The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter
The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter
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Bye JJ 😭
We will miss you so much is have watched about every episode and they are all amazing. I hope you have a great time coaching my favorite team the la lakers. 🥹
Sigma 0r Alpha
Mf gets a real job and leave us boo congrats on the new job you’ll be rooting for you
sir capalot
Kmart Kyle Korver makes a lot of noise
Knew this guy was a clown from the first time I heard him speak. Happy to see the whole world is coming around to what a moron he is.
Boston Episode
JJ, I think you guys are forgetting that KP has been out for a series. Is not he main dog or dogs in the Boston Uniform. Will still need someone to get him the ball. And on top of that, he has Never been this far into the NBA Playoffs ever. Great show.
Pay for your Pod?
FOH bro. You ain’t that cool. BYA.
Interesting but
I like JJ and the content. It’s mostly pretty good, very few boring episodes, but dude has the worst commercials in basketball podcasting and it’s not even close.
Would be a fantastic pod (5star) without the profanity. My kids love basketball and wish they could listen but the language is the deterrent. The f bombs, etc. add zero value. It’s unfortunate.
Real villain from Interstellar
Hey JJ, I know you won’t read this, but Matt Damon was the real villain of Interstellar not Time. Coop knew the time implications
Hands down one of the best interviews ever Jamal Mashburn
I can listen to JJ and Jamal talk basketball all day and the understanding of todays NBA 👍🏽 great job JJ
happy customer 15
Unsubscribing fo sho
I enjoy getting to know the off court side of players and things like breaking down how to attack certain defenses but there is far much more to not like about this show. First off it’s not kid friendly. The amount of unnecessary cursing by JJ himself is just crazy and is only getting worse. Second, it seems like JJ will only ask a question to tell a story about himself. Third, the drafts they have are unbearable to listen to. Not entertaining in the slightest.
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Keep dropping them stats JJ. GoDuke
Keep Teachin’!
Even though I’m a true blue Tar Heel, this is by far the best podcast by a Blue Devil. I’m a basketball fan that not only loves the entertainment aspect of the game but I’m also a student of the game….and JJ Redick is a must-listen to Professor!
Love the pod!
Great pod!l JJ ain’t never scared to tell it like it is! He standing on business!
Herm from ATL
No longer a breath of fresh air
This no longer feels like a player’s pod and now resembles the typical espn type of media-friendly conversation that is not great journalism. We want to hear more genuine, unfiltered conversation again
Not inclusive
I left a comment about a year ago saying I like this pod but they haven’t had anyone from my favorite team on. One year later and that’s still somehow true.
So disappointing, so boring
This was supposed to be a breath of fresh air an insight into player's minds and worlds unleashed or something but it's even more boring and lifeless than ESPN, just watered down, innocuous "let's not upset our PR agent takes.
Just another mol Eliza
Gambling promotions
JJ…I love basketball and I know you need to get paid, but you are promoting sponsors that require a disclaimer to get help for cessation of use of their product. Get this gambling crap out of the NBA! All we hear about are gambling odds, favorites to win etc at every opportunity. Maybe have an episode featuring a candid conversation about gambling and it’s increasing role in professional sports and the people at large
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Love the pod, hate the add music
Absolutely love the pod. The add music…Sesame Street circa 1985 is rough to get through.
Too much gambling commentary
Great podcast when focused on guests and the sport. Too much discussion about gambling and betting.
Bring back the draft!!
Please have on Jayson, Jaylen and Jrue
Rex Chapman……………………..
Tha Ringa
Tommy needs to stop interrupting
Whenever JJ is finishing up a thought Tommy has to start talking over him. Other than that great pod lol
Best in the Business
Best NBA pod in the business, in my opinion. Tommy and JJ ask insightful questions and provide a great platform for all of their guests to share their experiences. Entertaining enough for a casual fan, but they can get deep into it too. Keep it up y’all!
The music
Love the show and guests. The music though is so bad during the ads. I see I’m not the only one that feels that way. It’s so annoying. Love the shoe though JJ!
Ad music
Ad music is so bad, let’s at least have different ad music throughout not that same twinkle deal they keep using
Tommy should not read ads. Poor reader and interesting and lacks inspiration
NRB 0827
Fave sports podcast
Best basketball interview podcast there is! Love the drafts and I’ve been going back and listening to them all.
💜JJ and Tommy
JJ and Tommy are fantastic. This is my favorite podcast out!
Awesome pod
Long time listener— the JR pod was 🔥. My favorite so far.
Respect lost
Watching game 1 Philly v. Brooklyn and it’s borderline unwatchable because of the blatant bias in JJ’s commentary. His Philly groveling is cringe. You broke the golden rule of commentating JJ. You sound like a fanboy.
JR Smith conversation was great!
Comments. In keeping with the spirit
Absolutely love the show and both RJ and JJ. This episode though is lessened by some really obvious and heavy handed editing. Does leave one wondering what was cut sometimes
Richard Jefferson
What a great episode should’ve had two parts
Gotta Love JJ!
What a great podcast! I love the technical breakdown that JJ uses and the topics he discusses with all of his guests. The only reason it’s not a 5 star is because of Tommy. I find him extremely annoying and irritating whenever he talks. He reminds me of one of your best friends little brother who always wants to be around and be like you but can never be that person no matter how hard he tries. Just painful to hear how hard he struggles. Find a new co host JJ!
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Webster's Laboratory
Nerdy basketball podcast
If you love the NBA, and you love the nerdy lingo. This the podcast. These guys talk shop as if they are sitting in the room with their peers and no one else is listening. This is great for the NBA. It has brought the game even more to life for me.
Mike Breen episode amazing, have him on more
Love the Pod - JJ Hire Rip
Love this show!! The only thing that could make it better is if you hired my friend Rip. Let’s go JJ Hire Rip
What’s up with Jose’s picture?
I really like your podcast. I’m a Pelicans fan. ( and a Warriors fan) Enjoyed the show with Jose Alvarado but that is not his picture on the info about the show. Maybe that’s a baseball player with the same name?
Show was awesome until having to pay for it. Did jj not make enough as a player and is now having to charge everyday people to listen to a podcast. The insight of getting a former player talking to players and coaches is awesome for fans who really enjoy the NBA. Guess it’s about that bag though…….
Bones Hyland
Loved the Bizzy Bones interview!! MILE HIGH CITY BABYYY 💙💛
So good
Really good and the best interview basketball podcast
great pod!
enjoy the interviews and older playing days stories
Best basketball show
Great chemistry
Best Title Ever
I love this show. I think JJ is a special talent. That being said, the one thing that has always bothered me about guys like JJ and Draymond is the pedestal they put themselves on for being former players when they know good and well you don't have to be a rocket scientist to tell that someone's playing terrible when they shoot for 10 or when they don't show up. Stephen A Smith has always bothered me, but I have come to respect him so much over the years. At the hour and seven minute mark of the episode where Stephen A Smith responded to the question of the so-called "new media "I honestly became concerned that you might not release another episode. His take was so ruthless, so absolutely real, I almost donated money to the guy. I don't know how I would do that lol. Anyway, I hope JJ will take that into consideration going forward on the show. We get it. You were a player. You are better than 99.9% of us who ever attempted to play basketball. What you need to understand is that your audience isn't dumb. it's not like we've never been sore before. It's not like we've never had to fight through an injury even though it wasn't necessarily to go play on a basketball court. In fact, I would argue it's probably more difficult to deal with where in tear when you are an average Joe because you don't have access to the medical facilities that you guys have access to. I'm still going to listen to the show. I think it's a great show, but I now understand why Stephen A Smith is the king. Obnoxious as he may be.
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Ichablog Crane
Best podcast by any current or former athlete
If you are looking for a podcast that’ll make you think while still providing plenty of straight sports talk this is the one.
SoCal Hack
Probably the best…
Hot take, but I feel this is the best basketball podcast around. JJ not only knows the game from many angles but knows how to facilitate insightful conversation with all his guests. Keep it up, OM3.
Bill Russell
I appreciate JJ’s point of view, but encourage him, if he hasn’t already to read Bryant’s piece on Russell. As a black man raised In Oakland whose father attended McClymomdsHS with Bill. I get how powerful Bill Russell was to us. Not only an amazing athlete but a incredible leader and role model well beyond Michael Jordan for me and my family. Also a person who went to school in Boston in 1972 and lived and worked there until 1989, it is hard to describe what it meant to have Bill Russell as an example of how to hold your head up high in the middle of such turmoil. The context in which you work matters. The courage and dignity of people like Russell and others should be explored and understood by JJ. At times JJ has showed great insight into these perspectives. I applaud him for calling out Mad Dog on fans who suggest athletes should just shut up a dribble. I call on him not to diminish athletes from an earlier age, especially Bill Russell. In my mind he is the greatest!!
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The Logo vs the log
JJ should go learn how to be a plumber.
Mission: Impossible 2
Directed by action legend John Woo. It’s intentionally over the top and creative action sequences are signature and part of the fun.
maaaaan the Dray episode and the Perk episodes both cut off abruptly. not to mention certain parts of the audio repeat from 15-20 sec before. this is one of the best podcasts in sports. PLZ HIRE A BETTER AUDIO EDITOR
MOO$iE 🌍🌎🌏✌️
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