The Music Makers
The Music Makers
Andy Kushner
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Extremely Compelling and Insightful!!
So happy that I found this podcast! For anyone that loves music or is pursuing a career in publishing, producing, songwriting, artist, etc - this is a must-listen. In the handful of episodes I’ve listened to I’ve picked up a vast amount of knowledge and perspective in regard to the inner-workings of the music industry. Hearing from folks that have produced and been a part of the top records of the last few decades all the way to current publishers in Nashville such as Beth Laird, there is so much value to be unlocked here as well as an appreciation for both where the music industry has been and where it is heading. Andy does an excellent job asking the right questions and has awesome guests that reveal gems of wisdom every episode! - Andy C.
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Andy Chipman
Intro to new podcast
So I am 6 episodes behind but excited and encouraged to follow this endeavor. Great voice, sincerity and curiosity in his interviews come thru with details and depth as Andy continues to share and pull out the inner workings and perspectives (listened to other podcasts and was impressed enough to check this one out). Surely won’t be disappointed! Rock and Music On, dude!!
Really great conversations, thoroughly enjoyed this one.
Great Show...!
Love the interviews...!
Bobby Television
Amazing Podcast!
Great insights into the music industry, well produced, would gladly recommend to any of my friends!
Creative and unique
Andy is personable, thoughtful, and has a unique way of interviewing all of his guests. No matter what the topic is I find it gripping and intriguing, always learning something new. He has the ability to capture stories in a way that is enjoyable and easy to follow, complimenting ones style of sharing. Five stars, always!
Good info, fun listen
Fun interviews and learned stuff I didn’t know about succeeding in the music industry. Loved the personal stories and hearing about the creative process.
Amazing interviewer
Love Andy’s interviews! He always manages to pull out something extraordinary from his subjects. Music lovers will 💜 the Music Makers!