better!
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Not there anymore
JJ is a really good interviewer with good insights and questions. Why is Tommy there. He looks and acts like he rode the short bus, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he doesn’t add anything other than annoyance. Also getting really political, but definitely his right to convey. I can’t take Tommy anymore.
Steven Adam’s episode
“We’re all just slaves to consumerism,” JJ Reddick. What a podcast! Very entertaining and hilarious. Steven was animated and forward and awesome to listen to. That story about the Taiwan egg and all his simple basketball takes showed so much about who he is. Definitely some sleepers in the holiday draft that didn’t come off the board. March madness?! Christmas EVE! Fourth of July...great third round value. -Conor Gausselin
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It was good
This was a great podcast for the longest time. But for whatever reason, him and the other guy went super left wing woke. Just wanted a great pod without them talking politics. Not into it. Some people like it. But I stopped listening months and months ago.
Morning Drive
LOVE listening to this podcast every day on my work commute. Enjoy learning about player’s mindset, game approach, anecdotes and of course the draft. However, my favorite episode was it even about basketball, it was the the Stacey Abrams episode. That was the first time that I listen to her. Very inspiring! I also like the episode about Grayson Allen and how tough fans were on him and JJ. All episodes are good! Keep up the good work JJ and Tommy.
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Pretty awful. Sorry. Truth.
Favorite podcast
Absolutely love this podcast. JJ and Tommy have done a phenomenal job!
Must have guest
Absolutely love this podcast. I’m an old Duke fan, sorry Tommy. Your must have guest to me is Micheal Jordan, Charles Barkley and Steph Curry. Keep up the great drafts. Sorry again Tommy but most drafts are won by JJ in my opinion.
Kobe is no Hero
Enough with the Kobe revisionist history. He was a good ball player who raped a young girl in Colorado. He was never Jordan. He was a ball hog. Shot too much & played selfishly his entire career. He lived selfishly as well. Let’s not idolize a rapist who cheated on his wife and family. He was a good ball player, but he wasn’t a good man.
OMFG! Dr. J!!!
I had the privilege of seeing the good doctor during his ABA days. He played the Pacers at Indy, where I was stationed at the time. Sat amongst old timey Indiana bsktball fans who started the game grumbling about he was ruining the game with his style of play. Fun watching their jaws collectively drop as Dr. J scorched the Pacers that day. Loved the interview and love the insanely eclectic array of guests you guys haul in.
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Excellent Pod
I. Love. This. Pod... I only discovered it a month or 2 ago, but have been rip roaring all of them backwards... I like to listen to all things NBA basketball like the ringer, mismatch, SBR, Lowe post, woj... what I like about this one is that although much of the content on this podcast is basketball related, so much more great perspective comes out and there is relatability to other fields and life in general... it’s similar to the How I Built This pod in this way... the leadership series is outstanding and I look forward to more of those... I listen while I’m working, doing housework, on a run, or just running errands... I’d be curious how often or if you think about life after basketball and what sort of plan you see yourself potentially following in the immediate years after retirement... I’d also be curious what it’s like to be a dad playing out of one city, family in another and frequently being on the road... thanks again for the great content and perspective... looking forward to the next draft
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problem 12111--11
Love the podcast
Bring on Lamelo Ball
Stole All Fantasy Everything’s idea
JJ Redick should go do something else because he’s a famous rich athlete.
The harrison ford
Your recent episode
D3 Grinnell College Jack Taylor 138 in a single game 2012. NCAA record.
Best basketball podcast!
Love the information, bball talk, and little anecdotes around the league between guys. I think Jeremy Lin’s story would be a good topic for discussion, bring him on!
Get Donovan Mitchell
Show some love to Utah Jazz fans
Best Podcast from an NBA player
Don’t get me wrong, love the knuckleheads… all the smoke is alright. But JJ Redick does a fantastic job making the interview a natural conversation. PLEASE PLEASE get Monta Ellis on the show. My favorite player of all time, and you guys were teammates after he got traded from GSW. Would love to hear from both of you guys, especially since he’s been out of the spotlight for years now.
Awesome podcast
Awesome podcast keep up the great work love the insight of the players. Would love to hear about and from Aqua Man aka Steven Adams.
love JJ
Love this podcast! Literally only listen to 3 podcast which is This one , R2C2 with CC Sebathia and Ry Rukes & Josh Hart podcast! Thank you for taking your time to do this for us fans!
Great pod, unreal insight.
Very high quality pod created by JJ and Tommy. The guests are next level and the best part about the conversations are that you feel like you are in the room with them while they are talking with each guest. Cheers fellas.
Joe Mall
Guest Ideas
Can you do a month where you interview all veterans. And start off with Larry Johnson!! I love hearing the old guys tell stories..
Love the podcast, but the editing on the cp episode with the draft is a little off just a heads up
Garr G
Great pod, great production
I don’t know a lot about audio engineering or podcast production but the quality on OM3 is great. I love the outro music before an ad break. It is a very clean listening experience. JJ is a great host. I cannot recommend it enough. Really fascinating conversations.
All Good
Besides the hosts losing the draft every week, they do a good job otherwise.
5 stars
Only podcast I listen too, really entertaining and fun to listen get ever you are.
user 887
So good
Really good and informative podcast
Fantastic work!!
Big fan of the show, huge jj fan, huge Duke fan, love the draft, mailbag question, any advice for this 43 year old guy trying to start his own podcast, thanks, rjk from Erie pa
Thanksgiving foods draft
I just listened to the draft and it’s the whitest thing I’ve listened to in some time. Squash? No mac n cheese? I feel bad for your choices. Tommy grew up with some culture forsure
jordan from phoenix
Good pod
I don’t understand Tommy’s appeal on any level.
This guy 1111111111
Lovin’ the Pod
New teammate Steven Adams on the pod soon?
JJ is 5 stars.
I’ve been listening to JJ’s various pods since his Yahoo! days and it’s always been great. Redick is a great host, worldly, smart, charming, and of course is able to bring credibility to the conversation as an NBA veteran. Why 4 stars? Well, because Tommy is a 2 star on a good day. For every ounce of good Tommy brings to the pod, he’s dragged in several pounds of migraine in the same duration. While Tommy is impressively connected and enthusiastic, he becomes that obnoxious high energy bench player who will miss that garbage time fastbreak 3 on 1 layup. He interrupts and speaks over guests as well as JJ, makes it a point to MISS the point, and derails otherwise thrilling conversations between everyone else. If he’s necessary for JJ to have a pod, then I’ll live with him. But certainly any and all negative thoughts I’ve had about the pod is purely because of Tommy. He’s gotten minimally better, like if you traded current day Kendrick Perkins for current day Ryan Hollins (is that even an upgrade?), but he’s still the screaming adolescent in a room crying for attention. He could learn to pull it back a little, especially every single draft where he continues to fumble every single possession.
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SK Sukkks
Perfect sports pod
It’s awesome to hear a player talk to other players about the game in a way that the traditional media hasn’t been able to achieve at this point. I feel like JJ brings such a unique perspective to the podcast world that even when he has non-sports guests, it’s still fun and extremely insightful. This is definitely an “iron sharpens iron” podcast.
Cody OB
JJ and Tommy are GOATS
I love this podcast because it gives me something to look forward too everyday. I love JJ and Tommy’s teamwork also. I would say for the most part JJ asks most of the questions and I think this is because JJ has more to talk about with the players than Tommy does because JJ was in the NBA. One thing that I have noticed is that Tommy starts to warm up to the players and feel more comfortable with them as the podcast goes on. It’s kinda like when you visit your cousins on Christmas and it’s kinda awkward at first but right when it’s time to go home you are having the best time ever. One suggestion I would have for Tommy is to try to carry the momentum that he had at the end of the last podcast into the beginning of the next one. Just like if JJ had a good game in the NBA he would try to carry the momentum over to the next game. Your Biggest Constructive Criticismist (if that’s a word) -Sawyer Bouvier
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Sawyer Bouv YT
Have CP3 on! Every time you have him as a guest it’s always soooo good
Guest on Podcast & Draft Idea
I love the podcast because of the versatility and uniqueness that comes from the stories and drafts! You should have Klay Thompson, or Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttlesworth and talk about the art of shooting, moving without the ball, quick release, etc.. I’d like to see a draft of “Favorite movies with professional athletes that play a large role in them”! T-Shirt size is Large. Twitter @kurosh23458428, keep pushing out these pods!
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