The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter
The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter
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What’s up with Jose’s picture?
I really like your podcast. I’m a Pelicans fan. ( and a Warriors fan) Enjoyed the show with Jose Alvarado but that is not his picture on the info about the show. Maybe that’s a baseball player with the same name?
Show was awesome until having to pay for it. Did jj not make enough as a player and is now having to charge everyday people to listen to a podcast. The insight of getting a former player talking to players and coaches is awesome for fans who really enjoy the NBA. Guess it’s about that bag though…….
Bones Hyland
Loved the Bizzy Bones interview!! MILE HIGH CITY BABYYY 💙💛
So good
Really good and the best interview basketball podcast
I like this podcast. So far there hasn’t been an episode with a player from my team which is pretty wild. There’s like 5 with Tyrese Halliburton.
great pod!
enjoy the interviews and older playing days stories
Best basketball show
Great chemistry
Bring back the draft!!
Please bring back the draft at end of episodes
Best Title Ever
I love this show. I think JJ is a special talent. That being said, the one thing that has always bothered me about guys like JJ and Draymond is the pedestal they put themselves on for being former players when they know good and well you don't have to be a rocket scientist to tell that someone's playing terrible when they shoot for 10 or when they don't show up. Stephen A Smith has always bothered me, but I have come to respect him so much over the years. At the hour and seven minute mark of the episode where Stephen A Smith responded to the question of the so-called "new media "I honestly became concerned that you might not release another episode. His take was so ruthless, so absolutely real, I almost donated money to the guy. I don't know how I would do that lol. Anyway, I hope JJ will take that into consideration going forward on the show. We get it. You were a player. You are better than 99.9% of us who ever attempted to play basketball. What you need to understand is that your audience isn't dumb. it's not like we've never been sore before. It's not like we've never had to fight through an injury even though it wasn't necessarily to go play on a basketball court. In fact, I would argue it's probably more difficult to deal with where in tear when you are an average Joe because you don't have access to the medical facilities that you guys have access to. I'm still going to listen to the show. I think it's a great show, but I now understand why Stephen A Smith is the king. Obnoxious as he may be.
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Ichablog Crane
Best podcast by any current or former athlete
If you are looking for a podcast that’ll make you think while still providing plenty of straight sports talk this is the one.
SoCal Hack
Probably the best…
Hot take, but I feel this is the best basketball podcast around. JJ not only knows the game from many angles but knows how to facilitate insightful conversation with all his guests. Keep it up, OM3.
Bill Russell
I appreciate JJ’s point of view, but encourage him, if he hasn’t already to read Bryant’s piece on Russell. As a black man raised In Oakland whose father attended McClymomdsHS with Bill. I get how powerful Bill Russell was to us. Not only an amazing athlete but a incredible leader and role model well beyond Michael Jordan for me and my family. Also a person who went to school in Boston in 1972 and lived and worked there until 1989, it is hard to describe what it meant to have Bill Russell as an example of how to hold your head up high in the middle of such turmoil. The context in which you work matters. The courage and dignity of people like Russell and others should be explored and understood by JJ. At times JJ has showed great insight into these perspectives. I applaud him for calling out Mad Dog on fans who suggest athletes should just shut up a dribble. I call on him not to diminish athletes from an earlier age, especially Bill Russell. In my mind he is the greatest!!
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The Logo vs the log
JJ should go learn how to be a plumber.
Mission: Impossible 2
Directed by action legend John Woo. It’s intentionally over the top and creative action sequences are signature and part of the fun.
maaaaan the Dray episode and the Perk episodes both cut off abruptly. not to mention certain parts of the audio repeat from 15-20 sec before. this is one of the best podcasts in sports. PLZ HIRE A BETTER AUDIO EDITOR
MOO$iE 🌍🌎🌏✌️
Great pod overall, and love the collab with Draymond/The Volume and all the guest you have in your show.
Great show.
Raj Fan
Previously better
I loved listening to JJ before Tommy was such a part of the show. Russillo has a good sidekick in Ceruti, Tommy is not one. He’s also developed this air of superiority that rubs me the wrong way.
Ask shorter and more varied questions Tommy!
For the love of all that is holy ask shorter questions tommy. You ask the same long questions every podcast.
No talent hack
JJ Is an blabbering boob with no respect for the true legends who came before him, and made it possible for him to make millions of dollars with only one NBA skill. Bob Cousy is a legend and one of the best to ever lace them up. Don’t waste your time with this pod cast!
I have been listening to this pod since day one and it is the best basketball podcast I have ever heard
Nice podcast
Great podcast I have the knowledge of trace of you want to interview someone about traveling.
Great podcast JJ. Legler was interesting. If you wanna know how good he is just ask him.
A great podcast
So much better than the fluff filled NBA podcasts that have been available, it is great to hear JJ Redick ask tough, realistic questions and give thoughtful answers.
5 stars
Hated JJ at Duke. Torching my school for his entire career will do that. But this show is entertaining, informative and gets all the great NBA guests. I kind of hate that I love it. Tommy is a perfect co host as well.
The Joker is needed
We want dub nation
This is an amazing podcast but the people want a warriors related person
n h nn nnn nnn hnnn
Micah Moseley
Pat Bev
Guys, unbelievable pod with Patrick. I am a Twolves season ticket holder and have watched supposed “impact” players come through this system. Patrick impacts everything and everyone. His comment about love him or hate him is spot on. Until he is on your team, it’s hate. Once he hits the floor for us I will love him for the remainder of his career. Also JJ, great pod with Big Cat and PMT.
Needs some modifications
Please get rid of Tommy. He doesn’t add anything to the show. Keep him behind the scenes.
The definitive NBA interview podcast
This is the only podcast you need for NBA interviews of some of the most important players of today and yesteryear.
Jj come back to Philly
This is probably the best sports podcast and it’s not close. It’s incredible how it serves as a platform to players to tell their own truth and feel comfortable with hosts that feel like real people instead of talking heads. Jj and Tommy are as authentic as the come and bring the best out of their guests. 5⭐️Would recommend. (Jj sign a 1 year deal and win a title in Philly❤️)
5 stars for improvement
This podcast has come a long way. Perfect example of unbiased and unfiltered honest conversations. Continues to recognize that disagreements can be discussed respectfully. JJ is relatable and does not discount other people’s (opposing) views. I guess TV is different. My favorite so far was the Marcus Smart (flopping) episode. I love Marcus. He epitomizes what a Boston player is. Always hungry. Cutthroat with a heart.
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Love to walk the dog.
I love to walk the dog listening to your newest episodes. such a great way to just get lost in the conversation
NRB 0827
The Best NBA Podcast Out There
I never been into podcast till I found this podcast. JJ Redick makes the podcast super interesting. My favorite one so far has to be the Desmond Bane one
One of the best basketball podcast
The Draymond episode is my favorite!!!
Smooth as his jumper
JJ’s show is an intriguing podcast where he talks shop with fellow athletes and respected people in other fields, and talks about the important stuff in the world. Their smooth combination of not just talking about sports but how it relates the greater world, is refreshing and interesting. Well done, and worth the listen.
Keep Evolving
I was listening to The Old Man and the Three regularly for quite some time. What was enjoyable about, and what kept me coming back, was that you two guys were bringing guests from a wide variety of spectrums, and that you concluded most episodes with a fun draft. I LOVE basketball, but now it appears that JJ and Tommy are only interviewing basketball players. Where are the other guests? Where’s the fun conclusion? I also want to encourage JJ to invite guests in with whom he may not agree in all areas, but is willing to explore topics that will push him, and us, to grow! Looking forward to seeing what JJ comes up with in the next year.
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Colorado Skies
My favorite podcast, period!
So therapeutic to listen to, I think JJ is officially a better podcaster than hooper! Stellar hoop career but man he’s just so good at interviewing people. Tommy is the ultimate wing man/co-host. He’s the X-factor! What an Exceptional dynamic between these two. My only knock is they don’t post episodes frequently enough, legit pisses me off! keep up the great work guys!
Nick Nurse
I really enjoyed listening to all of you and talking about what makes a coach. I coached against Nick in 2 different leagues and to hear his background and his passion to coach was great. Keep up the good work.
Coach Davison
More coaches please.
Nick nurse episode was great. Id love if you guys got down and talked the game with coaches, X’s and O’s, how they get into their position etc. I know coaches are busy but this was a good amount a time for
terrible sound from mics
i love love love the content but it always sounds so electronic as if it’s the sound of a zoom call. it’s so weird. i would’ve guessed with all their money they could afford a good mix system. there’s also so many ads i have to skip the first 6 minutes every time.
Great Podcast
JJ was a professional basketball player and has many connections throughout the basketball community and often invites fellow NBA players to join his podcast. My favorite part of the podcast is listening to NBA players talk about the game of basketball and experiences they have had. Being an NBA fan, it is rare to hear a player say what they truly feel sometimes because of the worry of being fined during NBA affiliated interviews. It is interesting listening to JJ’s and Tommy’s podcast because players are free to talk about what they want with no filter and have conversations you would not normally hear on TV such as game approach and even the covid protocol that they have to follow. One of my favorite episodes was when they had Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox on the podcast because it gave me a player's perspective of NBA life. One topic that came up was the “bubble” in Orlando that occurred during the summer. De’Aaron talks about how the experience gave him “AAU tournament vibes” which he had played in when he was younger and that he enjoyed seeing his peers more often. De’Aaron, JJ, and Tommy go on to talk about their college days, De'Aarons early success in the NBA, and the difference between JJ’s and De’Aarons recruitment process to college and the NBA. The podcast gives me a perspective of De’Aaron that no other outlet can do. I would highly recommend The Old Man and the Three to any basketball fan. It is super entertaining and gives a new outlook of an NBA player's life that has never been available until now. JJ and Tommy are exceptional hosts who ask great questions and really know how to have a laid back conversation with the guests.
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Too many sponsor name drops
I used to listen to every episode (and I’m a girl I’m not even a typical profile for a fan). Now I dread listening because you never know how many sponsors they’ll plug in the first 10 min. Of course the ads for Cash App at the beginning. And then reviews of the state of the NBA games contain Fan Duel ads. Super annoying, now I just fast forward
I like it a lot
I am liking this podcast very much. This is one of the few podcast where both of the hosts are awesome and interact so well.
PJ Tucker
The interview and him talking his energy
From a long time listener
This podcast has gone from great content to just force feeding ads into my ear. You get more ads than you do original content. Ads for golf, cash app, and everything in between.
The best old man at the tree episode
To me I think this is one of the best episodes because it’s gust 4 guys laughing and straight up just having fun. I mean what podcast talks Disney Land and talking about there life as kids and them going at each other every secant. just like my brother and me yes this is a kid. Ya my dad doesn’t want me to hear people cussing but it’s weird it’s not like I haven’t heard him cuss also I’m ten my brother is 15. But overall I think it’s a good podcast episode because they just talk about stuff but no NBA player would probably do a podcast.
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Terrific interview with Thybulle
Loved what Matisse said about the importance of draftees focusing on good fit with a team versus draft ranking. Matisse is not only a terrific basketball player but an all around nice guy and Renaissance man.
The New Era
*Jj showing up to his sons career day* “My name is JJ and believe it or not I. Am. A. Podcaster” Kids in class “Boooooooo”
Brock Stetzner
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