The New Normal
The New Normal
Sal Baldovinos, Quinton Alderman
031 // Makeover Marriage with Vince & Krystina Shirey
1 hour 22 minutes Posted Aug 19, 2021 at 3:03 pm.
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Show notes
In this episode Vince & Krystina share a sneak peek of their upcoming free Makeover Marriage Webinar.We dig into finding the roots of marriage problems and how working on yourself first can make a huge impact on your marriage's success.Vince shares his marriage vision and how he's held accountable for treating his wife like God's daughter.Krystina also passionately shares her vulnerability and reveals how your relationship is a mirror for your trauma.New Normal listeners will receive a HUGE discount when they use the promo code Vince provides! Sign up for their course THAT NIGHT to receive the discount.Makeover Marriage FREE webinar, August 26, 2021