The Nursing Crash Cart
The Nursing Crash Cart
Cameron Hansen, RN
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Lose the music
I love this podcast, but I can’t stand the music playing in the background while your talking. It literally makes me nauseas. It’s hard to focus on the verbiage of the podcast, I find the music too distracting. Please lose the background music, other wise a great and educational podcast !
Puts the ED life into perspective
Love this podcast. I am a newer nurse working the floor and it helps me understand further what life is like for our ED nurses and further appreciate them. It’s also a great resource to turn to if ED nursing is something you’re interested in as I would love to make my way down there in the future.
My fave podcast
This is a great podcast. Please keep it up. I listen to it all time and it is helping me so so much.
The best!
My favorite podcast! Excellent information and the perfect length for my commute to work. My only complaint: I need more!! Would love to see more chief complaint episodes!
Awesome companion
I'm a nursing student and it's been great to listen to Cameron discuss nursing logistics
Hey Cameron Just wanna give a shout out to let you, as well as anyone who reads reviews...that this podcast is purrfect! for nursing students interested in ER nursing!! I am doing my senior practicum in the ED (can't wait) I worked as an ER tech for 10 years, so I have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting into, but this podcast has been extremely helpful as I gear up to do my bestest😉
Im really enjoying listening to your podcast! It is so imformative, as a student nurse I am learning so much! Please continue the great work! Thank you, Amanda 😷
Awesome & informative
Cameron, you are like my own personal preceptor who actually has the time to explain everything. Like it even more now that the music is not in the background the whole time, which sometimes made it hard to understand. Not sure how you'll have the time with NP school, but I hope you can keep em coming!!!
Yay!!! It's back!!!!!!
Hey Cameron! Thank you so much for putting out new episodes. LOVE the sedation episode, and how you present information. This is by far my favorite podcast. Congratulations on your NP program!
The little lebowski 2007
I just discovered this podcast and I love it! I've been a ED nurse for 2 years now and this is a great refresher, plus I am learning a lot of new things as well. Cameron motivates me to be an even better ED nurse. I will definitely recommend this podcast to my co-workers.
More please!
First off, I want to say that I rarely write reviews. But I love this podcast and felt the need to write one. This was what I was looking for as a new nurse. Cameron does a great job explaining things and using mnemonics. I also like that he goes over some pathophysiology. Please add more podcasts! Thank you!
Needs Improvement
Rehearsal, better organization, and getting to the point would enhance the delivery. After the first 3 episodes, I was not engaged enough to continue listening.
Sleepy in Soquel
Awesome resourse
Great work Cameron! You provide a great resource for the adrenaline driven environment. Cool music too! Rock on fellow nursing podcaster!
The Smart RN
Great Resource
Cameron allows the new ED nurse a focused look at central topics relevant to the ED nurse. Great refresher for experienced ED nurses as well.
Absolutely love the podcast. I just finished my pre-nursing associates and have applications submitted to universities in my area... I want to work in an ED one day, and this was exactly the podcast I've been looking for. A perfect mix of motivation and clinical information that is accessible without being overly esoteric, this is definitely a podcast I hope will continue! I loved the first installment of chief complaints (especially liked the pneumonics... I've got PET MAC down!), and I'm excited as I just saw the new one on DKA pop up. Keep up the fantastic work Cameron!
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