The Naked Bible Podcast
The Naked Bible Podcast
Dr. Michael S. Heiser
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In an otherwise exemplary podcast
I just don’t see where there’s a place on your podcast for the assertion made by your guest on the last episode that Jewish rituals during Passover Seders unconsciously invoke a confirmation of the Trinity. Where is the context for that in the Bible? Moreover the statement represents the sort of sloppy, smug thinking your series strives to discourage
About as Far East as West Texas
Dr. And don’t forget it Mike needs to spend a more time in text and less in the scholarly field of opinions and politically correct western thought. I really want to like Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed some of his work. ... but Mike who I hope will read this be humble and if you don’t know something say so. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant of something in the Bible. A lot of people love you, including me. Shalom
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Dom in CA
Reasonable, Researched, Respectful
Mike does an excellent job of thinking deeply about what the various data and the text does and does not say. He takes an equally firm but loving stance while affirming what we can know and while confronting poor thinking that overstates the data or demands a limited interpretation of the text. His care and devotion is evident in his scholarship and his mission of translating it from ivory tower jargon to everyday people. The Body of Christ is made stronger and more resilient by Mike's work, and we are blessed to have him.
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Great Detailed Insights!
This is a great podcast!! I have listened to a handful of episodes and almost every time I grow in my understanding of the Bible which helps me understand God better. I enjoy the deep dive into different aspects of the Bible!
Evan E&M
Thank You
Seriously, thank you.
Illumination To Scripture
Love this. So much common sense and clarity provided by The Naked Bible Podcast. Discovered in 2020 by Brant Hansen. 💙
Have started listening to your podcast. Stated with the oldest one and heard you talking about the people who wanted more from their Bible. That is me! I find this so exciting. I don’t understand everything and don’t every expect to but glad for what I do get out of your teaching. Thank you so much!
Solid Truth and Teaching
Finally found a true biblical scholar to fill in the pieces and answers to so many questions that I had for years. Christianity today really misses the revelation of The Word of God. We need to dig deeper into the Hebrew, Greek and the traditions, customs and understanding of the writers and readers during their time. Brings the Word of God to life and we can start eating solid food. Such a blessing!
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Mariam Blanco Sharkey
Arrogant smart*ss
The comment about police breaking your door down to count people was sickening. He sounds like a jerk.
Just found your work after the Return of the king episode. Can’t wait for the series on Revelation. I’ll be following closely. God bless.
Episode 351 example of you saying SORT OF, SORT OF, SORT OF
Mike you really need to change your speech pattern of the saying sort of all the time it is the most annoying thing I’ve ever heard listen to episode 351 listen to yourself and your horrible speech pattern of sort of sort of sort of sort of sort of.
Florida, MA
Great Teaching.
I really appreciate Mike as a teacher and what he does on the naked Bible. If you want to dig deeper into the Bible this is a great way to go.
Silas D. Cianci
Solid food for the Spirit
Thank you Dr. Heiser for sharing your passion for God’s word with the rest of us.
I appreciate the deep dives
This podcast is heady, intentional, well thought out and executed. It is the type of podcast that you can listen to initially and then go back into the archives and listen/learn again. It’s amazing how much there is to learn about the scriptures and I’m so glad that Mike unpacks this in understandable episodes. Thank you Mike & Trey!!
Walk out into the waters with this one
This podcast is AMAZING. Growing up in the church, and not following the conventional path of a church boi. I lost the idea and denied the idea of God, one day I met God. And that experience was out of this world and indescribable. Did I fight it - well yes. But that’s not the story. Long story short, GOD has it all. Here in this podcast it truly ties how the Devine works in our lives. Makes the indescribable actually describable and even more special in experience and understanding.
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J. Gravenmier
When you’re ready for deep study of the Bible
This podcast is the meat! No more baby food! Thank you!!
Best if you want the total picture.
When Mike says yahweh all the time, I wonder why. Most of history used Yehovah. Hoping Mike will do a proper episode on this subject, But I doubt. For the podcast listeners, read Nehemia Gordon’s research.
Jeremiah ben Jonah
I Love What Fern, Audrey, and Beth do!
Hey Mike and Trey, I’ve been trying to catch up to you. I started listening to the pod cast from Mike’s solo episodes to the middle of Ezekiel. I listen to about 1 per day. I’ve managed to read, What does God Want, Supernatural, The Unseen Realm, The Facade, and halfway done with The Portent. I’ve given away five copies of What does God Want. I’ve wanted to submit a question, but fear I won’t hear it. I sent it to mike via Miqlat. I’ll continue to donate to Miqlat too. God Bless you!
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Thoughtful and super helpful!
Top notch biblical scholarship
Dr. Heiser helps bridge the gap between scholars and the regular Joe in the pew. He puts scripture in it’s original context and thereby comes to reasonable conclusions about the meaning of the biblical text. Heiser has done more for my understanding of the Bible than any church I’ve ever been apart of.
Love this...
This podcast has made the Bible interesting again. It helps answer a lot of my questions and makes me ask new ones!
Great content, Great podcast
This has been a great experience in learning to read the Bible in its own supernatural worldview contexts. Wether OT, 2nd Temple period, or NT. Such a blessing to have Dr. Heiser and Trey pumping out great content. God bless you all and your ministry!
Well-Balanced, Highly Researched, With Numerous References
Hundreds of hours worth of seminary-level research, diving unapologetically into the deepest parts of Scripture
Terrible theology. All he tries to do is promote his book. He's a bitter about something.... don't know what it is though. Probably couldn't be a professor at a university.
God Bless
Great place to grow as a Christian, Jesus loves you. God bless
Awesome stuff
This podcast is one of the best out there pray more people would get it
Excelllent Resource
Thank you for sharing your understanding and knowledge of the scriptures. I have found it helpful, as a person just desiring to dig in a bit deeper. Highly recommend Dr Heiser’s books: Unseen Realm, Angels and Reversing Hermon.
Reasoned, thorough and thought provoking biblical scholar
Best in depth material to provide context of customs, traditions, geography, history and more. Get your Bible geek on.
Reasoned Rational and Insightful
Best source I’ve found for historical and cultural context to fill out my understanding of Biblical passages.
The Best Decision I’ve Made In Bible Study
The Best Decision I’ve Made In Bible Study was to connect to the Naked Bible Podcast. Heiser is an OT & Semitic scholar that lays out what the original languages say (or doesn’t say), gives you different perspectives, and then lets you decide for yourself. Favorite quote? “[In the bible,] If it’s weird it’s important.”
Curt in IN
Disqualifies baptism?
Baptism is in the Old Testament (Numbers). Jesus is not being fictitious in John 3. Baptism in a new trajectory is about to be instituted, that being it will be required all nation of Israel people to follow the water rite(cleansing, washing, etc), (mark 16:16, acts 2:38, etc). Jesus is baptized by the Holy Spirit and water, John is baptizing, people are being baptized, baptism every where! Where did this identification come? Old Testament!! Dont be afraid of baptism for salvation. It is not for today but it was at one time for Israel and the latter half of acts. Ephesians 4. One Lord, one faith (faithfulness of Jesus to go to the cross) and Lo and behold, one baptism, which baptism, pots and pans in the Old Testament, when the Egyptians were drowned, or johns baptism, no, the Holy Spirit Baptism, nothing to do with us any longer, it’s all of Elohim, we have no to do with us works. The things that had been physical, baptism, temple worship and circumcision have now become spiritual. It’s the circumcision of the heart the Holy Spirit baptizing us into the body of Christ and we are the temple of the living God. What did he not understand? The change from pots and pans cleansing to obedience for salvation/ cleansing.
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mbti dude
Thank you
I am an old guy, 61! Have a bachelors in pastoral ministry, went to seminary and spent 15 years in full time ministry. I work with a 72 year old skeptic. For 5 years we had great discussions. He always wanted to talk ufo’s I never had any adequate answers. So I googled and found mike’s website. That led me to everything. My 2 son’s are pastors. When I reached palm 82 I asked them to take a look. It had the “ring of truth” but am I crazy? They are all in. It’s the greatest connection of dots ever. I am so excited about the word I can’t get enough of it. Thank you. I also think it’ awesome that you love fantasy football. IMO it’s the best game you can play. What do you think about having a listener league? Have a contest where every year some of the listeners get to be in a league with you and Trey! I think it would be a blast! Anyway thank you. Btw my old skeptic friend has a believing loyalty with Jesus. Still a ton of questions but that makes it fun. He is amazed that he helped me in my faith! Once again thank you.
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Phenomenal resource
This is hands down the best overall Biblical resource & informational podcast I’ve encountered in my entire life. His books, interviews & podcasts will get you on the road to answering those questions you’ve always had but never had a satisfactory answer, until now. I am so glad I found his work!
Solid Bible teaching
Always enjoy listening to this podcast and benefit greatly from the teaching. Dr Mike Heiser will create a hunger to know more.
Thanks for the insight.
Rodrigo's Notebook
Essential for living in 2020
Mike’s approach to the contextualization of scripture, his understanding of origins and language as well as the need/desire to see the broader narrative be formed into a coherent, visible and breath taking mosaic makes his work essential for those of us seeking to bear God’s image.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from such scholars and making it free & available when it is convenient to each person. Please search on “Wellness Weavers” to see how we can begin the legal way we can support each other in a transitional economy into the Messiah returns.
Sister Sue Grandmother Weaver
Amazing and insightful
Dr. Heiser is incredible and condenses down scholarly material for the layman, but at the same time shows us how these things integrate into our faith in Christ. Very refreshing to hear conversation about biblical scholarship without throwing our faith out of the window. Would recommend to anyone looking to learn more about scripture!
a drumming dog
Whether you want to believe
Dr. Heiser is an amazing scholar of Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Semitic languages, and Ancient Near East History. He fills in the blanks that the (“americanized”) church can’t, won’t, or just doesn’t care to. This podcast examines the English translations of the Hebrew Bible with NO FILTERS. There’s no traditions blocking the perspective as Dr. Heiser explains Biblical Hebrew through the eyes of an Ancient Israelite (as well as many peer reviewed insightful articles) His fundamentals are spot on and he speaks from this humble but intelligent demeanor. By far best teacher of our generation imo! Thank you for life changing insight into the Holy Elohim YHWH. May he keep your ministry in the forefront of Christendom for generations to come
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Wonderful insight
Wonderful insight along with factual info including multiple viewpoints . very easy on the ears.. stimulating to the mind.. a must include when developing and nurturing your biblical understanding and ultimate biblical ..
Excellent podcast
I find I am learning a lot. A bit skeptical about the many gods view of the Old Testament, but must admit it eases understanding of many passages.
My Favorite Podcast of All Time!
Hey Trey and DRMH! I want to start a study group!
Just the text, ma’am
Dr. Heiser’s approach is a game-changer. He makes scholarly approaches accessible to the layman, and he follows the text wherever it goes. He does not gloss over controversial text. He is an engaging presenter and a person of faith. My love and appreciation for the Bible have grown tremendously under Dr. Heiser’s teaching.
Just right for the theologically hungry!
I love pastors and preaching, however there is so much more that many of us are hungry for. This podcast has been a great resource for filling this need gap. Thank you Dr. H and Trey!
Great so Listen
Such great content! It’ll help you understand your bible.
Ryan Huckabay
Thought provoking
The Naked Bible offers a solid understanding of the Scriptures without the fluff and therapeutic babble that is so often the content of other “bible” study sites. The NB does precisely what its name implies. It strips the Scriptures bare of the baggage of the generations and seeks to grapple with the text from terms of the Ancient Near East mindset. It also presents scholarly research in an understandable fashion for the average student of the Bible. Although the episodes are rather long the time invested is well worth the effort. You will come away with a deeper appreciation of God’s Word and a richer understanding of God’s salvation history.
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Changed how I read the Bible
I’ve been listening for about a month. Can’t get enough of it. It’s like going from black and white to color in my Bible reading.
Dr. Heiser and guests delve deeply into the original context to which the Bible was written. After exploring this content you will never read your Bible the same way again. Couple this with Dr. Heiser’s book, The Unseen Realm, and the Divine Council worldview and you will come closer to God than you’ve ever known
Great podcast!
Dr. Helser truly integrates broad academic discussion into an earnest Christ-followers engagement with the biblical text. This podcast is an antidote against poor reading and lazy interpretation.
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