The Official Manchester United Podcast
The Official Manchester United Podcast
Manchester United
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Great Stories
The hosts do a great job getting great stories out of the guests, and it’s always great to hear the funny stuff that goes on within the team.
R manutd
Amazing MUFC
World class insight into the people and stories that make up the greatest club in football, Manchester United.
GGMU A must listen for every Red
Love the current and past player interviews. Following the club from across the pond in the states you can never get too much content. GGMU MUFC
Great UTD interviews
Love these guys, so many great interviews in the back catalog to help with the daily commute.
Listening in Louisiana
I am red from the greater New Orleans area and I listen to every release. Ggmu
Great pod
Love listening! Great stories, excellent guests and hosts are awesome
Come on 2 hours! Get to the point!!!
I am a huge fan of Manchester United. Not only that I am also a stockholder. The problem with this podcast is it is ridiculously long. Anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours. People don’t have that amount of time, to listen to a podcast. Lots of chitchat back-and-forth, that can be eliminated. All in favor of the banter but get to the point and make it into a 30 minute podcast. I don’t need to hear about someones juicer or trips to Costco. Most people listen while driving so 30 minutes is perfect. I just don’t have the time to spend two hours listening to any subject even some thing I love as much as Manchester United
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Thank you
Fan from U.S. (Long Island, NY to be exact). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing the content you all do. Keep up the tremendous work! If I can request one guest for the podcast, Jonathon Spector or Tim Howard would be fantastic.
I’m happy to subscribe to Manutd podcast
I have been a Manutd fan long I can remember if my memory serve me right since 1999, there have been times it was difficult being a fan of Manutd but such things happens so to help a fan to redefine himself with a club. Manutd forever, stormy or cloudy day Red Devils I stand!. I look forward listen to you guys. I really hope Manutd can start mounting immense pressure on Mancity to curve along the way.. Glory glory Unitd 😍
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Samzy M.utd
New Man Utd fan here
New Man Utd fan here! This podcast has been such a helpful and fun way to learn all about the club. Thank you!
Shockingly good podcast from Man Utd
There’s great chemistry between the hosts, the guests are top class, and some of the stories shared are absolutely incredible. I was afraid when I first heard Man Utd were doing a podcast that it would be safe and agenda-driven but this is a genuine interview podcast. Strong recommendation for all Man Utd fans. (Thank you to the No Question About That podcast - another excellent Man Utd podcast - for recommending this one!)
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Great Stories and Some Valuable Life Lessons
I have been a Man U fan since the now defunct Fox Soccer Channel started broadcasting PL games in the USA. The podcast is a fascinating look at the lives and mindset of elite athletes along with behind the scenes stories of club life. Really first rate in all respects—great hosts and good balance of information and humor. Keep them coming Helen, Sam and Maysie.
kj mu
Hello all I hope your keeping good I’m a lifelong MAN UTD supporter from N.Ireland but have been living in Boston USA for the past 20 years My 12 year old son A’Jay is football mad and is obsessed with UTD and your PODCAST (I’ve him brain washed) We both listen to your podcast regularly mostly separately I love the fact that he came to me most recently and says hey dad Andy Cole I love how honest He is and tells it how it is and he was so impressed by how he is dealing with his illness He said that he would like to be like him HONEST AND MENTALLY TOUGH AND A FOOTBALLER OF COURSE if possible could you please give him a shut out on an upcoming podcast it would absolutely make his day Keep up the great work we love hearing all the stories form ALL the legends who have graced Old Trafford Yours thankfully Séan
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Can’t get enough of these podcasts. They are excellent and give the supporters a chance to get to the know players. Hosts are great. Keep them coming
jack in PA
Very good
Greetings from an Irish guy living in the Cayman Islands. I listen to your podcast either driving or in our garden at the weekends. I have been listening to various podcasts over the past year and look forward to the new United one each week. I first started supporting United in the late early 80’s with the 83 FA cup final still being very memorable for me. I enjoy all of the podcasts to date with the Bryan Robson, Gary Pallister and Lee Sharpe being my favorites. Would love to see Ron Atkinson, Frank Stapleton, Bryan Mclair or Gordon Stracken being interviewed. Keep up the great work. Regards Cork Cayman
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Best United content
Love this podcast from hearing from some of the players on the team when I first started supporting the team to learning about players that I didn’t know love it
Brilliant Podcast... New Fave and It’s Not Close
So obviously this is an absolute dream for Manchester United fans, so the premise alone is 5 star. But then add to it the excellent chemistry amongst the interviewers and insane like ability of David Mays- u now have the best Podcast since the First Season of Serial
Football informative for my favorite team.
Noice! Subscribe
Simply Excellent
Not only are they exceptional footballers that graced this club, but truly exceptional people with incredible stories. Love every minute.
Mr Bowen
Superb podcast
This podcast is informative, funny, and simply the best. #GGMU
Best thing to listen to, keep United in my day to day!!
The Juan Mata and Schmeichel interview were the best!!!! Get Keane
Great listen
Perfect for these challenging times when there are no matches. Keep up the good work!
Great Show from US supporter
Having followed the team since the early 90’s in the states, it’s great to hear the interviews with legends like Robson and players I never got to watch. Keep it up!
Great Show
Great shows, love the insights and stories. Be great hear a long chat with Sparky Hughes and some of the 70’s and 80’s players. Keep it up.
Jesper Olsens Foot
Awesome listen
Great podcast, awesome to hear the players point of view. Keep it coming!
Great interviews and great guests.
Amazing pod for United fans
Amazing pod, helps fans be educated on periods they may not totally be familiar with. Keep up the great work!
Absolutely love the pod.
There have been some excellent interviews so far and I’m looking forward to this podcast every week to learn more about the club’s history and stories of perseverance. It’s been great hearing it from the players themselves.
SD ManUtd fan
United Podcast is awesome
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for wonderful interviews. The Lou Macari pod was a tear jerker. Bryan Robson stories were so funny. Please do more and more. Maybe even Bobby Charlton!
Very interesting
I loved the stories at the cliff Please can you bring more exposure to the man utd women football too The are doing really well and I think there is not a lot of coverage for them Looking forward to the next episode Thank you
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