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The Nik Rose Podcast
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You Find What You Look For
Just had a lot on my mind and utilize this place to keep them for myself and if anyone comes about listening. Hope anything I said brought some enlightenment or at least but most importantly, made you realize you’re not alone, along with the ways I’ve found/learned from others to get yourself to a better […]
Feb 10, 2021
40 min
First ep of 2021
New episodes coming out – if you listen to this, lmk! IG: _nikrose_
Jan 23, 2021
46 min
Catching up with Jerome – June 17, 2020
Nice Wednesday night with my buddy Jerome just catching up since we’ve last seen each other and get into many different topics.   Enjoy!
Jun 17, 2020
59 min
Here’s What’s On My Mind 4/12/20
Happy Easter everyone – we’ll get through this together!
Apr 12, 2020
31 min
Ep. 14 What You Don’t Know About Jerome Taylor
Dolan and I had our good buddy Jerome Taylor on the podcast tonight.  We wanted Jerome to talk to us about how he grew up and his life as it continues to transition through new environments and new opportunities.  He just graduated last month and I can guarantee he will be a major influence in […]
Jan 7, 2020
58 min
Ep. 13 Tom Dolan is now my co-host
Tom Dolan and I are now running this podcast together. Bringing people on that we know, to hear where they came from, what they’re into and their perspective on things.  We plan to do this more frequently than ever before and hope that we don’t build an audience, but that we create mini audiences around […]
Dec 15, 2019
1 hr 5 min
Ep. 12 The Man in the Arena
Thanks for listening – I know I’ve had some time away from posting.  This episode revolves around a quote by Theodore Roosevelt called “The Man in the Arena” and I suggest you look it up.   Take a little time and give this a listen.  If you have any ideas/topics/questions you’d like me to talk […]
Jun 2, 2019
27 min
Ep. 11 Power of Perspective with Will Denney
This episode is all about how to change your perspective on life.  You learn this through hearing stories about things I have gone through and also what Will has gone through with changing his perspective on the passing of his father. Thanks for listening, Nik
Sep 25, 2018
58 min
Ep. 10 How To: Preparing For Career Fairs and Internships with Drew Schwitters and Pat Camilli
If you’re like us, at one point you were completely clueless and very nervous for career fairs and starting at an internship, but we have your back. From uncertainty on your future to what to expect at a job fair and what mentality to have going into life after college… we’ve hit on all of […]
Sep 19, 2018
56 min
Ep. 9 “Group Chat” With My College Roommates
First episode of 2018.  Joined by 7 of my roommates to talk about the best and worst bars at State College, what to do and not do at the bar trying to talk to a girl and insane festival stories retold by my friend to help us understand what the hell happens at festivals. We […]
Aug 31, 2018
1 hr 3 min