The nascar series
The nascar series
It’s all about nascar. A daily 15 minute show,.giving you the best service of nascar news and info.daily usually at 7:30 pm or earlier. keep listening to learn more nascar news and info. I highly highly recommend it if you 💕 nascar. Follow me aswell if you love this podcast after listening. Type this link to go into my website. Please go to and click send message to request an interview on a podcast episode I will gladly say yes. Also,this is the OFFICIAL home for N R R R A Race broadcasts.
546: Rest of race/ Dirt 150/ N R R R A Dirt Series
Listen into the exciting finish of the Dirt 150.
Nov 25
14 min
545: Next Gen Car timeline,@nascarcasm thanksgiving and more
Listen in as we look through some @nascarcasm and a timeline of the Nascar Next Gen car for 2022.
Nov 24
22 min
544: Trackhouse opens its new shop, Barcarella suspended and more
From Justin Mark’s Trackhouse racing shop opening to Caesar Barcarella being suspended indefenetly don’t miss a thing tonight.
Nov 23
11 min
543: Full Race Replay/ F1 300/N R R R A Formula 1 Series
Listen in as Kyle dominates in Atlanta to score his first F1 series win and lock himself in the final 4 for the f1 series.
Nov 22
28 min
542: Full Race Replay/ Folds Of Honor 500/ N R R R A Cup Series
Listen into the full N R R R A Cup Series Folds Of Honor 500 from Atlanta.
Nov 21
1 hr 10 min
541: Full Race Replay/ South Point Dort Race/ N R R R A 7 Eleven Sprint car Series
Listen into the 40 lap showdown in the dirt series at the dirt track at Las Vegas.
Nov 19
19 min
540: Recap of Next Gen Testing days at charlotte.
Listen into the recap of the next gen testing days as the 2022 next gen Cars head out on track at charlotte for a 2 day test Session.
Nov 18
12 min
539:Jailbreak and Nascar Adrenaling Gameplay
In Today’s episode we just do some gaming on Roblox. enjoy!
Nov 17
13 min
538: Craziest crashes of the 2021 Nascar Cup Series season.
Listen in as we go through some of the most craziest crashes throughout the 2021 Cup Season,That includes races from Talladega,Daytona,COTA and more!
Nov 15
13 min
537: Full Race Replay/ Support Out Veterans 350/ N R R R A Cup Series
Listen into the full Race of the Support our veterans 350 at Pocono.
Nov 13
56 min
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