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Every weekday, NPR's best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington and the campaign trail. They don't just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters. Every afternoon.
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The NPR Biden 2020 podcast
It’s a shame that our tax dollars fund this socialist, pro Democrat pod cast, climate change is such a lie. Please don’t take the Lords name in vain by saying “O my God”.
Peter Waldo
Like, like, like. Not like
Like like kinda sorta. Is there even the smallest chance of a simple declarative sentence from you clowns? When did NPR start hiring from Barnum and Bailey?
Dont "like"
Kill the intros
Journalism with the bones and guts removed then sanitized, homogenized and spoon-fed. Is this a parody of the Fifties? Be careful! Don’t say anything interesting!
Too much giggling. I didn’t hear much talk about politics but what came in loud & clear was the silly giggling!
pea jay
Great source of daily news
Love the show, I look forward to it every day. I would appreciate if Scott Detrow could mention either “AM” or “PM” when he states the time the podcast was recorded. This is especially important during convention and debate season when the show is uploaded after midnight.
Please return to unbiased coverage and analysis
I’m a left of center independent who voted 3rd party in 2016 and will vote for Biden this fall. I very much dislike Trump and disagree with most of what he does. But holy hell, this podcast never lets up on the man. Of course he’s trying to be optimistic about the timeline for a vaccine! Anybody in his position would be doing the same! He’s simply acting as any incumbent would, but you know that they would be far less critical if it were Obama saying these things when he was up for re-election. For a public news outlet, this podcast is so incredibly biased. Certain reporters are far worse than others. The program used to be pretty fair, I thought, to the point that I wouldn’t be able guess most of the hosts’ personal political stances. That has definitely changed over the last 8 months. It’s a trend I’ve seen over all of the NPR podcasts.
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Less Politics Than Propaganda
I’ve never leaned right as I’m a staunch pro-choice, legalize drugs, atheist... until I’d heard the white shame crew gushing over their candidates.
Wonderful news great analysis
Always reliable for an accurate and fair bit of analysis about today’s complex political news. Keep up the good work NPR Politics. Long time listener and hope to continue for years to come.
VIP Baller
This is obviously a top notch, very solid news podcast. Not a lot of frills, pretty straightforward facts. The last few reviews seem to all be from the same disgruntled Trump supporter, sorry dude the reality bias is really against ya here
Drew Margaret
Maybe it’s not the pod that’s changed...
Great podcast!! Very informative in a succinct way. To all those one star “left leaning” complaints - did you ever consider you have become the ones who are biased and can’t stand to hear criticism of a “WONDERFUL” President, even when the information is analytically and statistically real? Call your dad, your in a cult!
nelson mandela 1
Thank you for your unbiased, thoroughly researched facts in a time when they are often so hard to come by. Your work is needed and appreciated.
kong enthusiast
Favorite Podcast!
I love this podcast! Keeps me up to date without feeling overwhelmed with information. Very good at giving both sides with background on the issues they’re talking about. I love everyone that’s on this podcast!
Total trash
The whining here is pretty funny
Had a good time scrolling through the flood of people complaining that these guys are biased. Yeah, sorry that Trump is actually a horrible President, truthful reporting just makes a bad guy sound bad. These guys can’t stand that their guy is for real a hate-stirring criminal so they come here to complain of ‘bias.’ Hey, maybe if he weren’t actually terrible, we wouldn’t have terrible things to say.
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Facile Analysis
Really disappointing. I expect NPR to do more than scratch the surface. On the vaccine, no mention that experts believe we’re rushing a vaccine to market just like President Ford did with the Swine Flu vaccine. Only after it was distributed, more than 300 people cane down with the devastating Guillain-Barré syndrome (See NY Times op ed of last week). No mention experts are saying we are rushing to make the wrong vaccine: one that fights COVID-19 directly by giving the immune system ‘memory’ of the disease (of questionable benefit when they think it confers at best 3 months immunity) when we should be making a vaccine that fights transmission and thus provides lengthy immunity as with the vaccine for measles. Come on NPR, you can do better.
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HP Regular
Right amount of info.
I understand what they are talking about and I don’t feel overwhelmed with info. I find it calming and educational.
What the Actual F**k
Biased. Lies. Insulting the WONDERFUL president. Congratulations. You just lost a listener
Literally propaganda
Biased, dishonest, hacks regurgitating propaganda talking points from the hateful extremist left wing and Democrat party. I get these guys are making entertainment for their base (in public radio voice), but don’t pretend this is news or objective in any way shape or form.
Anonymous Apple ID
Use independent sources please
You’re a tolerable left-leaning source, which would be fine if my tax dollars weren’t funding you. Please do better. Listen to independent commentators and journalists on both sides. It’s not my job to fact check you and I consistently find you to be days behind on your information. It’s either because your not doing your due diligence, or you’re happy to ignore new information that doesn’t fit your preconceived notions. Candidly, I want you to be a better left of center resource to complement my center right resources
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Facile, narrow-minded, and dull
Pure group-think. Replete with “well, it seems to me...” observations pulled from thin air, based on an incredibly myopic worldview. This drivel is toxic to your brain. To anyone from the left reading this: please pursue other media that actually engages a diversity of perspectives, and you will be richer for it.
Not a news podcast
I’ve listened since day 1 and always found the hosts enthusiasm and banter entertaining. As time has gone on, this show has significantly increased its bias in what they choose to report and what they choose not to report. All discussions and interpretations of the news are skewed to their target audience of young urban voters. They frequently replace facts with virtue signaling and have recently replaced their show titles with what equate to editorial headlines. Just today on 9/2/2020 they noted that while murders are up 16% over last year in cities violent crime is generally down so any concern being shown by people is based more are perception than reality and that “things are pretty okay.” Id love to hear them explain that to the disenfranchised people with children living in those communities. Please do not subscribe thinking you are getting an unbiased daily review of the news. This show is only good to support your confirmation bias.
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Very one sided. I’ve been listening since 2017 and it used to be much better at reporting both sides of political issues. At some point that took a left turn. Will probably unsubscribe if this continues for much longer.
Stop the bias!
As much as I cannot stand this president, the news is horribly biased. On the 9/1 episode you passively dismiss what is happening in these cities implying it his Trumps fault. The local level has refused to curb the violence in a type of appeasement of the radicals. They have actively refused to do their job to protect the citizens while refusing federal assistance. Yet you agree with the Democratic argument it is Trumps fault. Can you be more misleading and biased? This biased news is a disgrace.
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They don’t report the news as it happened they lie and twist the narrative to whatever they want it to be. Don’t believe what they say.
Fun, sweet, and to the point.
It’s nice to hear a diverse cast of seasoned journalists break down politics succinctly every morning.
Mark 2000
Expat keeps in touch
Thanks guys, gals. Thanks for making it easy to keep in touch.
Feels like you’re sitting at the table with them!
My FAV political podcast! Not too long, not too short & so insightful! Love the Friday round ups!!! Literally my fav podcast! Wish I could submit an intro but my dog always barks when I’m recording 😢
Great job guys!
I really enjoy listening to you all! Thank you Ali Schuback
Ali Schu
So far left
Can’t ever give any credit to Republicans and the left is always right. Extremely bias podcast!
tho 1234566666
It’s good! But a few issues.
Alright! So, I love this pod. Really good to just listen to When you just want to hear people talk in the background. I just started actually listening and I Fell like it’s just journalists telling me basic stuff! But it’s pretty good, I love how it’s not bias and all these conservatives with 1 star reviews For “false news” Disgusts me. You’re podcast is great! Don’t let the hate get to you. Bye now! :)
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Cucumber. 🥒
SO biased
They are extremely critical of Republicans and very eager to praise Democrats - they're not even trying to hide their bias. I'm not a Republican or conservative (I'm libertarian), and I'd prefer Biden to win the election, but I want unbiased news, and this is not a good source for that. If they were more critical of Democrats, then I'd say it would be a good news source.
Lose real people intros
Gotta lose those timestamps from listeners. There’s often super annoying sounds of the things they are doing in the background that sound terrible in headphones. I hate everything about those openings. Undermines the whole show for me. I’m not tuning in to hear reg folksy folks awkwardly talk about their day. Please please stop
Reliable, Relatable, Fun
I started listening to this podcast as an undergrad poly-sci/Econ double major, now I listen to it as a master of divinity student. It’s still relevant, still fun, still starts my day off right as I drive to school or work. Not to mention by now I feel like I know the hosts well enough to understand their points of view and take things with grains of salt where needed.
Tamara we get it, you don’t like the virtual Convention
I listen to this podcast everyday. Tamara, especially, doesn’t like the virtual Convention. She starts every conversation about how bad it is virtually. Don’t you think that the Democrats or Republicans would like to have it live, yes. But the Pandemic is still being transmitted at a high level, so it can’t be live. Stop complaining about it!
“Ya-know” Must be deleted from reporting everywhere
mrs mc gonagall's sister
Tamara Keith be happier
I really get tired of Tamara Keith’s Debbie downess , constant criticism without any logical constructive insight , just wanting a get a sentence in that is just left hanging there. “They also had people talking to their smart phones that voted for trump but are now voting for Biden and it was like... not super subtle” Umm yeah , that’s the point. But what the heck is your point ? “Let’s talk quickly about the format. Because it was... different? “ Again , yeah that’s the point. What is yours Tamara? We are in a pandemic , the conventions are all virtual , things are different. Thank you for pointing out the glaring obvious gorilla in the room , a plus journalism. Love this podcast , but she annoys the heck out of me at least once an episode.
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Good political summary (from a Left point of view)
I like listening to this podcast to see what the left is talking about. I just wished that a “National” “Public” Radio political podcast would also reflect the right opinion and views. You can’t find a commentator that would present this views on your newsroom? That tells you how undiverse in ideas you are and that you are not reflecting the Nation or Public. Hope you guys consider this point.
Big fan
These guys are the best. Truly. Their podcasts are timely and relevant, engaging and helpful. And sometimes they’re just down right funny. Ayesha is my favorite! Her take on the news from the White House is always spot on. The chemistry and personal connection between panel members makes the whole show a good time. Thank you!
Unemployed App Designer
Remember when Kamala called Biden racist?
The dems are running a guy with dementia for the most powerful office in the world. A reporter asked, “Hey Joe, what is your first name?” Biden called the reporter a lying pony face dog soldier.
Freddie bag of donuts
😂 kamala harris is anything but a pragmatist
A not-serious attempt at political reporting
As a person that understands there is more to an issue than the Democrat and Liberal perspective, I am constantly disappointed by this sophomoric political podcast. It used to be a decent podcast, now it’s not worth my time.
Too Biased reporting
I don’t know how long I can continue listening to NPR Politics. I’ve been listening since the start, but even as a Democrat I want to hear unbiased reporting of politics. I get it - you don’t like Republicans, but please try and keep your personal leanings out of your reporting!
Politics, but make it relatable.
Condensing the day’s politics summary into a digestible 15min podcast is what I came for. The diversity of people, opinions, and content is why I stayed. Ayesha Rascoe’s “Can’t let it go” segment on WAP is why I stan 👏👏👏
Love it!
I love listening to the NPR Politics Podcast every day, it has become part of my routine! Keep up the good work!!!
Scramble For iPad!!!
“You Know”
I know this is picky, but the hosts say “you know” every few words. The reporting sounds juvenile with this phrase. Otherwise, it’s a left-leaning podcast, but it’s an informative podcast about each day’s political events. I can’t discern if it’s a serious news-oriented podcast, or a casual, friendly conversation. Overall, I listen to it daily, and will continue to do so until the election.
martins shopper
Thanks for such a great pod
You’re all so precious. I love the chemistry between every reporter in this pod.
Good pod
Entertaining and Informative
Hey, everybody!
Could you explain to me what an “unbiased” news source is? Is this a biased news source because it doesn’t agree with everything president trump says? Is an unbiased one something that agrees with everything Trump says? Or as you just running out of ideas to shoot down a podcast that doesn’t like Trump’s actions as president? Something to think about, you biased Trump supporters.
Please don’t fall into the trap of other media outlets. Kamala Harris is a woman. Move on. Kamala Harris has no biological children. Move on. Would you be having this much discussion if the VP pick was a male? Do you have this discussion about Mike Pence?
Fair and enjoyable
Good pod. Sorry Trump supporters, when your guy lies this much, gets impeached and refuses to even do his job with the pandemic, you only get ‘fair’ coverage, not ‘balanced’.
ai no names left
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