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The NPBusiness Show with Barbara C Phillips, NP
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SCP22: Technology for Clinicians with Brittney Wilson, The Nerdy Nurse
34 minutes Posted Dec 8, 2014 at 12:00 am.
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Show notes
On this Episode of SAGEClinician:
  1. Get ready for my guest Brittney Wilson, who has transformed “challenges” at work into real life resources to help other nurses.
  2. Find out how she has combined her clinical expertise with her love for technology to help countless nurses and their patients.
  3. Let her introduce you to a new social media platform designed with you, the healthcare provider, in mind.

Brittney  is known as the “Nerdy Nurse” and was able to acquire the rights to exclusively use that name by obtaining the trademark. Trademarks are important. They protect a business by preventing others from using the same name, avoiding potential confusion in the minds of consumers.

It all began for Brittney, when she started blogging about her experiences at work and some of the struggles she had with nursing. Blogging helped her deal with negative experiences, all while helping other nurses by sharing information and resources with them.  You will find resources on her blog, providing information on lateral violence, harassment in the workplace and various legal topics related to it.


Brittany’s clinical background includes nursing in med-surg and until just recently as an informatics nurse.  Working in informatics allowed her to combine her clinical knowledge with her love for technology, supporting direct care nurses and other providers taking care of their patients.

Brittney is convinced that nurses and providers alike, when properly trained and well versed in using EMRs and other tools, will be able to achieve better outcomes by eliminating documentation errors, all while avoiding duplication of effort.

Next Wave Connect

Today, Brittney works as an online community manager for a social collaboration platform for healthcare, called “Next Wave Connect”. As a community manager Brittany writes articles, shares content and engages members to actively participate in the community.

The goal of “Next Wave Connect” is to provide a space for all types of healthcare providers to come together and collectively work on solving problems.

When it comes to social media, proper sharing of information is of particular importance for healthcare providers. To stay in compliance and to protect the rights of the individual no PHI data should ever be shared on any social network, ever!

Members of “Next Wave Connect” collaborate on various issues including ICD 10, Ebola, Clinical Integration, ACOs, Patient Engagement Strategies, just to name a few.  Members also have the ability to form private groups for discussion.

Brittney invites you to become part of Next Wave Connect!

Simply go to, create an account, connect to communities and follow the topics that are of interest to you. Alternatively, you can also start a new discussion.

Brittney the Author

But there is more to Brittney!

Through her book, The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology, Brittany encourages nurses to confidently embrace technology. The book covers a wide range of topics ranging from Google tools, EMRs, to smart phones, tablets, data security and much, much more.

Social Media

Just before concluding the interview, here are 3 words of wisdom from Brittney with respect to social media.

  1. If you’re an employee, don’t identify your employer. No matter what you say and how you say it, you will automatically be seen as an ambassador for your employer!
  2. Remember, social media is NOT the hospital water cooler… anything put on social media is there to stay! Her number one rule: “If you can’t say it in front of your mother, just don’t say it”.
  3. Use social media as a tool for good! Avoid complaining, be positive!
WHO is Brittney Wilson?

Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN, also known as The Nerdy Nurse, is a Clinical Informatics Nurse practicing in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

In her day job she gets to do what she loves every day: Combine technology and healthcare to improve patient outcomes. She can best be described as a patient, nurse and technology advocate, and has a passion for using technology to innovate, improve and simplify lives, especially in healthcare.

Brittney is the author of The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology. She is a social media influencer and blogs about nursing, technology, healthcare, parenting and various lifestyle topics at and various social media outlets as listed below.

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