The Music Makers
The Music Makers
Andy Kushner
Welcome to The Music Makers! THE ultimate podcast, created and hosted by Andy Kushner, sharing behind-the-scenes stories of some of the most influential music industry pros around. Gain insight, education, and inspiration from going deep into the psyches of artists, record producers, songwriters, recording engineers, managers, record industry executives, and more. Crank up the volume and get the inside scoop as you enter the world of...The Music Makers!
Episode 29 Jaime Zeluck-Hindlin: Manager Of Today’s Biggest Top 40 Hit Songwriters!
The music industry is not for the faint of heart. Jaime Zeluck-Hindlin knows this from personal experience and continues to rock the world with her amazing talent for finding major hit songwriters and producers. She’s been in and out of all aspects of music and is now the founder and owner of Nonstop Management. Jaime started her career in A&R and after having a true brush with death, she knew that she needed to build something of her own. She’d always equated success with building her own
Oct 16, 2020
44 min
Episode 28 Peter Himmelman Part 2: Journey of a Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist, TV & Film Composer, Speaker, Consultant, and Author
If you missed Andy’s Part 1 interview of Peter Himmelman it was released just last week, as episode #27, and is well-worth checking out before tuning in to this Part 2 interview. Andy and Peter are back to discuss the intricacies of songwriting, Peter’s process, and his experiences outside of writing songs. Writing songs is truly an art and every single artist does it differently. Peter’s take on songwriting is so simple yet allows him to craft extremely emotional songs that touch his listeners in a
Oct 2, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Episode 27 Peter Himmelman Part 1: Journey of a Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist, TV & Film Composer, Speaker, Consultant, and Author
Some people’s decisions have led them to rather challenging places, but Andy’s friend and artist Peter Himmelman is truly living a dream. In this first part of a two-part interview, Andy and Peter dig deep into the past. Listen as they chat about their first meeting, the growth of Peter’s career, and why his faith became significantly more important. Peter recounts the moment that he was first moved by music and how deeply it moved him. His older sister had a turntable with internal speakers and he
Sep 25, 2020
1 hr 13 min
Episode 26 Ed Stasium/Producer & Engineer: The Ramones, Mick Jagger, Living Colour, Soul Asylum & More!
When you’ve spent almost all of your adult life in the music industry, and watching history being made, the stories you could tell are legion. Ed Stasium has that experience. He and Andy relive a good portion of the history of the music industry from the 1950s to today and how they both love and hate how it’s all changed. Ed’s parents loved to listen to music but neither of them were musicians. They spared no expense in letting him explore his musical nature and dig into every facet of the process t
Sep 18, 2020
1 hr 11 min
Episode 25 Ina Forsman: Recording Artist With Her Own Vision
Finding a spot in the limelight at a young age can either be a great thing… or a truly terrible thing. Ina Forsman has owned her limelight and aspires to continue to learn and grow with her craft. Listen as Andy and Ina spend time discussing her start in music, how she’s grown, and what she’s looking forward to most. Ina has never known a time when music wasn’t supremely important. When she was younger, she would sing with her grandfather while he played guitar. She then spent the rest of her youn
Sep 4, 2020
44 min
Episode 24 Chuck Johnson: A Guitarist's Journey To Success And To Int'l Recording Artist, Najee
Chuck Johnson knew since he was a child that he wanted to be a musician. After persistently nagging his father (who played music in a band during rowdy parties) to teach him how to play, he learned his first 3 chords at 6 years old. Chuck Johnson probably never imagined his early childhood fascination would turn into a successful career as a prominent member of 3 bands and internationally touring with a jazz legend. From the ins and outs of forming bands over his career to the way he balanced a job with
Aug 28, 2020
1 hr 9 min
Episode 23 Dave Hampton: The Engineer’s Engineer and More!
The changes in the music industry have been storied and Dave Hampton is one of the people at the forefront and is dedicated to preserving its history. He’s been in the trenches designing and restoring the recording studios that have created the sounds of our past and present. Listen as Andy and Dave chat about his work with various big names, how music has changed, and where he sees the industry going. Dave started his career in music at Oberheim Electronics where he worked in analog synthesizer technolo
Aug 21, 2020
59 min
Episode 22 The Grainger Brothers: Masters Of Drums And Bass
Is the musician's life different when you get to experience it within your own family? Andy had an opportunity to sit down with Greg and Gary Grainger to chat about the industry, their family, their influences, and their career. Both are highly respected musicians in the industry with Greg being a drummer and Gary being a bass player. Listen as the brothers share stories about their tours, their collaborations, and their thoughts on how the industry has changed. Gary and Greg grew up with a music loving fa
Aug 14, 2020
55 min
Episode 21 Katie Vinten: Founder of Black Diamond Artist Management & Co-Founder of Facet House, Facet Records, and Facet Publishing
Music is the way to the soul and for many it is the balm needed to make it through rough times. For Katie Vinten, music helped her through the rough times and elevated the wonderful times. She has always been drawn to music and has since taken the music industry by storm. Katie always knew she needed a creative outlet which drove her to seek out NYU’s Tisch as her school of choice for college. Not wanting to stay too comfortable, she decided on a change of scenery after college and moved out west.
Aug 7, 2020
51 min
Episode 20 Lori McKenna: Grammy-Winning Hit Songwriter
The power of a good lyric is truly amazing. Thankfully, there are people like Lori McKenna in the world who can craft deeply emotional lyrics that inspire and motivate. She joins Andy today to chat about how she got into music, what it is like to write music with and without co-writers, and to talk about her recently released album, The Balladeer. Lori grew up with a love of music. She lost her mother at a young age and her four older brothers, older sister, and father found solace in the beauty of mus
Jul 31, 2020
37 min
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