The Mysterious Secrets Of Uncle Bertie's Botanarium
The Mysterious Secrets Of Uncle Bertie's Botanarium
South Coast Shenanigans and Stitcher with Jemaine Clement
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this is possibly the goat
positively devastated about the short run, but the story is wrapped up nicely and I’d rather have what there is than nothing at all. so funny and fun!
Please add season 2!!!
Lance MoonRider
A Gem!
I just found this, and my ears are happier for it
Amazing, hilarious
Amazing, hilarious. Make season two free on iTunes. NOW. Right now please. I need it but I refuse to pay. Spread the love!
Hilarious But Dirty
This podcast is very funny but very adult. Only read this if you are an adult. This podcast includes swears and things I can’t explain like spiders going up prisoners butts. This is a good and funny podcast but is for adults only.
A Brilliant “Historical” Fantasy Farce
This is such an amazing show! It is by far my favorite thing on Apple Podcast. The production, sound quality and effects, voice-acting, and script are absolutely superb, with the writing being a recipe of zany yet compelling, hilarious and imaginative yet entirely engrossing and easy to picture. Truly a work of brilliance. I hope that Jemaine Clement will continue to make this sort of fantastical “historical” fiction in the future.It has been awhile since I last listened to it; however, I keep returning to it. Here is a review in hopes that you will give it a listen as well. It makes the workday so much more enjoyable. (Very, very light “spoilers” from the first episode follow, but only those necessary to give a set-up the story. No endings, conclusions, or surprises are revealed in any way, only character motivations, which are all established early on and mostly (if not all) in the first episode of the series.) Clement plays shallow, selfish, and dim-witted amateur botanist and aristocrat, Lord Joseph Banks, in a society where plants are not meant to be touched and admired but objectively studied and monitored, if not destroyed, by rock star-like botanists because they are far too erotic and tempting for the ordinary public to be trusted to keep its flora-engendered pleasure in check. (However, the botanists largely seem to be the only ones affected by this floral temptation.) The story, brilliantly narrated by Jonathan Brugh, follows the duo Lord Joseph Banks (Jemaine Clement) and his intelligent and loyal valet, Sollander (Lawrence Arabia), in a setting that melds eighteenth-century sea-faring, Victorian cultural imperialism and social censure, and Lewis & Clarke-style high adventure into a ridiculous “Lord of the Rings” style quest for the solitary source of earthly pleasure itself. Years after the disappearance of “Uncle Bertie,” a controversial and renowned botanist, his nephew, Lord Joseph Banks, stumbles across his secret botinarium hidden inside Bertie’s vast estate where he discovers that his uncle was searching for a mythological plant known as Heaven’s Clover, which is believed to be the source of all earthly pleasure. Soon after, Banks has an insightful “cheese dream” that prompts him to probe deeper into Bertie’s disappearance. After talking to a former shipmate of Bertie’s being held prisoner (incidentally, a spider named Crawly George lives inside his bum and talks to him), he learns that Bertie may still be alive; moreover, he may have found Heaven’s Clover! With this suspect information, Banks sets sail from the Gravy Islands, leaving behind the ridiculing jeers of his similarly pompous upper-crust peers, at the head of a royally-chartered expedition in order to find Uncle Bertie and the legendary clover. Battling his own personal erotic desires for all things leafy (a common peccadillo in the Islands), Banks hopes to gain fame as an amateur botanist; restore the family’s name by ridding it of the notoriety brought on by the controversy over the existence of Heaven’s Clover; and possibly destroy the very plant itself, thereby eradicating the “evil” earthly pleasure it creates, which will, in turn, suppress Joseph’s own guilty desires a la botanica erotica. However, there are those in neighboring countries who celebrate pleasure and seek to preserve Heaven’s Clover, and they will stop at nothing to protect the legendary plant. Who will win this titanic clash of cultures involving battling botanists and monarchs across vast unexplored Boiling Seas, mysterious rocky islands, shanty town dive bars, and cheese dream prophecies, all while attempting to avoid erotic liaisons with exotic flora? No less than the very source of pleasure itself may hang in the balance! For some reason, season two is still not available on Apple Podcasts, but you can listen to it on the Howl app by using the free trial. I will be doing this soon as I have listened to the first season several times already (it is THAT good!). VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND
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Supery nerdy frivolity
Excellent voice work. Crazy sound design. Wonderfully orginal writing. Nice original musical interludes.
Nate BW
Wasn’t sure, but ended up loving it!
I have never done a fiction podcast before, and I’m so glad I chose this one to start. Hilarious!! Sad I won’t be listening to season 2!
Hilarious and engaging
I love the story and hope they do make a season 2! Jemaine Clement is awesome. I was laughing throughout and getting lost in the story.
All the 5 star reviews were hard for me to stomach. This podcast is ok. The voice talent is top notch. I would've enjoyed a semi-humorous historical fiction adventure. But this really is like Monty Python and outright bizarre. You'll prob enjoy it if you enjoy that. I found a lot of it just plain gross and weird, in a way that's more icky than funny. If you're a nerd who loves plants, Monty Python & British audio melodrama with all male characters, give this a whirl. Virtually everyone else can find better entertainment. Nevertheless, production quality and voice talent are so exceptional and the story is so fresh and creative (although admittedly not to my taste) that I cannot give it less than 3 stars.
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NYC in-house counsel
Great, great, great!
Awesome and hilarious. Love the production and story. I can't wait for more.
Best listen I’ve had in years!
Great parody of old serials
It’s crass. It’s “rude”. It’s fantastic. Don’t think about it too hard, just enjoy. Well produced, stupidly funny. Jermaine nails the voice acting. It may not be your style of humor, but you simply can’t deny its excellent production quality.
Original and Well Done
Love this podcast, it's one of the ones I got Howl specifically for. I hope they release the score for season 2 like they did for season 1, the Jelly Pudding theme was stuck in my head for days and I'd love an isolated track of it.
Exceptional. Must listen.
You are making the world a better place with this podcast. Thank you.
a botanists dream
some of the characters are very exaggerated and loosely based on historical botanists, which is extra exciting. it's so nerdy and so funny. sometimes all the background noise from the scenes make the characters hard to hear.
Funny, excellent production value, and unlike any other drama/comedy podcast out there.
I love this! I think it's really funny and as always jemaines voice is very entertaining to listen to.
That mad hatter
Ground Breaking. Changed the game.
This is literally the best podcast out there that I've listened to. It's humorous, inventive in its production, and he acting is on point. I highly recommend listening to it. It is so original and brilliant!!! And it gets better with every episode! I bought Stitcher premium just so I could listen to season 2!!!!
Only good if you enjoy laughing
Monty Python meets Wes Anderson and, er... Hunter Thompson? All aboard!
Pretty much the best thing since sliced cheese. 10/10.
Absurd and whacky
I love absurd and whacky. Good on you!
Love it!
Elegantly produced and high quality sound. Also very, very funny!
Absolutely brilliant
Fantastic writing, storytelling, sound design and atmosphere. I highly recommended this gem to everyone.
Wonderfully funny entertainment
Just give it a listen. It will give you a good laugh. Very well made with great actors.
Hilarious and surprisingly moving
Extremely funny and addicting, with moments of surprising real emotion. Best audio fiction podcast I've heard yet.
Fun, quirky, not yet as gay as I'd like.
Hooked on the very first episode. A very fun listening experience so far! The plant-centered-innuendo structure somehow manages to work, and the characters are simultaneously laughable and realistic. Keep pining, Solander!
Funny, entertaining... Great listen all around.
A different take on podcasts
The podcast is different but really good. I found the characters interesting and the story is very captivating. I binged the few episodes on iTunes in a few hours.
It is an old-timey radio show mixed with modern absurdism. It was way too easy to binge listen to this incredible show.
great podcast
THis is the best comedy podcast that i have listened to in a long time.
Prince Shmee
Simply can't wait for more! You guys are putting the other guys to shame. The stupidity of Banks is hilarious! Love it!!
Quality, Silly Amusement
Finally an expose into the sordid affairs between man and exotic plants.
Very Well Done
Loved it. This was the kind of podcast I was looking for and finally found it. Especially enjoyed the narration, performances and effects.
Delightfully wacky
This is one of my favorite new audio drama productions! The sound production, writing, and acting are top notch. Reminds me of "Radiation World" in all the best ways. This is a must-listen and re-listen!
Please make this into a YouTube series.
So funny
Jemaine is brilliant
A treat for the old earballs
This show is so well done! It's a pleasure to just relax and enjoy the silly story.
Brilliant Storytelling
This is the kind of podcast that should be made into a live action movie or, better yet, stop-motion animation ala Aardman or Laika. The story is clever, the dialogue is excellent and the voice acting superb. It would be a character animator's dream come true to bring this story to life. I listened to Episode 2 at the gym and got strange looks when I had to stop the treadmill due to paroxysms of laughter. Thank you for making this.
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Not good
Like jemains other work and well made but not funny. Nothing but obvious innuendo.
Missed connection
Dangerous Laugh Out Loud Funny!
This podcast reminds me of the comedies from the 80’s. Kind of like Mel Brooks material where you have a crazy scene of people doing non-stop out of control mischievous things to each other. If you like over the top and ridiculous comedies this is an amazing podcast. Not to mention that the narration and music are really quite good. They really help paint what’s going on very well. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this show because this podcast it could be dangerous for it will give you the biggest laugh.
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Very well made, and genuinely amusing
The production quality of this podcast is top of the line, and so is the comedy. Jemaine may be a Kiwi, but this is reminiscent of classic British comedy. If you enjoyed Jeeves and Wooster, Blackadder, and Monty Python, then you'll definitely relate to this style of comedy.
Well done, subtle humor, 1 issue
Clement is brilliant as always. The writing is very good, but a little off on some of the voice levels and it makes it hard to hear at points. Could be a narrative device, also could improve, overall, a new must listen for me. Twitter handle @grool9
This is terrific! Stirs the imagination like no other podcast! It'll have you laughing in no time at all!
What a totally unique podcast! After 30 seconds I was smiling and laughing because I could tell this was going to be an experience. So much work must have gone into this. The audio and sound effects are incredible and the whole thing makes you really feel like you are in the story. The writing is fabulous as well, so bizarre and wonderful. Amazing work! I”m enjoying it so much!
This is weird. But it amuses me!
lil alison
Best Podcast of 2017
This show is like no other podcast you have heard a really really good way. It's a must-listen!
Like none other.
I listened to all the episodes on Earwolf. A truly unique, well made podcast. It's like reading Dr. Doolittle after smelling very peculiar cheese.
Unique, fun, and addicting
Never heard a podcast like this before! The sound and acting are so good, it's a wonderful distraction from the daily grind. If you like any of Jemaine Clements work, you'll love this.
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