The NonProphet Podcast
The NonProphet Podcast
Michael Blevins, Kegan Dillon, Mark Twight
The intersection of Effort, Art and Philosophy, a.k.a. The Worst Fitness Podcast in the World, formerly known as The Dissect Podcast. Hosts Michael Blevins, Kegan Dillon and Mark Twight explore the overlapping worlds of effort, action, art, digital and analog in conversations riddled with innuendo, inside jokes, and occasional insight. If you know, you know. Published weekly, usually.
# 145 — Keep The Buyers Alive
Michael and Mark open this conversation discussing a fraudulent business and hypothesize how NonProphet might relax ideals and standards and ethics in order to achieve success using the same tactics. But lies and inauthenticity are not in their nature so marketing bullshit isn't on the menu. Part of any analysis of one's business includes understanding the value the company or association provides, is it simply a product, or does it include ideas, lessons, and examples that allow clients to improve their own circumstances, to grow, and to fulfill their own potential — and if the business was based on that, how would you profit enough to keep said business alive? Of course, the discussion devolves into marketing heresy tinged with acid commentary on political leadership that culminates with, "The point of wearing a mask is to keep the buyers alive", because if current society is anything, it's a marketplace, with a store on every smart phone and buyers kept unfulfilled and wanting and convinced that obedience and consumption are the keys to success, therefore happiness. Mark's solution is to do the opposite, using a neutron bomb to kill the buyers while leaving the infrastructure, wiping the slate clean to restart — apparently, he still sees no future. Further along, the discussion shifts to The Space Program, and its value, and how the beta testers are using it and contributing to the evolution, which was (and is) the point. This, being a lengthy talk about fitness, is an unusual departure for the "worst fitness podcast in the world". Finally, they talk about new COVID restrictions, the potential consequences thereof, and a recent article in the Journal section of the NonProphet website, titled "CLEAN", which explores new lockdowns in Utah and the ideas and "rules" in place to keep The Space (real not virtual) safe and useful, and contributing to individual immunity and resistance to, not only the virus, but also the tendency to obey regulations designed to for the lowest common denominator, which a self-aware, thinking and also considerate person, is not.
Nov 24
1 hr 31 min
# 144 — Carnivore
Michael and Kegan sit down with co-author of the Essential Carnivore Cookbook and the glue that holds everyone together, Erin Blevins, as well as 2020 guest of the year Josh Goldstein. They discuss their experiences with the carnivore diet, how to use diet and nutrition strategies to figure out what practice allows you to feel the best, not just lose weight or perform better, etc. The crew also touches on such hot topics such as the election, COVID-19, immunity, and the current, unavoidable social climate.
Nov 18
1 hr 2 min
# 143 — Votus Interruptus
We really wanted to have a post-election episode, once everything had been decided, but it seems very few things have been decided and we are in for a long autumn of recounts and legal challenges and Votus Interruptus. Of course, Michael, Kegan and I spoke of that but also of the newly-imposed COVID-19 measures here in Utah, how we feel about the virus (physical and social) nine months into the outbreak, and how we intend to address these new restrictions as a business — because we sure as hell won't be shutting down. Nor will we allow our space to become an incubator or our gatherings to become super-spreader events. I believe in our ability to rationally and individually handle this situation way more than I believe in the policymakers to consider varied application of restrictions to differing social circumstances and strata.
Nov 11
1 hr 41 min
# 142 — Pre-Election
Michael, Kegan and Josh Goldstein — a Californian "riding out the election" in Utah — talk about the election as it is happening, the notion that few are voting For while many are voting Against, discuss cancel culture (again), the leading cause of death, the difference between violence and destruction, how terrible life must have been in the mid-1700s for the True Sons of Liberty and the Loyal 9, (among others), to foment, plan and execute actual rebellion against the most powerful nation and military in the world at the time ... basically, what we have to complain about now doesn't rise to the level of that time, and besides, we are all too soft and weak to change anything at all. And in the end — spoiler alert —the election predictions made during this podcast may be wrong, just like weather forecasts. About one hour into the conversation the discussion turns towards the current education model for children, something the shortsighted, ruled-by-fear crowd has not adequately forecast, and the consequences will be dire — after those assholes are dead. Regardless of the rabbit holes and diversions, the lesson of the episode is clear,  consistency is king, whether talking about McDonald's, Starbucks or politics, candidate homogeneity is probably more important than actual platform, much less the ability to actually execute it.
Nov 4
2 hr 23 min
# 141 — Darryl Bolke
Darryl Bolke retired after 19.5 years as a full time officer from a Southern California police department where he also worked as the Firearms Instructor and Armorer for the Special Weapons and Tactics Team for 17 years. He participated in the investigation of over 75 officer involved shootings, assisting with the firearms portion of these investigations, and provided expert testimony in regards to firearms usage and police tactics in numerous court cases.  Bolke also developed and implemented a nationally recognized edged weapons policy and training program for law enforcement. He has trained with the best of the best, literally, and offers insight that can only come from years of training, and more importantly, years of real world experience combined with a rabid curiosity and appreciation of history. This conversation ranges from the development of the MARS Armament THUG pistol to the differences between sport shooting and use of force shooting, the importance of training and education, the good and the bad aspects of modern policing, and the not-so-obvious value of an 8-shot, .22 caliber revolver.
Oct 28
2 hr 48 min
# 140 — Looter
This episode (recorded 9/1/20) starts in the gutter but quickly develops into a conversation about real estate and exodus-related price increases in states like Utah, Idaho and Colorado, where remote workers flock after realizing they don't need to tolerate the bullshit imposed by city, county and state governments in places like California or New York. Bullshit like increasing state taxes to the point that the most productive people — those most able to pay higher taxes — leave the state. And to impose those increases retroactively ... who in their right mind would participate in this Ponzi scheme? But since that topic was too serious and depressing we revisited the Ginocyde pizza shop idea, came up with the motto, "One slice at a time," because nothing goes better with pizza than self-determination, and realized that we are one cardboard box and logo away from opening at our new location, "Down the tracks, not across them." Enjoy!
Oct 21
1 hr 12 min
# 139 — Reduced
Michael and Kegan discuss the downside of specialization and reductionism with regards to nutrition, and fitness, and pass by way of a critique of the for-profit medical establishment. Of course, #fitnessisfucked comes up — after all, this is The Worst Fitness Podcast In The World.
Oct 14
1 hr 24 min
# 138 — Casey Parlett
Casey Parlett was in town to coach at a CF Level 2 seminar and decided it was a good idea to sit down with Michael, Kegan, and forever guest George Briones to discuss training, nutrition, a bit about his background in Muay Thai, and his views on the lack of society's ability to be self-aware and the impact that is having.
Oct 7
1 hr 37 min
# 137 — The Space Program
The first hour wasn't useful so we deleted it. Then we settled in to discuss an idea tied to The Space, which was what we call our gym. The Space Program is a virtual gym, where the more creative coaches in our circle may post and discuss training concepts they are working with, examples of the physical expressions of those concepts, i.e. workouts or training sessions, and where participants can interact about their own experiences with the sessions. We will offer (paid) access to the beta version on October 9th, 2020 during a 24 hour-long buying window. The beta test will last for three months and inform the "alpha" program that should go live early next year — unless it's a bad idea, in which case we would drown it in its own sweat.
Oct 4
43 min
# 136 — 300 Training Actual
Let's talk about fitness! Or something. Fifteen years ago Mark designed and implemented the training, diet and recovery practices for the actors and stunt team making a movie titled "300". Some say this work changed how male action stars looked on the big screen, and whether that is accurate or not, the bodies shaped by this program caused a lot of speculation and imitation and tempted a number of frauds to claim they were there, did the work, knew the "secrets" and should be paid for having done so. This was fairly easy because the guy who did the work (and his assistant) never shouted from rooftops, or tried to recycle and resell the work. They understood that what allowed those remarkable changes to occur was specific to the particular context and involved many more elements than just the exercises. After "300" Mark trained actors and stunt crew for eight more Hollywood movies. Michael worked as his assistant or independently on four of those films. Recently, the brand, the company, once co-owned by Mark, offered a training program that follows "the exact regimen we used for our biggest movie clients", which is a fun marketing twist based on the premise that a brand or corporation is interchangeable with an individual. In response, Mark released the actual "300" training record fifteen years after the fact. The brand couldn't do that because no one currently employed there was present for that film or any other movie project where Mark (and Michael) were responsible for the outcome, held to a standard and a deadline, with real money riding on the results. If you want to read more about the motivation for this incendiary action you may find an essay here:
Sep 30
2 hr 10 min
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