The Holistic Human Podcast
The Holistic Human Podcast
Amanda Bradley
Examining consciousness, human potential, and spiritual/material reality. What does it means to Be Human? (Formally known as The Mystic Discoveries Podcast)
The Holistic Human Podcast: Spirituality, Connectivity, Community & Mercury with Olivia and Charlie
Please like, subscribe and comment where ever you are listening. And I encourage you to share this on Instagram, twitter or facebook. These are all free ways you can support the podcast and keep it going. You can also support the show financially by going to my buy me a coffee page. I drink a lot of coffee, I also use what is gifted towards webhosting, the internet bill and raising my child  Connect with todays guests:   Olivia Pepper:    Charlie Cross: Kia Ora and Welcome to another episode of the Holistic Human Podcast. Today I am talking with Olivia Pepper (writer, Star Poet, eclectic magician) and Charlie Cross (anthroposophical student at Dornach Switzerland, astrologer and ultimate frisbee athlete).  As you will hear, they are a great team and have been writing a book about the being, the planet that is Mercury. As well as this book they are also offering courses about Mercury (and possibly Venus) in the near future, helping participants build their own understanding and relationship with these planets and wider insights into their own being.  They whole conversation had a very mercurial structure. There were three of us in three different time zones. The chat was recorded in three segments (because I don’t have the pro version of Zoom), and there was a lively, fun vibe around it all.  We began hearing about Olivia and Charlie’s upbringing, and what lead the to where they are today. Honestly, that part could have been multiple podcasts in itself.  Star wisdom is sprinkled throughout and you can tell these two live what they teacher. Both wonderful human beings that are bringing light and inspiration to the world and making the most of the shift to online connective ways. In an age of technological advancement, that moves so fast and can be damaging, when used well it brings people together and can create change for the Good! I have to apologize for the first 30 minutes Charlie’s mic is a bit rustley which didn’t sound to bad when we were recording but it was when I listened back to it.  We sorted is after that point, and I encourage you to stick with it because as we get further into the conversation, we get to some really interesting stuff.
Jul 18
1 hr 22 min
The Holistic Human Podcast: The Oral History Project, Hidden History and Anthroposophy with Rima Meadow
Please like, subscribe, share and comment  Kia Ora te whanau and welcome back to another episode of The Holistic Human Podcast. Today I’m talking to Rima Meadow about almost everything! In the first third of this chat we talk about her upbringing, her eurythmy training, anthroposophical speech training and life as an American living in Switzerland. We move onto discuss many anthroposophical topics, including Steiner’s views on women and homosexuality. Spoiler alert, he saw women as equals and knew that as long as adults were in a consenting relationship, sexual preference was not an issue. Rima goes on to talk about the original bible, and what was really written. None of it condemned homosexuality, there is only a problem if there is a power imbalance. Here is the link to the podcast she suggests: Then we move onto two subjects that Steiner said was of the upmost importance for Anthroposophists, or any spiritual seeker, to endeavor to understand. Those being Folk Souls (related to place, not race) and the Occult Political. Yes this gets super esoteric. Are the Free Masons and Jesuits mentioned….? Perhaps. We use the events of WW1 and WW2 to speak to this. We then discuss the Three Fold Social Order, and we envision what could be. If we can imagine it, we can create it ;) You can support the Oral History Project by going to the patreon page You can get in touch with Rima by following her on Instagram @anthroposophicalimpulses You can follow me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa If you wish to support the show please like, subscribe and share. Feel free to make a donation to help with the running costs through PayPal ( Or
May 22
2 hr 9 min
The Holistic Human Podcast Revisited: Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy with Dale Brunsvold
Yes, we are revisiting a previously recorded interview with Dale Brunsvold all about the man, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.Please like, share and subscribe :) You can follow me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa If you wish to support the show please like, subscribe and share. Feel free to make a donation to help with the running costs through PayPal ( Or Kia Ora Friends, “The wisdom in us, finds the wisdom in the universe. The Spiritual in us, finds the Spiritual in the Universe” Welcome to the first episode of 2020! Today I’m interviewing the warm and wonderful Dale Brunsvold, the voice of Rudolf Steiner Audio.  I’ve wanted to record a podcast about Rudolf Steiner for a long time. I made one years ago but I no longer think its worth being up, it was the first podcast I ever recorded.  So I’m so happy to have Dale along to give an introductory (-ish, it gets pretty deep yo) picture of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. We start off talking about Dale and his relationship to Anthroposophy, the Christian community and how Rudolf Steiner Audio came to be. When we talk of Steiner, we discuss his childhood, his education, the cultural climate he was surrounded by, his involvement with theosophy, his stance towards communism, the three fold social order, reincarnation, how people like Goethe, Nietzsche, and the humble herb gather Felix had an influence on him, who his ‘Masters’ were, Goethe’s Theory of colour, and so so so much more. I must apologise for the audio quality as I think my cell phone data made it sound a bit average, but I think its totally listenable and the content is so rad its worth listening too. Also around 40mins through my 3 year old can slightly be heard having a melt down :l #momlife. You can listen to SO many lectures at, feel free to donate to help Dale keep it running. Files on here can be streamed or downloaded. Or if you want them from Podbean:
May 12
2 hr 11 min
The Holistic Human Podcast: Shamanism, Biodynamics, Permaculture, Steiner Education and Family Living with Rachael Ewing
Please like, subscribe and share  Kia Ora Friends and Welcome back to another episode of The Holistic Human Podcast. Today I am talking to Rachael Ewing who you can find on Instagram and @mother.and.child.connection. Today we are talking about many things including (but not limited to) biodynamics, permaculture, shamanism, Steiner education her childhood in New Hampshire, her experiences at Taruna, how she and her family (including her parents, brother and sister in law) came to live in the far north of Aotearoa, yurt living, and just a whole bunch of mystical, magical holistic goodness. Connect with me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa or email If you are interested in finding out more about Biodynamics you can become a member of the New Zealand Biodynamics Association, or just check out the following website To learn more about the amazing course offered at Taruna in the Hawkes Bay visit You can support the podcast for free by sharing it on social media and telling your friends. Or you could contribute some coin by heading to, where you can make a small one off donation, become a producer, or book a zoom consultation with me. All proceeds go towards the running costs of the podcast, and raising my kid.    
May 6
1 hr 6 min
Holistic Human Podcast: Star Tales of Mother Goose, with Mary Stewart Adams
Nau Mai, haere mai and welcome to another episode of The Holistic Human Podcast. Remember to like, share and subscribe!   (Special thanks to the two producers of the show, Jessica Bentsen and Tanglewood toys. Jessica Instagram Website Tanglewood Toys Instagram: @tanglewoodtoys Website:   Today I’m talking to one of my favorite people, Mary Stewart Adams, again! Mary is a Star Lore Historian, from living in Michigan. She has done many years of research towards understanding our relationship with the stars. We have done a few podcasts together about Astrosophy, she does a great job explaining what it is in one episode, and we recorded a chat at the beginning of this year 2021 about what cosmic events are ahead for us. Here be the links…..     Today I’ve asked her back because she has written a book! Its fresh off the press, and I want to know all about it and her journey to create it. Our conversation becomes so much more than I thought it would be. She has a way with words and really does a good job at unpacking the spiritual relationship between the stars and nursery rhymes. What is the importance of nursery rhymes and fairy tales for the present consciousness of humanity?I learned a lot about the origin of present day nursery rhymes and we discuss the relationship between rhythm or language and place.   Buy Mary’s book “The Star Tales of Mother Goose” from (perfect for kids, parents, teachers, or anyone interested in star lore)   Connect with Mary in these places   Instagram @starmars or @starlorehistorian   Facebook:   Website:   You can support the podcast for free by sharing it on social media and telling your friends. Or you could contribute some coin by heading to, where you can make a small one off donation, become a producer, or book a zoom consultation with me. All proceeds go towards the running costs of the podcast, and raising my kid 
Apr 23
1 hr 26 min
Holistic Human Podcast: Easter Festival Contemplation Solo Show
Please subscribe and share :) Easter festivals in a Modern Waldorf school context. I share some contemplation about the underlying theme of Easter. I discuss the overall reason for Festivals and the need to develop them interfaith festivals when we have groups of children from diverse cultural backgrounds.  When planning a festival I suggest you ask yourselves these questions.. • What is the underlying, universal theme of this festival • What is going to change for the student (what do we want them to learn) • Are there other cultural rituals/festivals that share this same theme • Are the activities age appropriate • Are the activities inclusive for all my students • Have I called on the parent body and wider community for input and participation For Steiner/Waldorf education to grow and thrive we need to adapt our programs to suit the needs of our children and our communities. Its okay to ask questions, to try something new, to get rid of traditions that no longer searve our children and to keep the ones we know are important.  I encourage you to look at your festival program with a critical eye and really question if it suits the needs of your children. For the most part I am sure you will find that they do, but you may be surprised by what you have always done because its tradition, yet it has become totally antiquated.  Lets keep growing and learning together. Waldorf education is a LIVING education. To live, we need to grow, and with growth comes change.  I would love to hear from you if you hold interfaith festivals. Follow me on instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa
Mar 4
21 min
The Holistic Human Podcast: 2021 Astrological Forecast with Mary Stewart Adams
Welcome back to the first podcast of 2021 with the wonderful Star Lore Historian, Mary Stewart Adams. Have a listen for some astrological/astrosophical insights for 2021. It is a must listen for those of us who acknowledge the influence the heavenly bodies have humanity and visa versa. Mary (someone well versed in Anthroposophy and such) very generously is sharing some insights into the year ahead, using Tropical, Sidereal and Heliocentric Astrological systems as a reference point. A threefold system. Spoiler alert, although this year will have its challenges, we can expect it to be a bit more chill than last year :D She runs through the difference between the systems and how they relate to different aspects of the human being. Super esoteric, and great food for thought. I love the way she works with multiple perspectives. Feels human. *I have to apologize in advance for the audio quality. I thought I was recording this on Zoom, both video and audio….but I wasn’t.  So the back up was recorded on the iPad. This convo is of such value, one of my favorite podcast conversations ever. Next time we chat I will defiantly have the Zoom settings all worked out. Mary runs workshops and records a weekly podcast which you can keep track of on her website She is also on Instagram @starmares Listen to our previous conversation: As you will have heard she is releasing a book mid 2021, so worth following her on social media to keep in the loop. No doubt I’ll be pestering her for another interview around then. Follow me on the socials too Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa YouTube
Jan 27
1 hr 33 min
The Holistic Human Podcast, feat. Lou Harvey-Zahra: The path of a Waldorf Educator/Author and Child Development
Kia Ora and Warm Greetings, Please like, subscribe, comment and share! Comments and reviews on iTunes and Youtube are a wonderful and FREE way to help this podcast reach more people. Welcome to the Holistic Human Podcast (formally known as the Mystic Discoveries). A transformation is underway and I think that this interview with Lou was the perfect rebirth conversation for the podcast. I decided to change its name after we recorded so you will still hear me welcome Lou to the Mystic Discoveries. I will record a video/podcast explaining the change at a later point, but for now, enjoy. This was the first video recording I have done, and the books that I refer to at the beginning which I didn’t name are ‘Through the Rainbow’ and ‘Angels’. For those listening to the audio podcast, I recorded the introduction with Phoenix (my son) on my lap, so he pipes in with some commentary 😊 Welcome back to the long overdue podcast with Lou Harvey-Zahra. Writer of many parenting and children’s books including ‘Happy Child, Happy Home’ and ‘Through the Rainbow’. Lou has been involved in Waldorf and Special Education for over 30years. She is an expert in positive classroom disciple and is well respected in the field of special needs education (particularly when it comes to helping children with Asperger’s and autism). She was a co-founder of one of the Steiner schools in Melbourne, Australia and has run countless workshops with parents, teachers, and other groups about connectivity and Waldorf education principals. She is also the co-creator of Nurture the Child which is a monthly subscription service packed with Waldorfy craft projects/stories/cooking ideas for families with children aged 0-9. Part 1: About Lou It was an honour to talk to Lou. I wanted to know more about what her journey as a teacher/writer and human has looked like. She graciously shares some amazing moments of synchronicity that guided her path. We bond over similarities of our first childhood memories. I ask her about her spiritual path and she describes is as Flow, Heart, Present-ness and Gratitude. She elaborates on that in a deeply moving way. Part 2: (50ish mins through) Lou’s Books and the Spiritual Nature of the Child. She also talks us through her books. We focus on the content of Happy Child, Happy Home is. This allows Lou to talk about the spiritual nature of the baby and young child. How we can connect deeply with our kids and give them a wonderful childhood. The importance of rhythm and play. She also gives us some lovely tips for the toddler years and some insight into tantrums. In fact she weaves tips right to the end. Why discipline is important, its about teaching, caring and guiding. What is Creative Discipline. To connect with Lou and find out about workshop dates head over to…. Subscribe to the monthly Nurture the Child packages. Super affordable and PACKED with practical tips. On Instagram @happychildhappyhome @nurturethechild  
Nov 19, 2020
1 hr 34 min
The Mystic Discoveries Podcast, Ep 22: The Tarot
Welcome friends, You can follow me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa If you wish to support the show please like, subscribe and share. Feel free to make a donation to help with yhe running costs through paypal ( Today Im recording my first solo show all about the Tarot. I have been working with it for almost 18years and my relationship to it has changed over time.  I wanted to give a kind of introduction to its use and history for those new to Tarot Cards, while also discussing different decks, different interpretations and how to use divination tools safely. I talk about the differences between the Rider Waite Smith and Toth deck. I discuss both Colin Wilson and Rudolf Steiners veiw on the Tarot. And you know you cant talk about this kind of thing and not mention Jung.  Let me know what you think.  I appreciate your support.   
Aug 24, 2020
1 hr 1 min
The Mystic Discoveries Podcast, Ep 21: Astrosophy, Astrology and Star Lore, Reconnecting to the Stars with Mary Stewart Adams
You can follow me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa If you wish to support the show please like, subscribe and share. Feel free to make a donation to help with yhe running costs through paypal ( (Image by Mary Adams, used with permission) Kia Ora E Hoa, and a warm greetings friends to another episode of the Mystic Discoveries Podcast. Today, I am talking with Mary Stewart Adams, a Star Lore Historian who (taken from her Instagram bio) is restoring the mythic grandeur of knowing the stars. Whether you are a seasoned astrologer or a newbie you will definitely find this chat of interest. We discuss Astrology, Astronomy and Astrosophy, how the three disciplines are connected, how they differ, and how we can work with them to reconnect with the stary heavens. To begin with Mary shares with us her story. How she came to walk her spiritual path and develop her way as a Star Lore Historian. She has studied and worked personally with Astrology, Astronomy and Astrosophy for many years and has some wonderful nuggets of wisdom to share with us today. In the second part of the show Mary goes into more detail about Astrosophy, she goes into the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and why it is such a big thing. We discuss the 8 year cycle of Venus and where we are in relation to that. She also talks about how Astrosophers calculate the pre natal chart and briefly describes the journey we take from the heavens to the earth. I ask Mary, am I a Gemini (according to tropical Astrology) or a Taurus (according to Sidereal Astrology)? She explains why I could consider myself both. Honestly I felt like I was being treated to an epic story telling event. Mary has such a way with words and enthusiasm for reconnecting the Human being with the stars that I challenge you not to be inspired to take on a personal study of the cosmos yourself after hearing this. One of the key themes in Mary’s life has been Freedom, and I really appreciate the way she has approached her working with a discipline (Astrology/Astrosophy) that could very easily lead us to put ourselves in boxes and limit our development (eg: To identify so strongly with a sun sign that it influences your behavior and life choices). A massive thing I learned was that its not an either or, but an ALL approach when working with the stars. And actually when it comes to Anthroposophy I notice this being a truth too, that you don’t need to elimitate belief systems or ways of thinking, but work to incorporate and intergrate all that feels true and right for the individual. One doesn’t have to either think spiritually OR scientifically - one can integrate the two. A definite theme of my life at the moment! I encourage you to follow Mary’s advice and go outside on the next night the Stars are out and start to become familiar with them . We are at a point in human evolution where it is up to use to reach out and connect with the stars again. Once they spoke to us, they then went silent and now we must speak with them. Resources Mentioned Time passages app Star Fire Astrosophy Robert Hand books Star Wisdom Journal Connect with Mary on Facebook at The Storytellers Night sky Instagram @starmares
Jul 17, 2020
2 hr 5 min
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