The Official Podcast
The Official Podcast
The Official Podcast
The Official Podcast is where four international man friends congregate to discuss just about everything. Featuring dumb questions, YouTube celebrities, childish giggling, burger puns, more dumb questions, fatherly advice, bad dating stories, even more dumb questions, and a slew of guest stars, The Official Podcast is a weekly show with a little something for everyone. Jackson, Andrew, Charlie, and Kaya gather to talk about only the most important things in life every Thursday at 8pm EST.
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Good podcast to listen
To listen to if you are a very cool very good yes have lots of sex because you listen to this podcast
bong water bobby
Bullet train
Hear me out episode 202 really roller coasters. Na bullet train and bend the ends and point them in the directions. Also these have been the best four years of my high school. Random question what would it feel like to have sexual intercourses in space
Cool Podcast
Mejestic 12
I love when Andrew says that at the start of every podcast. Reassures me that everything will be fine, I’ll be sad when Andrew dies.
Silent Beast Of Shadows
Almost the best
4 and 1/2 stars only because you have to pay for some of the episodes
the clone that lived
I hate when Andrew says it’s free, but the rest of the podcast is good. TLDR: Andrew’s annoying
This is the greatest podcast of All Time
Fantastic Podcast for long car rides with girlfriends
So I was driving down I-4, and I was with my lovely girlfriend, and I saw a sign for an innocent burger joint. It was called Boardwalk Burgers, just an innocent burger joint, some homeless people slapping some patties on the foreman’s. And so, with my quick wit, I turned to my girlfriend and said “Boardwalk burgers? More like bored burgers, because those burgers aren’t having any fun.”
This podcast cured my sickness 10/10
Favorite podcast
Recommended if you enjoy lunch club, misfits, supermega, sleepycabin, pain killer already, podcast but outside, or cold ones
Still awesome
I don’t get why people are being pissy about the ads. Show is still great and the boys make my week. 5/5 would recommend to anyone, even babies.
Its good
Yung Nugget3723
Kaya’s voice makes me wish I was being oppressed in Turkey.
Teksas Red
Love it
Love the podcast and you guys always crack me up! Keep it up rolling out these amazing episodes! ;)
Ejqr7 7
This is the greatest podcast of all time
joe lightbulb
Amazing show
The episode 199: the most controversial episode is my favorite episode because you just get to hate him mere and more as it goes on, he’s antisemetic, then homophobic, then he’s one of those people that call corona a scamdemic. Other than that, 6 star show, love the episodes without a guest, too many ad reads, and Andrew’s ad read at the beginning at the beginning of every episode has some pauses that are too long and I hate it
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bananana oo oo munkee
vry kol
is very cool 😎 I show to gurls at skool and they are guelfrend now very awesome super kool everyone like podcast and be friend 😳🔥💰💯👍😩🥺😏🅱️🤫👁👄👁✅😎
Crazy man
The day this guy is right I’m ending it all.
Best podcast
This is the best podcast to listen to in 2020
li dicky
Entertaining but...
I enjoyed the episodes I listened to but one episode scared me ao bad that I don't listen anymore.
It isn’t the same.
Very nice
This is the greatest podcast of All Time
This is the greatest podcast of All Time
I don’t like this
Sick of Andrews voice cutting in and screaming ads
Good podcast
These boys are some chads no cap
Sam the nice guy
Good podcast
This podcast good and funny
Good podcast
Nothing more just a good podcast
Very official
Love how official this podcast is
murphy croc
Ad fest
Boys what happend? Spending all the money on useless trading cards? The ads its unbearable.
Old podcast was better
I feel like you guys are pushing your pre-recorded as reads way too hard and just the amount of ads in general is extremely high compared to the old episodes. you guys never really have any good or funny guests people like two mad jacksepticeye and callmecarson were my favorite guests.
Reviewer 010101
Hate to say it
The podcast has become flooded with ad reads every 15 minutes, it would be better if they were all clumped together so we wouldn’t have to skip 2 minutes every 15 minutes
Good Podcast
I enjoy the more casual feel of this podcast, and how they act like real people who happen to be entertaining rather than putting on an act.
Kaya makes me wet. i am a man.
If you’re looking for a bad review you won’t find one here. Kaya is the funniest mf ive ever heard. I don’t know him but one time I hit him up on snap and he responded.. changed my life. God I love that man. But I must say that the podcast would be nowhere near as good if it were missing a single one of its wonderful hosts. Give this one a try, you won’t regret it.
Kaya has made me aware that pee is stored in the balls
Kaya = Based
Beep boop
Bru moment
Kaya is Based
Based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya based kaya
Kaya is dreamy
There’s this guy Kaya and he’s really swell. I think two other guys are on the show too but I have a plug-in that makes them sound like Kaya as well. Ask my slow friend Doug for the plug-in @whos_right_doug
2019 Guy
I’m pretty moist,I love the show keep it up boi’s
Kaya is the only reason I still listen
Used to like the show but, they lost what they had.
Burn Andrew please rot and burn
Burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn burn
pewds rewind 2018
Used to really like it
I used to really like this podcast but kaya just goes off on rants and spews political garbage way too much. it’s become insufferable to where the podcast is no longer enjoyable.
Love it
I have never really been into podcasts until i discovered the official podcast. I watch them all the time and eagerly wait for each new episodes to come out. I do a lot of landscaping and jogging and the official boys help me get through it all. Their podcast is truly the greatest.
The Official Podcast is easily the most titillating podcast in existence
Hot ZD
He’s so unintelligent and uninformed. Spouts random stuff and is way too high strung for his own good. He gets angry about things boomers get mad about I’ve never heard someone take so many logical loopholes. Honestly if he didn’t have these guys as his pal to calm him down he’d be an extremist of some kind.
What tv
Warning: bone alert!
Anime is modern art
gurden froomun
Average Human Male
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